Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Twilight shots on National Highway


Bohol National Highway - Mahogany Forest

The 20-kilometer Mahogany Forest is nothing short of amazing.  Yes you may have already seen it in pictures, but something really mystical takes place when you're in the actual forest.  There's some sort of energy that swallows you.  Makes you realize how small you are.  I think nature has that effect on you sometimes.

But yes, that was its effect on me.

In our case we did our first family jump shot.

My family and I went there after having a preview of the famous Chocolate Hills.  As soon as we got to see the forest, it looked like a tunnel with its canopy bending over, forming a huge arch at the center of the highway.    Now settings like that make you want to do more than just pose and have it as a backdrop.  Due to the lack of creativity and time, that was what we did.  Made it as a backdrop.  But if we had more time in our hands, we probably made a video of us acting like vampires or werewolves or we could have played hide and seek.  I don't know. Whatever seemed fun would've been worth doing.

Another fun thing we did was pose like actors and actresses in twilight as suggested by our tour guide.

Feeling the Twilight-Vibe

Well that's my older sister and younger brother trying to play their roles.  While me my other brother on top and my mother didn't give a damn and just smiled.

What we didn't do was planking along the highway.  The tricky thing here would be, you have to time yourself, making sure there are no vehicles or any of that sort approaching.

After your first few pictures taken, I'm sure you'll forget that you are on a national highway.  

You would think: damn pesky vehicles always screwing up our photoshoot.  Well drivers would also feel spiteful. I know.

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