Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Day 2: Ilocos Trip: Vigan Tour - Bantay Church and Bell

My Family heading to Bantay church and Bell.  Ilocos Trip in Vigan series.

Churches during the spanish times usually have bell towers next to it, sometimes standing close, sometimes far.  In this case, the bell tower is yards away from the Bantay Church

Bantay Bell Tower

Magnificent Spanish Church and Bell Tower

Spanish churches are almost always spectacular.  Though they vary in height, color and design, the special uniqueness is always there.  Added to it, it's role back in the days, where religion was more like a religion, but a way of life. 

Although the church is magnificent, we were more drawn to its bell tower which is perched on a small hill landscaped with beautiful array of flowers.  So we found ourselves taking more picture with the bell tower than with the church.  On normal occasions we would probably climb up at the top of the tower, but since the heat was blazing hot, we figured not to.  Taking pictures from the outside was already satisfying.   No entrance fees here, just donation.  However we had to sign up on a ledger that we visited the place.

A Japanese Seller

I remembered before entering the church's perimeter, there was a friendly japanese seated at a corner.  He welcomed us to the place.   Right beside him was a cart with an array of rosaries, small prayer books and carved altars of mother mary.  It didn't really occur to me that he was selling those.  I was more taken by his presence as oppose to what he was selling.  I just noticed it when we were about to leave the place.  I noticed him calling friend and asked us if we were interested to buy something from him.  We kindly decline though.  

I don't know. He just struck a chord in me.  What is a Japanese guy doing in a small town in Vigan, selling religious trinkets.  It was an odd sight.  But yeah, it was amazing of him to make such sacrifices for his belief.

Makes me regret for not buying anything from him.  Well reason behind it is that I'm not Catholic, but more of Baptist.  Actually I don't really wish to be exclusive in one religion.  I'm pretty more open, but keeping in mind to further develop my spirituality as my priority. 

But yeah, if ever you chance upon him, try to buy at least one item from that fella. 

Thanks! :)


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