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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Which Mandala Tattoo Should I Choose?

I am nearing my dream of getting myself inked!  I've always knew I wanted to get a mandala, but after seeing a lot of options, I'm utterly torn to say the least.

Here are my top 5  in no particular order:


They're all freeeaakkinn' pretty yeah! :)

So excited!!!! 


Shaharoh said...

They are all cool! But if I had to choose, I really like the first one because of the leaves. You're so brave! I don't have any tattoos and am always in search of something that has to do with the number 11 since it's my favorite.

Shy said...

@Shaharoh: HAHA, sweetie thanks! I pray that I won't chicken out on this one, but yeah I have been contemplating on it for months now and I really want to have one! :) Thanks a lot dear for the feedback. You're right, the first one is indeed beautiful. :) As for you getting a tattoo, you would soon find the right design for you in time. love lots! :)

Gopal said...

2nd tattoo would be my pick for you :)

Shy said...

@Gopal: alright, nice choice gopu. ^^

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