Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Day 2: Ilocos Trip: Vigan Tour - Baluarte ni Chavit


 Baluarte ni Chavit is owned by the infamous Singson's family.  Chavit is the first name of the former mayor who served in that position for decades. Currently his son, is the mayor.  

It's amazing how big this park is and yet you could get in it without paying entrance fees.   It's mainly in effort to boost the tourism in Vigan, or Ilocos per se.  

There are a lot of wild animals showcased here.  I came here for the tigers though, and my gosh they were huuggge!  The moment we got off from our calesa we could see 3 big cages with one tiger chilling in each of it.  Even when lying down, you would know that these wild creatures are really amazingly big.  I think they're 3 times as big as I am.  So imagine how it would be to be locked up in a cage with one of these?  Scary!

After the pony ride.
 The pony ride was for free too, but it was up to us whether we would give the guy a tip.  We did though, for Php50.  He gave us a ride around the field with a number of ostriches, lambs and deers eating grasses here and there.  It was only one round, but since the grounds was fairly wide, it was enough.

 While checking on other things that were there, we would hear a show taking place.  So we followed where it was and saw a pig painting on a canvass.  It drew strips of colors here and there.  It wasn't really that bad for a pig.  Actually it was good.  But we were determined to have our pictures taken with a tiger.  Good thing there was one tiger around the corner.  We had to go backstage to reach to it.  Once done we tipped the guy Php 100 for 7 different shots with the tiger.

Sally the painter.
After the pictorial with the tiger, I was more than happy to leave the place.  Mission accomplished!  I was famished already by then so we had to head on to our next destination which was Hidden Garden where we would take our lunch.


Pia said...

I really hope the management of Baluarte, as well as the tourists, come to realize that they should be more sensitive to the plight of the dwarf horses. The Baluarte offers free carriage rides by the dwarf horses to their detriment. Today, I witnessed a sight of exhausted and wounded dwarfed horses being whipped every 3 seconds so as to carry a load of an average of 3 adults at a quicker pace. Animals are not machines and people should be more aware of this. Attached is a photo of one of the wounded and very exhausted dwarf horses.

Neca Reyes said...

The thing is I am afraid of that tiger. lol! This is a good post. Thanks for the info :)

Shy said...

@Pia: Hi pia! Sorry for the late rep, wasn't checking my mail, bummer!hehe. I appreciate you attaching the pic and all... and you're right, this sight would really puncture your heart, and I agree with you that they should take care of these babies... When we went there, we had to ride this just after some tourists unloaded the cart. So as much as I feel sorry for the animal, there was this urge in me to brush that negative emotion aside because we were in a trip, and being in a trip, I just ought to have fun. But yeah, sometimes you just can't help yourself.

Shy said...

@Neca: Ei there Neca! You're right on that one! These beautiful creatures are so adorable and so frightful at the same time! There was this photo of us wherein the tiger took a quick glance on us and all 4 of us was feeling like a dead prey. We had fear written on our faces, hahah... fuuunnny! :P Thanks for dropping by, glad I was of help to you. :)

I posted that pic in Shy on Foot page and did a bit of shoutout. Hope you like it! Thanks again dear. :)

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