Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Day 4: Ilocos Trip - "Where Have You Been?" At Kaibigan Falls

First thing in the morning, I knew our next destination, Kaibigan Falls, would be a bit far.  It would be a 1-hour drive from where we've been staying, and with distances like that, I just couldn't help but question.   Geeez, for a waterfall?  I was afraid that we'll just check out the area, take some pictures and head on.  Thinking about that made me want to jump this part of the itinerary.  But I forgot about the fun part: take a plunge in it. 

So we got off the van and did a 10minute treck up hill, crossed 2 rivers and 2 really shaky bridges.  And so we reached the area.  The tour guide told us that we could take a dip but we were advised to stay away from the middle area since there was some sort of a whirlpool there.  So we obliged.  The water was freezing cold. We only had the clothes on our back.  My brother took off and head on to the water, and I followed.  I knew we had to walk back in our van with our wet clothes.  But we just didn't care, and just enjoyed the water.

My sister told me why I didn't remind her to bring clothes with us.  I didn't bring either.  All of us didn't expect to swim in it.  But since the water looks so good, we had to take a dip.  I was enticing her to do the same, but she figured to take sexy tiger shots instead.

And I had this brilliant idea of doing a Where-have-you-been shot.

And since my brother couldn't help but drown himself, our younger brother (photographer) decided that he needed to go.

And it was a fair enough decision because the pic looked stunning... without him. hahaha


June O'Hara said...

How cool! Looks like you had a ball. It reminds me of swimming under some waterfalls in the Southwest. Flippin' cold!

Shy said...

@JuneO'Hara: Oh I surely want to see some pics! :) Anyways, I'm glad you had fun too! It's crazy to swim in really cold waters! hahaha... but yeah good to be crazy sometimes I guess. hahaa :P

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