Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Day 2 : Ilocos Trip: Vigan Tour - Burgos Museum


Our calesa driver first dropped us off at Padre Burgos' ancestral house which the local government of Vigan turned into a museum.  So basically it doesn't only contains the old articles of Padre Burgos but also portraits of famous people that had a big role in Philippine's history.  It also contains old materials for fishing, printing press, coffins, some articles used for war and replicas of ships. 

Padre Jose Burgos, ancestral home.


 So for those of you who may not know who Padre Jose Burgos is, he was one of the first filipino who became a priest, a role usually spanish conquestidors had taken the role of  for years.  He was executed in 1872 for writing codified essays which empowered native clergymen.  Along with 2 other clergymen, namely Padre Gomez and Zamora, he was garroted in Bagumbayan field (Wikipedia 2012).

Burial ritual.

A coffin with skeletons and pot.
Coffins of our ancestral people are usually small since Filipinos before were really short, reaching up until 150cm to 159cm for men, and it could be shorter for women.  Modern Filipinos had gone taller through time due to interracial marriages with other taller races such as Spanish, Indians, Americans, and Arabs to name a few.

Old printing press.

Replicas of spanish ships.
My sister watching intently some old portraits of historically famous people.

A portrait of Ferdinand Marcos' family. Young Marcos (leftmost).

Sala (living room) at the 2nd floor of Padre Burgos' House.
 A traditional spanish house in the Philippines usually used big panelled wooden floors.  Salas are usually big to accommodate visitors and converting it into dancefloors on special occasions.  Sliding windows are made of flattened shells called capiz, and furnitures are usually made of the finest wood such as narra and mahogany

Kitchen area opening up to the balcony outside.
 Red tiled floors is also pretty famous before in a house during the Spanish times.  The walls are either made of red bricks or big blocks of special cement mixture made of corals, and eggs among others.

Bunch of Anahaw Leaves tied up and used as a raincoat before.
I've always thought that visiting a museum will be a great way to start a trip.  Immersing yourselves to articles from the past reorients you back to your roots.

After a lot of ahhs and oohhss, we were all warmed up and ready for more.  So off we went to our next destination!

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I like to visit museums, too. bad lucky had the Padre Burgos, from Spain, executed for loveling to God, in spanish "martir por la causa de Dios"
I never saw any pic of F. Marcos when he was a young. He had good relation with Spain, I remember.

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