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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Won Bin Choke Slammed Rain!

Just recently my college friend, Rai, and I started a ritual.  We have decided to meet up in a coffee shop every Wednesday either 11am or 1pm.  And we would have one of the most interesting conversations about life, success, careers, love life and we would just be laughing most of the time.

Back in college I would see her as a quiet, religious, driven and intelligent lady.  And that's just the Rai I know.  After some few hours of conversation with her, it struck me that she wasn't that goody-goody ol' girl I assumed she was.  Although I knew that she joined a sorority and had been drinking much in college, still my impression of her was just so strong that I was shocked to hear once again of her somewhat darker days in college.  There are just some people who could get away with things.  She has a way of talking to me that even if her words were direct and venomous, she still made it sound like a usual banal comment about the weather. And it really bothered me how she did that, so I had to ask her one time.

"You know what you just said was a bit stabbing, but you made it sound like nothing, how the hell do you do that?".  She was just laughing at me, saying she has no idea.  I snapped and said. "Hmmm, I should learn that."   Looking at her as we continued walking.

Just yesterday, I had again the pleasure to spend our ritual day together.  Same things happened.  And the conversation? Well same as usual, fun, exciting, and never boring.  I arrived earlier than she did. Ordered a cup of coffee or a tea, and settled at our favorite spot at a corner where a bulky velvety couch is located.  And as usual I would wait for her for about 15 to 20mins. and she would arrive in the the coffee shop with her curly hair hanging down her shoulders.  The batgirl has arrived.  Yes, she's a biologist and worked for bat conservation.  A passionate one to say the least.  Now she quit her job to get into business.  Her passion for bats still remains.  She just have a bigger vision that getting funding for it is a vital element.  Thus explains her entrance into the business world.

I rose up to welcome her and hug her and we were on a roll.

I told her that I have been drooling over Bi Rain, a Korean superstar who broke into Hollywood scene with his starring role in Ninja Assassin.

She just ignored me saying that her crush Won Bin is better, showing me this picture of him on her phone.

 Yeah he's cute, but remembering a similar pic of Rain, I didn't back down and showed her this!

She opened google image on her phone to show me more of Won Bin's picture.

"There! Look how cute he is!"  Well she just stated the obvious.
At this point, I was helplessly scanning for a good looking picture of Rain in my own Samsung mobile, at the same time stealing glances of Won Bin's gorgeous face.

And she particularly lead me to this picture right here.  Maximazing the pic on his neck.


"Look at how hot, he is.  Bite me, bite me!"  She teasingly said.  I swear I could feel my fangs elongating. HAHAHA

Well I know Rain isn't the most handsome Korean thereis, but I KNOW he has a good body.  So I flashed her this!

"Choke slam you with this! Oppa Rain has one hella of a body!"

'Ohhh, now now. Look at that big arms.  And the abs! Ain't that heavenly?'  I grinned at her.  She looked bored and unimpressed and got into her phone looking for her crush's pic.  And just seconds, she showed me this.

"Well that's nothing compared to this.  He got some abs too!"  She laughingly told me.


I was amazed.  In my head I was like... No way, gorgeous face, gorgeous body!  I could feel defeat crawling to me at this point.  But wait!  Oppa Rain has the talent! In fact, he's the most talented Korean I know!  So I showed her a video of him.

"See how good he looks with that crisp white polo. Don't you wish your boyfriend is as buff as he is?"  She was quiet at this point.

"Yeah, he's really a performer.  Won Bin is just an actor."  She replied.  I gave a smirk.  I KNOW I have won this time.  

Reaching, 1:27 on the video. I hailed.

"TKO! You are outta here Won Bin!" HAHAHA  She was blushing at this point and laughing with me.

I played 1:27 on repeat, enjoying my moments of victory!

I didn't expect that it was short lived.  Because after a couple of minutes, she showed me this.

I can't believe how a few seconds of head rolling of Won Bin could defeat the hip jiggling of Rain.  That was it for me.  I knew I lost it!

Rai was giggling, while I was bowing down at her several times with both of my arms up...

I am not worthy. 

I am now your slave.

I am not worthy...

Hehehe :P


Steve said...

Beautiful picture, checkout my blog at
feel free to leave a comment

Shy said...

@Steve: Oh surely I will. Thanks much for dropping by. :)

Mj said...

While reading this i cant help but to laugh... You have one hell of a friend there.. :-)
**go WON BIN! -a man from nowhere** haha

Shy said...

@Mj: hey glad you like the article! :)

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