Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Day 1: Ilocos Trip: Davao to Manila, Manila to Vigan


On our way to our plane going to Manila.
From Davao City, we arrived in Manila at around 5:15pm. First thing we did was look for where to ride the shuttle going to Taft Rotonda station.  Good thing there was a Tourist Information Corner found in the lobby.  She pointed us to go outside and turn right, whereby buses are coming in every 10 minutes or so to pick up passengers already lined up in queue.

At NAIA, awaiting for our turn to get in the bus.
 There's signage saying Taft Rotonda along the street so you'll figure out where to drop off, or better let the conductor know that you wish to be dropped off there.  The station in Taft Rotonda was chaotic, especially so that it was already rush hour and it was Friday.  It was stressful being there because you have to go with the surge of people flowing from different directions.  I've never really seen so many people in such a rush.  So we were a bit relieved when we got in the train.  But as the train made few stops, it became more and more crowded.  I believe we had to have 7 stops before reaching Cubao station.  Once there we made our way to SM Cubao to wait for my other siblings who lived in Manila.  So we already had dinner, and we were off to the bus station.  

At the Bus Terminal

Pardon for the blurry pics, but just focus on the Vigan prices for De Luxe (Php705) and First Class (Php535).  Notice how De luxe is more expensive.  And so I asked the guard about it. He said with a what-a-silly-question expression on his face, well because De luxe has bigger seats and so it's more comfortable, thus the price.  And so I figured. OK. Whatever. Shouldn't it be First class which has those kinds of features? Anyways I let that go.  We decided to go for de luxe but since tickets were already sold out we opted for first class. 

It was my first time to ride in a bus where I had to spend the entire night in.  It was scary really. It felt like we'll be crashing into something any minute now, because it was just too fast for a big vehicle.  I felt that we skid our way hurriedly from left to right, and then turned immediately at corners of the road.  I didn't sleep much that night.  I mean, who can when you're riding in a horror bus.


Krystelle Diane Teh said...

Hi. I hope you can tell me how you reached Partas bus terminal from SM Cubao. What jeepney route or something. I would really appreciate if you do. Thank you. :)

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