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Friday, December 9, 2011

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Travel Reminders on Airport Rules

Cebu Pacific Airport Rules

If you're flying via Cebu Pacific, there are some airport rules, tips and pointers that you need to take note of.  

1. Counters open 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before your flight schedule.  

In the terms and conditions, the airline may or may not allow passengers to check in past 45mins.  So it's better to be early than sorry.  In our case, we missed our flight so we had to purchase new ones for the following day. Bummer!  For international flights, you have to be in the airport at least 4 hours from your take off time.  You will have to go through immigration and check in counters before finally heading on to the boarding area.  

2. About bringing umbrella.  

It is ok to bring umbrella with you but you have to check it in for free.  The thing here is, you have to pay for it by the time you get back home.  It is a total rip off because it costs P450, that allows 7kg. of baggage to be checked in.  For other passengers who are reluctant to pay, they ask other passengers to insert their umbrellas in their bags for the meantime and get it from them once they arrive at the destination airport.  But for some they opt to leave it behind, than going through the process of asking a favor from passengers.  Take caution on this kinds of favors because you'll never know they might insert some drugs inside the umbrella and you would have to face authorities if and when you'll get caught.  But know that it is not the case all the time so help at your own risk.

3. You're only allowed to hand carry 7kg. of baggage and also up to 2 bags. 

This is pretty straightforward.  Sometimes they allow 3 bags as long as the other one is a small sling bag. 

4. You're not allowed to bring anything that smells inside the plane. 

That includes dried fish and durian.  So if ever you're planning to bring some, make sure to seal it very well.  You could buy dried fish in a sealed plastic, as for the durian, well you probably have to check it in especially if you're bringing the whole fruit.

5.  Boarding starts 35 mins. before departure time.

Missing our flight for Cebu was definitely a first for all of us and hopefully the last one.  I've experienced begging to the counter personnel of Cebu Pacific to reconsider us and let us catch the plane.  There were a couple of them who really felt bad and wanted to give in to my request.  But the manager whom I talked to was firm in her decision. Heck!  I've even asked her that I wished to speak to the pilot himself.  Anyways, I thought Oprah Winfrey was able to stop a plane from flying, why couldn't I?  Well of course I'm not her, but isn't this an obvious sign of discrimination? 

I booked another set of tickets. I paid close to 6 thousand pesos.  Experience. Priceless.

In the end, it was worth it.

So here are my tips and pointers on airport rules to serve as a reminder for everyone who are planning to fly somewhere soon or months later.   

If you think that I miss something important.  Do fill me in,  I'd love to hear about it in the comment box. :)
Publisher: Shy - Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

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We Missed our Flight!

Months of preparation and finally the day of the trip has arrived.  Coming from a break up I was too caught up with my feelings that I had put preparations on the back seat.  I packed up my clothes that same day.  It took me an hour to do that, which is considerably long to think that we'll just be staying there for 3 days.

Why did We Miss Our Flight?

Anyways, bags are packed, itinerary checked, but we forgot to do one vital thing: print the ticket.  So I had asked my brother to do that for me, within the day that we'll be leaving for Cebu.  He had to go to the office that day so I thought I'll just let him print it there.  So we're all ready to go, but we're just waiting for my brother to arrive home.  By the time he arrived it's already 4PM and our flight is 5:20PM.  Oh there's still 1 hour and 20mins..  So we took the time and rode a tricycle and waited a bit to get a taxi to bring us to the airport.  By the time we arrived it's already 4:45PM, the counter was closed and we were not allowed to check in.  After moments of pleading with the Cebu pacific staff, I left with no choice but to purchase another set of tickets for tomorrow morning's flight.  So much for piso fare! And 6K down the drain!


Anyways I took pictures of the whole process from start to finish. I had a feeling that I need to document everything.  Well I just documented the Epic Failure of the Year.  The funny part though was that we were all excited to finally travel together, but then we left the airport 15 minutes as soon as we arrived there.  My brother was feeling guilty, mama was sermoning us while hurriedly walking away, preaching about how the lack of preparations would bring us to hell (she's a traditional conservative baptist) and how I was clicking away, all smiles thinking wow, it's our first time to miss a flight, in our first travel together.

I bet this trip sure will give us more firsts!

Arriving the Airport

Leaving the Airport

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Publisher: Shy - Friday, December 02, 2011
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