Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Day 2: Ilocos Trip: Vigan - Hidden Garden

Wonder why it's called Hidden Garden? Well it took us a long time to reach this place.  I think we had passed through small subdivisions, farms and 30minutes has passed, and no sign of Hidden Garden.  

Believe me, after having gone through all that, you'll realize why.  And you'll get pissed why it's Hidden and why now when you're hungry!

 But you know, getting there was worth it.

The place gives you a Bali-feel to it.  Thanks to tribal decors nipa huts and, wood furnitures.

First thing we did?

We ordered.

Empanada (Php40)

Poque Poque (Php 130)
Bagnet (Php 225)
Dinengdeng (Php150)

We were really happy we chose Hidden Garden.  I mean, we were eating famous traditional Ilocano dishes whilst in a "Bali-inspired" garden.  Happy much! :)


Anonymous said...

the place looks pretty nice! but the area seems small. I hope to visit Vigan one of these days, I should put this in my itinerary.

JerseyLil said...

The food looks good and it looks pretty there! :)

Shy said...

@Caryle: Oh yes please do visit here! Really lovely place. :)

You're right, it does seem small, but I think it's because things are placed closely together. I like it though, feels cozy. Here's our itinerary and list of expenses during the trip. Hope you find it useful. ^^

Shy said...

@JerseyLil: Yes that's true Jersey.:) it was a good thing we dropped by here for lunch... we never thought there's something beautiful like that hidden 30mins. away from the city proper. ^ ^

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