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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Swimming with Schools of Dolphins and a Dog's Carcass at Alona Beach


Dolphin Watching at Alona Beach 

In a beautiful morning in Panglao, Bohol, my family and I were trudging down a narrow street going to the world-renowned Alona beach.  Being described as such online, my expectations were soaring high.  As we were nearing the beach, my excitement was going down. I saw a short stretch of white sand, different as what I had seen online.  The sand was courser and a tad darker as opposed to the fine, whitish sand in Isla Reta, Davao.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.  There were a number of food stalls that was lined up opposite to the beach.  Nothing really special.  But since we were already there, we tried to make the most out of the vacation.  

Making the Deal

We were planning to have a quick dip in the sea and probably do dolphin watching.  Since we knew we had limited time at the beach, we tried not to do the latter.  But went ahead in the end.  I tried to negotiate it with one of the boatman, confident that I will do good after reading a book on making good deals. After few minutes of talk, we reached an agreement: P1200 for dolphin watching instead of the 1500 for the island hopping + dolphin watching.  At first I thought it was a good bargain. I was wrong. HAHAHA.  I couldn't forget though what he said during our negotiation.

Me: Kuya P850 nalang.
Boatmen: Ah kuyawa ba! Mamatay na mi ana.  [What? We'll die with that price!]
Me: [astonished] Dili man ka mamatay ya. (ay! kuyawa ba, mamatay man jud!) [No, You'll not die.] 

See.  Big words like that make you  pity them and submit to their price.  And by that, you would know that he already did a lot of deals before.  He was an expert.  And I. I was the looser! (So much for reading books. Hey, t'was my first deal. Things usually go wrong during your first. :) )

Chasing Dolphins

The dolphin watching though was really a wonderful experience.  A good number of boats packed with tourists were also on the chase along with our boat.  As soon as a school of dolphins would rise up and swim.  Engines would be on the roar to go in full speed to chase these beauties.  It was of course, bad for the dolphins because it ruins their morning play, but it was an exhilarating experience for us.

The only dolphin pictures my brother took.  He's pathetic is what he is.

I Hate Steven Spielberg

Being on a boat alongside a pack of swimming dolphins made me want to jump high, dive gracefully like a pro and actually swim with them grabbing them by their fins.  That was in my dreams because I know if I would actually do that, I would just jump in the water shrieking, and disappear in oblivion, with a trace of few bubbles that left message of my last breath.  Of course I don't know how to swim, and it's all because of the great white shark (from the movie JAWS).  Ever since I was a kid, whenever my family and I go to the beach, I could only go so far when the water was at my waist level, and being short myself, I would only be 2 meters away from the shoreline.  At the point when I hear Duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn-dUhn- DUhn, I would run as fast as I could to reach shore, all panicked and pale.  I have saved myself once more, I thought. I was stupid enough to believe that there was really a great white shark out there to eat me.  Even until now, that's sometimes the case.  I'm almost nearing my 30's.  Damn you Steven Spielberg!

Other boats who were on guard for dolphins.

Shouting at Dolphins

Back to the dolphins.  To the creatures which everybody loves. Every time we're near them, I would be moving an inch closer to the edge of the boat.  Since, I was wearing a life vest, I had a courage to do so.  There was one time when the dolphins were going to our direction and was just 2 meters away.  I shouted due to excitement, and when it's already a meter near, they disappeared.  Of course my siblings were upset and were frowning at me.  I was just happy and gleaming, as usual.  First few minutes of this chasing fiasco, it was really dreamy.  After 30 minutes, it got boring and I was already feeling sorry for the dolphins.  So we head unto shore.

Lying Near a Carcass

Then starts the beach dipping portion.  In attempt to show my sister and brothers how to enjoy the beach, I then laid myself on the shore, half my body in water, half in sand.  As the waves were drenching my whole body, I was moving my arms and legs as if I was making a snow angel, oh a sand angel.  Then my brother, pointed out in disgust, a dog's carcass 4 meters above me.  I could see some sea water reaching to it and drenching the lower half of its body.

You know where the waters going to go next-  To me.  So I jumped up and ran away from the poor thing.  Screaming as I was running.

I was beyond disgusted to say the least.  

That will teach me to be on the look out before doing something "fun".


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