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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Friday, July 6, 2012

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Day 2: Ilocos Trip: Vigan - Calle Crisologo


Calle Crisologo (Crisologo Street) in Vigan, Ilocos

When history is now.  

You'll know when you reached the right place just by looking at the ground.

Calle Crisologo
Other streets in Vigan.
Calle Crisologo's ground work is a layer of cobblestone, while the rest of the streets are in asphalt.  There are ancestral houses scattered here and there in the town of Vigan.  Even banks, fast food chains are shaped to mimic an old architectural design, making the entire town a museum in itself. Crisologo street is special though. All structures rising on both sides of the street are all ancestral structures, that's why walking alongside these would likely bring you back to the Spanish times.  Add to it the clicking of the horses' hoofs as calesas run to and fro.   

A resounding question I had was: "How is it like living back in the olden days?".   Then I vaguely saw people walking along the streets, wearing spanish clothes.  Maria Clara's walking daintily, whispering to each other behind their fans, and then breaking off with a faint giggle.  And Pedros and Juans are wearing long hats, and leaning on to their canes, looking at the Maria's as they pass them by.  How surreal.  

One pointer though, while in your daydreaming state, don't forget to watch your step or you might end up stepping on horses' poo and/or urine.  You don't want to go dreaming away with smelly sandals/shoes, do you?  

Walking along this street is actually the best way to experience Vigan.  There are restos, cafes and a lot of souvenir shops found here, making it a haven for tourist.

More reasons to visit Calle Crisologo:
- store selling famous empanada

- tourism office where you could get free brochure of Vigan, printed on it is a map, tourist spots, a list of restos, banks, tranportation, and practically everything that's important for a tourist to know.  Found at the edge of the street right beside Cafe Leona.

- Cafe Leona which serves Pizza Longganisa

- Near Plaza Salcedo, St. Paul Cathedral, Plaza Burgos, Plaza Encarnacion
Lanterns in Plaza Salcedo lights up at 7pm.
- because I told you so... :)

DO NOT EVER miss out on this place, or else you'll miss out a big chunk of your Vigan experience.


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