Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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My Ilocos Family Trip Experience

I'm Back! 

Burnt but definitely happier!'

Me.  The reddish one...

I feel so lucky.  Lucky enough to experience, not the storm which I dreaded before the trip, but the rainbow after it.

Bangui Windmills
Yes guys, the storm didn't ruin my trip, because it wasn't there to start of with.  When we got there Dindo was away.  Somewhere, I don't know, but I'm just thrilled to go through  the trip minus the rains and all.  In fact, it was blazing hot there, that standing under the heat of the sun for 5 minutes seems torture.  

One thing I could describe Vigan is that it's mesmerizing.  The town is like one huge museum.  Take pictures everywhere and I assure you, it'll still look good! That's how crazy beautiful it was there.

At Calle Crisologo (Crisologo Street)

I'll post details on my trip on succeeding posts but not here.  I figured I'll just rant about my experience.  Why not?  I started this trip very down hearted even after attempts of convincing myself that it'll be alright; it'll be awesome.  And my gosh it was! :)

The people were really nice.  They speak Ilocano which has a different accent and wordings compared to other languages which I  know existed.  Good thing, they speak Tagalog so conversing with them was still possible.  Sometimes we forget that they don't know how bisaya, so we find ourselves speaking to them in bisaya, and then gush in embarrassment, realizing our mistake, so we speak in Tagalog again. The service they gave us in the trip was really wonderful, made me feel even more than welcome to be there.

For a place that rely greatly on tourism, I think this makes sense.  Not only will the place attract tourists, but definitely the people themselves.

One thing I observe in Vigan, is that they have longer daytime than night.  I mean, even at 6:30pm the sun is still up, making it feel like it's still 5pm.  That's pretty weird for a Davaoena like me since here in Davao, it's already dark by that time.

They don't have jeepneys as mode of transportation.  They only have motors, calesas and tricycles to go from point A to B.  And another things is I saw a lot of women riding the motor.  And when they ride them bikes, they don't wear helmets.  When I asked our tour guide about this.  He said, that it's illegal to wear helmets, in some places in the province, it is illegal to not wear it.  Another contrast again, because in Davao bikers should wear it especially when riding within the city.

We mainly visited a number of old churches and museums there.  It was a really refreshing activity.  It makes me appreciate my culture and history even more. Well, actually I already expected that to happen.

Aside from visiting historical places, we also went to breathtaking natural spots like the sand dunes and the beaches and hills.  I've seen pictures of those online but, I tell you, it's surreal once you're there. Makes you feel so small.  It'll wow you. 

La Paz Sand Dunes.

Beach near Bantay Abot Cave.

Pagudpod Beach
All in all, it was tiring yet another great adventure.  What made it even greater is that I get to experience it with my loved ones! :)


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