Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Monday, July 16, 2012

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Day 3: Pagudpod - Blasting All Them Waves!

Truth be told, I haven't heard about this Pagudpod beach before.   And after doing some research, I've read a good number of reviews about this.  This could something.  I might as well throw this in the itinerary.

After having to travel 2hours away from Laoag City, passing through a river (yes seriously), and really really narrow streets, I've come to think that this beach should be good that people would have to go through this trouble to get there.  This should be something! Heck, after traveling that far.  It should be!

The Beach

When we reached our destination, I was already exhausted.  I rested a bit and then went straight to the shore to validate the hype.

All I saw?

There were huge corals sticking out of the shore.  My heart sank.  There should be more to this, than this.  So I had to walk along the beach to check how it was on the other side hoping to find that spot worthy of all those praises.  Yet, I found none.  All I saw were pebbles they call sand.  Not the fine ones, not the white ones found in Isla Reta, which was only an hour away from my place!  Yaaayyy!  By then I was thinking if all the trouble was worth it.  And slowly I became more and more convince that it wasn't.  Then it had gotten darker,  which kinda reflects how I felt that time.

Then morning came.  I hit the beach and saw the waves came crashing against the huge sturdy corals.  What better way to take this opportunity by taking lots of cool shots.

Doesn't my mother look like a wizard of some sort?

Inspired by karate kid.

This shot looks like I was meditating.  Wait 'til you magnify that face.  I was cringing!

I don't know where she got that pose from.  Uhmmm superman?  Either way she looks silly. :P
After taking those awesome shots.  

I smiled.

Hey, it was worth it after all. :)


Zunnur said...

What a trouble to get there, but still worth it because the picture with you cringing at the middle is really nice!

Shy said...

@Zunnur: hahaha... thanks! it took a good amount of courage just to stay put... :P

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