Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
Warm, Quaint and Homey Room for only P350! :)

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Eden Nature Park: Cheapest Horseback Riding Ever, for only P85

Horseback Riding: Number 1 in Bucket list already Ticked Off! WOOhOO!

Notice my retarded laugh towards the end.

Horse back riding in Eden Nature Park.

I got the horse back riding ticket for only P85 and it made me feel really happy that I get to fulfill one of my dreams for a few bucks!


The ride ended with a very awkward situation.  Kuya made Princess walk a bit faster, making me bounce up and down on my seat. Made me feel so awkward, guilty and helpless knowing that there were a number of people witnessing it.  I tried not to look at them.  And then out of my exasperation to stop everything, I said, "Kuya paspas lang kaayo." ("Mister, You're too fast!").  

It was a successful day indeed.

What dream have you been wanting to achieve lately?  Do share in the comment box below. :)


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Shy said...

@Jakeson: I know right! @_@

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