Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Dying in Bohol Butterfly Farm


Bohol Butterfly Farm

If being surrounded by butterflies not fun for you, I don't know what is.  There is just something about these small creatures that really wants me to just gather them all and embrace them.  If those wings of them aren't that delicate, I would have hugged them all at once.

Now being from Davao, I've been to a butterfly farm before in Malagos Garden.  One thing that's different here is that the cage is smaller, which gives you higher chances of contact with them.

The Dreaded Tarsier Mascott 

As soon as we got in the area, we were welcomed by a Tarsier mascott.  I knew it was a mascott, but since it wasn't moving I figured it was just a statue of some sort.  When it moved all of a sudden, everybody near it gushed with fright- including my younger brother.  It was a delightful sight.  [I know, pathetic adjective.  For the lack of better way to describe it, yes, it was delightful. It made us giggled. And yes it was fun. Fun. Another pathetic adjective.  Read on please. Spot for more pathetic adjectives  :P]

My mother, sister and younger brother, and of course, the mascott.

Butterfly Shots

Kuya Tetsky, our tour guide, recommended for us to have a personal tour guide within the bee farm and he made us wait for someone whom I figured was the best.  While doing so, we had fun taking pictures of the butterflies exhibited near the lobby.  One cool trick here is to jump, and take a quick click on your cam.  What you end up with is, you taking off with your butterfly wings.  It was a simple yet brilliant idea.

Here's my mama, flying off like tinkerbell.

Here's one idea.  This mades us look like fairies.  I'm just the prettier one. :P

Phenomenally Funny Tour Guide

Our wait wasn't in vain.  Indeed our tour guide was terrific.  He made banal lectures on butterflies really interesting and fun.  A lot of punch lines were said which I couldn't remember already.  Those could be scripted or ad libs, either way he was a surprisingly funny mahn.  

Our funny tour guide.

Dying Happy with a Butterfly

I remember when I was a kid, we used to have garden in front of our house, and at most times, whenever I visit it I would see a butterfly flying from one flower to another.  Every time I would try to go near it, it would immediately go away.  I thought that if a butterfly would just land on my hand, then I will be glad enough to die already.  In the farm, there were almost a dozen of butterflies landed on my hand.  I'm sure God knows I was bluffing! 

Butterfly Trivia 

We left the butterfly haven with a smile on our face and the answer as to why butterflies are gay. Only those who took the tour knows why. :)

Entrance Fee: P35-50 [not that accurate but I know it wasn't much]

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