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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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This Day of Healing.


I bless this day as a day of healing.

I may not yet have a big savings account to be proud of, or do I have a great career now, but still I can say that I am RICH.

I am blessed by God in bountiful ways, more than I could ever understand.  After much reflection, my relationships with my family and friends are just fantastic.  I love them dearly, and I know that they would be a constant reminder that life is good.  They are my true wealth - my precious gems.

My attention now is drawn to my ex.  The only relationship that I feel is a bit dysfunctional. We are still in constant communication.  Although he's in UK now, he makes sure that we get to talk about highlights and lowlights in his life and in mine too.  Whenever we get on with our daily conversations, situations sometimes trigger past feelings to be brought up again.  The feelings of anger, and disappointment keep surfacing in me.

I've been trying to push these away but sometimes I end up getting defeated by my own emotions.

So this day, I decide to bring healing to our relationship.  To just bury the hatchet.  And let this be a beginning of a good friendship.  I owe it to myself to feel peace about the fact that I kept all my friendships intact.  That I tried to spring back respect, trust and love to whoever is part of my life.

So when I'm old and sickly, I wouldn't have any regrets of not trying, at least tried, to fix my connections to every people who had touched my life and whose lives I touched.  And so when I look back, I would remember that it was all good.  And I would feel fulfilled and happy that my life was indeed rich in the greatest aspect, full of precious gems, nothing thrown, just polished. 


Samrat said...

Hi, this is a nice post since it gives us inspiration to try to improve our relationships the way you are attempting.

Shy said...

@Samrat: I'm really happy that you took this post as an inspiration, because that's really my goal for this blog. To inspire people to be better and live better. Thank you for commenting dear. It really means a lot to me. :)

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