Mahn I'm SLOW!

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Let me count the ways.

1. Back in college, my classmates/friends were hanging out in the canteen.  And then someone said a joke.

There he goes! The respected actor had no qualms making fun of himself on Jimmy Fallon's show and feigned falling asleep, just as he did during a live interview on Wednesday

Image Source {dailymail}
After a good 5 seconds

Image Source {imgur}

2. The boyfriend of my sister is a bit of a nerd and he constantly makes movie or music references in our conversation.  Most of the time it usually ends up with me doing this.

Image Source {sodahead}
I don't usually watch tv, because I am an internet girl and whenever I go online, I read other stuff not related to movies or music.
I don't know mahn.  
Have these things happened to you too?
Or is it just me? LOL

30 is the New 20

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And so I am turning 30 this year.  The big 3-0. Just thinking of that sends sirens in my mind, howling over and over.  Red alertEmergency call.  And that my friend is what's causing my anxiety.  There's this impending fear that really haunts me.  The fear of facing the fact that my current situation is not matching up to the ideal of what any girl turning 30 should have, which are a stable job, a hefty savings in the bank, and a serious relationship.  And that really bombs me.  Countless of articles online are also making the list longer.  Though these serve as a helpful reminder, it also doubles as how much I have to "catch up".
Although being 30 has an obvious posing disadvantage as an adult woman, there also has some advantages that I would love to dwell on more for my sanity
Thank you.
1. We do get to know who we are as a person.  Our 20's is a decade of self exploration, experimentation and discovery, not only to self but to the world.  I'm sure having spent all that time, there will be major realizations that had been made clear to you.  Thus doing all these decision making by the time you're 30 should be easier now that you are "in the know".
2.  Sex rate is higher according to some study or survey I've read somewhere online.
Now aren't these 2 reasons alone enough to get me excited?  They should.  Should we go on further with this? 
I dont think so. 
I'm sold.
Bring it on 30!

I Wish I Had Done Things Differently

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Have you ever experienced having this conversation with someone, and he says something so appalling to you, you became speechless and ended up saying a very lame reply or remained silent, sucking in air into your lungs because you were that shocked and defeated.

And thinking of it now, you beat yourself up for not coming up with a great argument that would shove his point aside and eat whatever he said?

Here are the times that I bombed out, and the instances that I wished happened.

Scenario 1

Sister - artist and draws awesome animes and has a thousand of followers on tumblr, who have the opportunity to have instant access to her "art"

Sister: I'm so addicted to tumblr these days.  I never get my hair done or have any time to do kikay stuff because I am always checking on my art and counting how many followers I have thus far.  Now it has reached a thousand.  I don't know, I wonder what talent do YOU have?  Do you have any talent at all?

Me: I was silent for a few seconds, heart in my throat saying: "yeah I do sketches, and it's there."

  Now I wished the heavens would give me a chance to say it this way.

Me: I happened to know how to dance, really well, like really, really good.

Scenario 2
Friend and I were in the car talking about the upcoming concerts of bruno mars and lionel richie.
Me:  I can't wait to watch Lionel's concert.
Him:  Uhmm I'll probably watch Bruno Mars, it's obvious that he's a bigger star, given that he just sang in the superbowl with the aerosmith.
Me: What?! Lionel Richie is an icon.  He's in a totally different level compared to Bruno Mars.
I sure wished I have added to that...
Me: How dare you compare Bruno Mars with Lionel Richie!!!
Lionel Richie, is... a... god... preserved by botox.
And all the people in my hood say...


How Feminine are You?

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I was browsing google and saw this question.

How Feminine Are You?

First thing comes to mind:

"Girl I'm SO feminine that if I'll turn into a man, I'll be gay!"


Dreams and Chemicals

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At one point, I was seriously contemplating on putting up an organic soap business.  One thing that attracted me into it is that it's healthier and and I'm always all for healthy stuff.  So I did a bit of scouring within the city looking for a chemical supplier.  I also did a bit of research on this whole organic soap industry.  The way of making it from scratch looked really fun but I was taken slightly aback knowing that the lye, an important ingredient in soap making, is actually corrosive which means it could easily burn your skin.  I didn't allow that to fuss my dreams into owning a health-related business, and just that, all I needed was to take extra precautionary measures and I'll be fine

This dream had taken me into the next level of excitement when I chanced upon Osmia, which is an organic soap company spearheaded by a doctor.  She started it since she wanted to change her life by enjoying and living it more as a business woman. As someone coming from that industry, I completely understood what she meant.

Having  a lot of stuff on my plate right now, that dream project would have to be pushed aside. 

But it has already been bookmarked!

Let's see when I can finally pursue this.

Dying Friend

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Me: I've been feeling quite tired these days. 

Friend: Yeah, you also told me that while you were in hk.

Me: Hmmm, right.  I think I'm dying...

Friend: WTH

Me: Lol, I'm joking, of course.  I'm not afraid to die though... I mean, I've tried living and I can say that I did live pretty well, not as exciting as I've wanted it to be, but hey, it wasn't all bad.  Maybe after I've tried falling deeply, crazy, in love, then I can die. 

that and having a baby...

and being successful in business and have made my parents and friends proud of me...


Who am I kidding.. I don't want to die!!!!



My Mind is a Big Joke: Shower and Dating

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Dating Site

Tell us something about yourself.

I've got the looks of Vanessa Hudgens
the sex appeal of Angelina Jolie
the body of Jessica Alba
the young vibe of Jennifer Aniston
the charm of Kate Hudson

When/If we see each other... try not to expect too much.

 PS: This thought cracked me up for minutes while in the shower. Oh well, another beautiful day with myself.

Slurping Pho like Crazy

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I've had many embarrassing moments in my life.  Some of them I wouldn't dare telling a single soul about.  They haunt me in my dreams and in my waking times.  I don't know why these moments seem to happen more frequently lately

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How to live a Simpler and Happier life by Bo Sanchez

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I have just finished reading Bo Sanchez' book on how to live a Richer life.  If you don't know him yet, he is a leading motivational speaker in the Philippines and has written a lot of best sellers, the one I read being one of them.

From my previous posts, it's obvious that I had been in a rut.  And so I'm trying to form a ritual to read uplifting books whenever I'm in that state, thus what happened this afternoon.

Before I forget all lessons that I've learned, I feel the need to share them all to you.

That's just how much I love you guys.

So here's the drill.

According to Bo, a life that's lived very simply is ideal.  Simple is defined as learning to live within your core being, and your core would have to consist of the things that really mean most to you examples are your family, health, God and what not.  Learning to concentrate on living within these essentials makes you prioritize easier.

I've also learned that living a simple life means having to make do of what you have, and not longing for things you really don't need.  It also makes you save more, which was really continuously pressed on several times in the book.  Set aside 70% of your money to everyday expenses, and the rest you invest.  He suggested 3 categories where you should invest your money to: 10% back to tithes, 10% you invest in paper documents(stock, mutual funds etc.), and 10% on your relationships with people in your inner circle.

All in all, I've read some of his books before, and I must say that many salient points were mentioned consistently which is live simply, plan and invest

I hope you find this post helpful. :)

What I do when I get Depressed?

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1.  Go out with friends.  If you are no where near them, go online, chat them and ask for virtual hugs.  Believe me, it's better to none. 

2.  I head out in the social scene.  The noise outside will drown the not-so-friendly noise inside my sometimes fucked up mind.

3.  I get a sudden appetite for ice cream.  There's nothing a good peanut butter banana from Dairy Queen can't repair.  Problem now is when the ran out of this. 

4.  I exercise.  I do the 4minute workout.  It makes me feel like I've done myself tons of goodness, even if I just exercised for 4 minutes.

5.  Read a good book.  A feel good one.

So there are my rituals when I don't feel quite on track.  Actually what I really do is open facebook and browse through it, but I'm battling it and divert more on productive ones, one of which I missed out on adding on the list is writing.

Sorry everyone, just post valentine's blues kicking in.  Single lady rant.

What to do when Depression Strikes

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when air enters in lungs and seem to stay there longer
 when the heart seems sunken and seems to remain that way forever
  when frowns keep showing and seem to gravitate in that lowly corner
   when eyes stopped shining and seem to have stopped getting brighter
    when the body seems lump and seems to be getting paralyzed in every second and minute

It's times like these that the mind needs to work on to be more positive and the body needs to move itself to feel more alive, to be more alive.

And when it is so hard to take the mind off the pit, it's the body's job to do the whole work.

Sometimes, we have to drag ourselves to just do the things we think can make us happier.

Stop the feels and start doing something, anything that would solve the problem, and if clueless as to what is that, just do anything.

This Artist just Blew me Away!

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Will she be my new favorite?

Tightrope is a great single, but I'm on the fence with regards to her other songs...

But it's always refreshing to listen to new beats.

Thank You!

Thank You!