Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Isla Reta: Naked and Loving it!


The scene of the beach from my nook.
I used to hate beaches.  It's hot. It makes my skin 3 shades darker, and I always feel awfully tired every time I go home.  Things have change ever since I met Reta.

It was love at first sight. I knew in my heart that I belong.  As soon as I stepped in, that was it. I found home.

Enough with this shitty. 

Isla Reta Beach Resort is just a magnificent, boracay-like beach situated in Talicud Island which is an hour away from the city proper.  Nothing could be better than it, as far as I know.  

The sand is just powdery white, and the water is just clean.  Facility-wise, it's not as grand but the beach makes up for it.

Big Time!

Fine sand.

That Side is My Side

At the right side of the resort, there's a place there where beach goers visit because it's more private.  There they strip off their shirts and strut their bikini/trunks, take a quick dip, take some pictures for FB and go back to their spot in the resort.  Some of the smart ones stay there.  I have a nook there.  It's pretty funny because I was highly territorial at first.  You see, my friend and I had to take the dangerous route: run across the cliff and steadily descend ourselves on a few big sharp boulders and big Ipil Ipil roots.  It was scary, so I was possessive of the place.  Even came to a point of shouting at someone who was just exploring the beach, saying that he was passing our "territory".  That was silly of me to believe that it was mine.  But it felt like it was then.  Everyone who knows me know that I am not someone who shouts at anybody or someone who would start a fight.  I am so far from being confrontational.  I surprised myself sometimes.

Talisay trees and some beach goers taking breakfasts.
When we got to the place, it was high tide, so it was ours only because that means that the resort side and our side was separated by water.  This paradise was all for ourselves.  I took the chance of going skinny dipping.  It's by far one of the most liberating experiences I had!  I eventually convinced my friend to do the same.

She was happy she did it.


nothing profound said...

What a gorgeous beach and hideaway. And congratulations for going au naturel-it's a great freedom.

Shy said...

hahhaa.. thanks! you should try it, if you haven't still. ;)

Daily Report said...

My own experience wasn't nearly so picturesque. It was instead in a man-made pit which holds water from the irrigation of fields of grain in the American state of Kansas. I was probably 13. It was hot, and a couple of friends and I stripped down and jumped in. The water was dirty... but there isn't much water in Kansas, so you get wet where you can. I am not homosexual either, and in the days of my youth, it wasn't thought of as a sexual act. Besides, I was an athlete, so showers with other guys after football, or basketball practice were no big deal. However, I have never gone skinny-dipping with someone of the opposite sex.

Hmmm.... maybe I should add that to my bucket list.... hmmmm.

Shy said...

@dailyreport: ohhh eitherway that sounds fun still! :) hmmm skinny dipping with an opposite sex? haven't thought about that before! hahaha... but yeah, that's definitely going to be interesting! ^ ^

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