Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Monday, November 19, 2012

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I'm Feeling It!


You are a star! You're so amazingly gorgeous guys can't help themselves but stare at you. You, you hot sexy vixen you!    [rawwwrrr]

That moment. 

A moment when you're feeling so good about yourself that you just can't help feeling so Angelina Jolie or so Brad Pitt; that people would pave way and make space as you walk along the mall or street; that moment when you notice that whenever people are looking at you, you would think... "Hmmm yeah, I'm hot. I know that." and you would think of giving them a wink or blow them a kiss, but you would find the idea silly so you would quickly brush off that idea and just walk your runway and let everyone stare at you and drool some more at the glory of your beauty!

You know you had this moment!
We had our days.  I know.  

And when you just feel an overwhelming emotion of pride and happiness, you would check yourself at a the nearest mirror and say. "Hmmm, OOHHHH yeahh! You pretty darn thing you. You look goooood!"  And you just walk some more, expecting to get some stares from people, and if they wouldn't stare at you, you would think "I know you're too shy to look at me. Hahaha, it's ok.  I understand.  I'm just too beautiful!" HAHAHA, And you smile and walk some more, and you know it's one hell of a good day. 

In reality, some people get stared at because they're either feeling so happy or beautiful they just radiate, or there is something wrong with how they look.

One unforgettable story I heard from a friend of mine.  Her aunt was strangely getting a lot of stares from people, something she's not getting much of recently.  She became feeling so confident and so beautiful.  She started feeling happy and giddy inside. Very flattered actually.   As she was getting inside a tricycle* , and saw her reflection at the mirror.  

She gasped and blushed so hard she literally turned red.

One lens of her dark sunglasses was missing!

Now I can't understand how she didn't notice that the left part of her sight is shady while the other is clear.  Well, maybe she didn't notice that. What probably was too clear for her then was her vision of her own fashion runway world she had fondly ramped on.

Now that's a classic!

* a local transpo in the Philippines.


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