Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Baby I Know.


Have you ever had the time that you lost your way in the city and the only recourse you have to get to your destination is to ask?  Plenty of times, I suppose.

But don't you think it's stupid when you get your answer from any random stranger, you say Yes, when in fact, you don't understand anything that person said?  And that he successfully messed up your mind for a split second by giving you all sorts of vague directions. And worse?  You thank him for "helping" you.
The most messed up situation is when you're with your friends and all of you started to move on after asking for assistance.  And immediately, whisper to each other.

"Did you get that?" or "What did he just say?" 

Yes! No one had a clue.  Wonderful!  What a great way to waste time.

One instance, I was just around Cubao area and I was looking for a Metrobank branch.  I asked a security guard at a nearby mall and he said.

"Go straight and turn right at the corner."

Looking at the direction that he was pointing, I saw a long street ahead, and a lot of corners turning to the right.  And for the sake of pride or shame of not understanding... I immediately said.

"Ok.  Thanks!"

I dare not look at him so he wouldn't see that look of bewilderment.  The exact look whenever I'm having my calculus exam back in college.

I moved on.  And then not too far, I asked again another guy. This time I asked for landmarks.

Finally I reached the bank, paid my bills like a good customer do.  Went back to the route I took and head back home.  After 20minutes of non stop walking, I finally arrived in the apartment.

Geeeshh, I thought Alimall was closeby, how come it seemed far this time?   A couple of days ago, my sister's bf and I went to seven eleven to buy something.  Lo and behold.  The bank was just 3 blocks away from the corner of the apartment.  It appeared to me that I took the longest route, one could ever imagine.

And I said... laughing this time... wow, how stupid of me.

But you know, people do get lost, what's more important is you find your way back home.

On that note, I shall leave you with this music from Phillip Phillips.

I decided to pop him in here because his song has the word home in it, he's cute and so sexy.  He'll be coming to Manila for a concert which I'm not fortunate enough to watch, but still I'll include him here anyway, because I have the power to do so!

Enjoy People! 

It's a feel good song, and you all deserve to feel good for just reading my post.

Love lots!



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