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Thursday, February 11, 2016

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How Can Judging Less Free You.

freedom in judging less

I learned something new recently.  Something that had saved me a lot of heartaches for the past few days.  Something that got me out of the anxiety loop.  I had to reach my 30's to know this, and I'd love if anyone could learn about this treasure that I've just discovered, hoping that this would do you good like it did good for my life.

What is it?  Judging less.  I couldn't pinpoint exactly where I got this from first but I'm sure it solidified when I reread one of my favorite books "The Five Secrets you must discover before you die".  Every time I get to read it, it really never fails to give me inspiration and a deep sense of gratitude.  I remembered crying after I finished reading it.  I felt that I have been passed on with such  great gift of wisdom.  If learning from the wise is your thing, then I suggest you go read it.

One excerpt from the book is:

When we judge our life we diminish ourselves.  The more we can eliminate all need to compare, compete, grade, and judge our lives, the closer we get to wisdom... The judging mind paralyzes us ether by giving us a false sense of perfection or by giving us a deep sense of inadequacy.  We have lived the life we have lived, and now we have the opportunity to grow.

These lines resonated so much to me.  At times I find myself judging my act and my decisions.  Sometimes at that point in our life, we made the best of what we had and so judging ourselves outside of that mindset is just simply not understanding ourselves.  

Being too self critical had left me paralyzed, unable to do things that I wanted because I'd question myself.  I'd lash out an idea even before it came into being.  Sometimes it is just good to let it be, and let it flow.  If I'm not hurting anybody with it, then there is no reason to not do it.

What about you?  Has the lines from the book affected you too?

I'd love to hear about it. :)

Publisher: Shy - Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

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Taking on the Wheels of Life

Morning Reflection
"Many people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges."
Our Daily Bread

When depression strikes, we seek isolation.  We sit on the pain until it destroys us gradually.  It is at these  times that we are the harshest to ourselves.  We dig our graves by puncturing our wounds even deeper. thinking that we would feel better but obviously not.  Still we do it until we they ran out of tears. 

The only way for us to pull out of this chain is to just accept things as they are and not what we've played in your mind to be.  Learn the lessons and move on stronger.

There's an active element to this, in that there is a decision for us to let go and go back to our life's journey or live our life.  Continue doing, building working on moments and reality that we want for ourselves.  Creating memories and moments that we've only dreamed about and continuing to reach out for more of it.

Nothing in this world is given by the universe without any work or effort from us other than we've got lucky.  But what is the chance for luck?  Are we to just wait and be the Juan tamad with our mouth wide open, lying on the ground and waiting for the fruit to drop?  

Life's what you make it.  Life doesn't really have to be like what it is now.  We have to realize that we have the power to change it.  But before we can, we have to endure discomfort, shell out money, spend some time in order to get it.   The universe will not give your something that you haven't work for.  It is another reminder for us to be aggressive and proactive with life.  And want what we want as desperate as we want air in our body.  And only then can we see things fulfilling.

Publisher: Shy - Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thursday, December 17, 2015

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What I Wore in Boracay.

Yes I'm anal.

Before any trip, I make sure I plan every outfit for each day.  Good thing about that is I don't bring more than I need so I almost always have just a smaller bag in tow.  My sister, who had been to Boracay herself, would say that you really don't have to be skinny to look good.  There are ways that you can show some skin but not to the point that you look like you're selling your body at some corner of the street.

Here are the ensembles that I had during my week in Boracay.  I hope you get inspired to put a bit more effort on thinking about how you would look apart from thinking of the places you'll be going.

 Good luck and have fun!

Publisher: Shy - Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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How to Apply Permit for a Photoshoot in Intramuros.

My sister and soon-to-be brother -in-law did their pre-nuptial photoshoot at Intramuros.  And because some details that I have found online were not as accurate as I had hope to be, I'm putting up a post that is more updated for those who are wanting to have a photoshoot session in the much-acclaimed and popular First City of the Philippines, the Intramuros.

Getting there using public transportation:

- From Cubao, take the MRT station going to Taft and from there move to LRT 1 and drop off at Central Station.  The gate to intramuros is just 10 minutes away by foot.  Ask around if you're not familiar with the place, but bear in mind though that it is just across the huge clock tower.  Once reaching the gate, take the tricycle going to Intramuros Administration.  I was charged P40 by manong driver.

Going back:

- Take a Lawton jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off near Isetann Recto.  You will not be dropped in front of it, but you have to walk a bit to get to the LRT station. Take the train from there and alight at the Cubao Station.

Here are the things that you need to know when processing the Permit:

1. 2000 payment fee

2. The application form is going to be supplied anyway, so you just have to fill it up and wait 5-10 minutes for processing, pay to the cashier and you're good to go.  In the form, you would have to indicate the type of props that you'll be using.  You might think it's too anal but they just want to make sure that you're not setting up something that would damage the place. 

Intramuros Permit

3.The processing time takes only 30 minutes or less, unlike what other blogs are saying.

4.  They only allow at most 5 people in the shoot.

5. Make sure that you file your permit days or a day before the actual photoshoot because they only allow photoshoot from 8am to 12noon.  Guards and the management are quite strict about this, that's why before entering an area in Intramuros, they would always ask for the permit.

6. You are only allowed to choose 3 out of the 6 possible areas namely:
1. Casa Manila Patio
2. Plaza Moriones and Fort Santiago Gate (bricks area)
3. Puerta Real Gardens
4. San Diego Gardens
5. Baluarte de San Andres
6. Baluarte de Dilao

7. 4 hours isn't much especially when you're taking picture of someone who is photoshoot challenged aka my brother-in-law.  You have to give him pointers where to look, and how to project just so he wouldn't look awkward.  But if your fellas are quite comfortable in front of the lens, then it would be easier.

8.  4 hours wouldn't seem much but a photoshoot could drain you as much as it drained us.  Bring food or water with you because water there is quite expensive.  I had to forego buying one at a tindahan or store nearby because they charged me P36 for a mineral water that normally costs P10.  Don't forget to bring umbrella, just in case.

9. Taking picture of or with the horse and carriage would probably cost some money, but you can take picture of the guwardiya sibil for free.  You just have to ask kuya nicely.

10. There are plenty of places that are photoshoot worthy in Intramuros apart from the 6 areas mentioned. You just have to take pictures fast before any guard would notice you.  If he would reprimand you carry on to the next area, but if not carry on with the photoshoot.

11. This permit is for formal photoshoot sessions like pre nup, or for hobbyist carrying DSLR.  I really don't know who they allow and who they don't, but I think if you have models all dressed up and you're carrying a DSLR then most likely you'll need to get a permit.  They usually don't reprimand if you are just using your cellphone or digital camera to take pictures.  

12. They do not allow taking pictures for commercial purposes.

13. Don't forget to bring your permit on the day of the actual shoot.

I hope these pointers would make permit processing easier for you than it was for us.

Good luck!

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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The Best HotSpring Resort Near Manila


Yesterday was one awesome day.

I've been craving for a break, a relaxing time and I definitely got served after experiencing an invigorating dip in the hotspring at Sol Y Viente. It's not a natural hotspring but it's not all that bad especially when the location is at the hilltop with one view  facing the mountains studded with trees, while the opposite a view of laguna and the laguna bay.  I mean, nothing could any better than that.  And can I just point out the fact that we had 2 big pools and 2 hot springs for ourselves?

The best part here was I, along with John were enjoying the jacuzzi hotspring, sitting under a corner in a shade of a tree.  He was enjoying his nap at one side and I was reading a book.  I mean, can you just visualize that kind of luxury that only costs us P300 each?

At first the idea of a hot spring on a hot day wasn't really a good one.  But thank God for the shade and thank God for the cool winds, which made the experience 100 times better.  Things got even better when it turned 1pm because the sun wasn't really blazing anymore.  All we had were the cool winds from the forest, a fantastic laguna bay view, an unfaltering shade, bubbles massaging our bodies, the heat of the hotspring.  Everything was embracing us and we were embracing back by being in the moment of perfection.  The only thing that irked us was the old disco music the cafeteria guy was playing.  It was ruining the experience that we had to ask him to change it which he did but was still useless as he was playing new hip hop beats.  We were looking for jazz, some blues or anything instrumental.  But I think that would just bring us to sleep, which wasn't really good considering that we were both sleepy and half our bodies were submerged under water.

I wasn't able to take photos as I've learned that I had to enjoy the moment more as opposed to me just clicking the experience away.  I think I have gone overboard and now realize that I should have taken at least one pic just to summarize what the place is about and also to serve as a souvenir of that unforgettable moment.

Anyways, like I say, I'll do it next time then.  
Publisher: Shy - Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015

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It's Time To Get Things Straightened Out!


I've noticed that I have been writing lonely, saddening, and boring posts recently.  It probably is reflective of my current mindset.

I've seem to have lost it for awhile now.

Putting in 100%

It being the passion to create and to move.  And through much reflections, I realized that the only turn off for doing is thinking.  Sometimes in life you just have to go with your gut and go.  Just go and let go.  And then when everything is done, then think.  It makes me wonder that the only way that we can truly be 100% and more committed and all-in in something is when our hearts, energy and mind are in it.  All of it.  It doesn't help to do and think because one distracts the other.  When I'm trying to think, I notice that I tend to shake my legs or move something.  This is probably to channel the anxiety out.  I notice that when I am in a place of anxiety, fear, and nervousness, I cannot think straight and do what I am supposed to do.

Keep Emotions in Check

This reminds me that in order for me to move forward I have to take control of my emotions.  I have to set the mood and the foundation of my intention and make sure that it's stable, it's good, it's worthy, and then I move.

This habit may probably take time to incorporate in me but I am quite certain that this is what I need for now and for the rest of my life if I want myself to keep on moving forward.

Everything in my life is going up from now on.

Publisher: Shy - Thursday, December 03, 2015
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How I Lost Olivia.


I have this weird habit of naming the gadgets I have.  

Skip is the name I have for my hot pink Canon camera, Marilyn is for my white vios netbook, Audrey is for my black old Acer laptop which is now under the proud ownership of my mother, and Olivia is for my white Samsung Tab.

So yes, Olivia is not a person, much to the relief of you out there.  I am not reckless with loosing people under my supervision, but I may be in handling hearts, which sounds like a good topic for another post.

Anyways, yes, I lost Olivia.

It happened in one mundane morning, when I was hanging out in the living area fondling with Olivia in search of a nice playlist to jam on.  I have my white headphones on to compliment her.  Then I heard someone rattling the wooden screen door and then saw a hand holding a tabloid peeping through the gap.  I didn't lock it and now, I'm wondering why.   So I approached this man who by then was clear to me, selling me a tabloid.  I said no and I wasn't interested a few times.  Conversations went on and then suddenly he was asking me to write my name on a paper for the subscription.  For some reason, I submitted.  And if that wasn't stupid enough he got inside the apartment as I was looking for a ballpen.  He was now trying to write something on paper in the kitchen table where Olivia was lying.  After which, he went out and when I asked my sister who was upstairs the whole time  if my brother would want to get a tabloid, the guy was gone and with him was Olivia.

I hope that I wouldn't make the same mistake again.  That was definitely dumb of me to let someone get inside the apartment.

Good thing nothing bad happened, other than loosing Olivia, that is.
Publisher: Shy - Thursday, December 03, 2015
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