Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

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Adventure turned to Misadventure

They say that adventures should be found in really small, trivial things. Doesn't have to cost you money, doesn't need for you to hop in the plane, train, boat, and what not.  No.  Adventure could be in the form of eating food you haven't tasted for quite some time, taking on a different route going to work; banal stuff like that is already an adventure, and the only reason that we don't notice it is that we have already a definition of what an "adventure" is.  
I get easily bored.  And after staying at home for 2 consecutive days, it's safe to say that I am pretty out of-my-brain bored.  I had set up plan today to meet up with my friend whom I haven't seen for 5 years now.  It wasn't pushed through.  At the same time, my brother and I talked about dining in the Indian resto in Makati at the same day too.  That too wasn't pushed through.  Reason why?  I forgot that I have work in the morning leaving the afternoon vacant. The moment I had called my friend which was at 2:30pm, it was already too late to go to Makati and go back home.  I have work in the evening and I'm afraid that I might get stuck in traffic.  Ok.  So obviously my mistakes were:

1.  I forgot that I had to work in the morning, when supposed to be I was going to hang out with my friend for ideally the whole day or eat in the Indian resto.

2. It took me awhile to decide to call my friend.  I knew going to UP Diliman would take time, I was just concerned that I might be late for class in the evening.

3. I didn't grab the opportunity to go to Makati with my brother and just dine in the Indian resto.  Since I ditched the other one, I should've pushed through with the remaining option.

Well at least I learned my lessons.

Now I'm suffering from the pains of boredom. 

Hmmm, but hey I ate cereals with peanut butter today!  That counts as an adventure right?

Who am I kidding?

Indian food is still waaaayy better than that!  Ohhh well, 'til next time.

I'll get better on this somehow.


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