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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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The Feet Experience: HongKong/Macau

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, December 18, 2013
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9 Realizations I Had From my First Solo Trip in Hongkong/Macau

Ok so I'm back home although it has been a few days since my return, still I am not so keen on posting about the happenings in HongKong/Macau. I don't know maybe because it's a finished chapter and I am so ready to move forward. But my friend fish is so eager to know about EVERYTHING that had happened there so here I am writing the highlights.

I hope you enjoy!
So over Disneyland
- Got in Disneyland and saw people crowding alongside the streets to see the parade.  Children and strollers were everywhere.  I went past them and didn't bother to see more of that umpa lumpa dressed women who suspended themselves in  humongous colorful gizmo toy.  All I cared about then was that my feet were dying and I was minutes away from having  a brain coma due to exhaustion.  So all my being was just focused on finding a good comfy seat where I could rest, which I did... for an hour, together with middle aged Chinese and tourists.  I guess I belong.  Give me a break, I just came from 3 hours of walking around Ngong Ping village.

- I realized that I am so over Disneyland.  They say that it brings back the child in you.  But you see, my inner child hasn't gone away.  She was probably expecting mascots of Minnie mouse and  Daffy duck mingling around with kids but didn't find any.  Ok, I guess I have really moved on from those things. I wasn't really amused.  But the fireworks display at Sleeping Beauty's castle was amazing though.  So bravo to that!

- Riding the Space Mountain in DisneyLand is an out of body experience.  I felt my soul was left behind.  And I wouldn't even bother buying that HK$160 picture of me, I think I know how my face looks like.  A body with no soul.  A body -  with an ugly and twisted face - and no soul.

On Invitations
- Invited out to go on a bar by 5 lovely women from Argentina, who happened to be my roommates.  Turned them down because I was 'tired'.  Ever since then I regretted that chance and promised myself that I wouldn't refused any invitation again.  So I went out with 2 Vietnamese bunkmates to join their friends and we got in the heart of Hongkong's party scene.  I was completely fascinated and overwhelmed.  Broken bottles, pretty girls, pretty girls in sexy dresses, pretty drunk girls in sexy dresses, drunk guys, happy drunk guys. We ended up in a decent bar and chatted the night away.  Next invitation was from my Singaporean roommate, Ling, who got me to hang out with the rest of the boys.  At first I refused, but immediately obliged after she stared at me blankly for few seconds.  I don't know how she did it.  But I was glad I agreed since we headed on to an upbeat and lively jazz bar with saxophones and all the works.  We ended up hitting HK streetfood and called it a night.  And so you see, I would never refused an invitation again.  Like ever, no matter how died tired I am.

How HongKong Locals Do It
- I'm impressed on how people from HK value personal space.  You would hear in the audio record in train stations "Please mind the gap." People do follow that.  They crowd around the escalator but you'll be amazed that you wouldn't even feel the people around you.  You'll also notice that they're organized.  On an escalator ride, people who aren't in a hurry stay at the right, while those who are, are walking upstairs at the left.  Simply impressive.

- HK's subway system gets to be overwhelming for tourists, but after a day, you'll figure it out.  On my first day, a group of HK locals helped me how to get from Causeway Bay to The Lower Peak Tram Terminus.  Another Indian in business suit who wanted to help me as well was giving me a different direction.  My gut told me to just follow the locals which I did.

- Their Watsons contain more beauty products than necessities. Imagine, rows and rows of products for the eyes and skin occupied the cabinets, and only a few for the toothpaste and basic toiletries.  Crazy!

-  HK locals are sucker for high end brands.  You would see them queuing for a bag of Hermes or LV.  And you could see cars like BMW, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen as often as you could see Honda, Ford and Kia here in the Philippines.

-  There are plenty of beautiful people there, very well dressed, nice skin, and chic looking.  It's easy to feel under dressed  that's why you would be obliged to upgrade your wardrobe.  Bring in the boots and thick furs mama!

Pinoys in HK
- A Filipina whom I met in HK told me about how HK locals are discriminating against filipinos.  But I never really felt that way.  If you hold yourself high by dressing properly and presenting yourself well, you wouldn't be treated badly and that's true everywhere.

Tips on Travelling
- There are FREE/CHEAP stuff for visitors in Hongkong.  For the love of the living god, take advantage!  Go to visitors centers and they'll let you know how to make the most of your stay.   Because of that I get to have an orientation of Cantonese Opera plus get to watch it in the balcony with an american and a middle eastern looking lady.  Yes 3 visitors and a Chinese tour guide.  VIP treatment anyone?  

- When travelling alone, don't afraid to ask whenever you're lost.  Sometimes you would have to step aside, stepping away from the human traffic to check on maps. Save yourself the time and effort, please.  You have better use for that.

- Don't believe people when they say that Macau is small.  It's not.  Some tourist attractions are far from each other and you would need a bus to get from point A to B.  Here's the tip: find a line of people queuing up for Galaxy, Venetian Hotel buses and they would take you where you need to go. For FREE! It's that easy! Difficult part is, find the line.

-  Having a new-found friend would be a good break for all the selfies and feet shots you got from travelling.  Finally some full body shots!

Why Hostels are the BEST
-  Hero, this cool South American guy I met in a hostel, tried reading a bit of my current life through his tarot cards.  The revelation was really interesting and quite accurate.  Fun time!

- Hanging out with people in guesthouse is better than hanging out alone in Disneyland.   No brainer.

- In the hostel where I stayed, men and women share 2 shower rooms, and so when you're trying to put make up or do other girly stuff, you'll see men on boxers or towels crossing behind you every now and then. Nuff said!  :)

Getting Hitched by Indian men
-  I've been approached by more or less 5 Indian men, asking me about my name and wanting to be friends.  Gut told me not to entertain them. Listened to gut. Glad I did.  Indian target anyone?

Sleeping with Strangers
- When sleeping with strangers in a dorm, don't be so generous on showcasing your body scents.  Put away stinky shoes and socks, and apply deodorant.  And so you see, having an extra pair of socks, alcohols, powders, perfumes really do come in handy.  I mean, really.

McDonalds = My Hero
- We love our own food.  Sure chinese food is good but nothing would really replace Filipino food.  I've had 2 filipino men asked me where Jollibee is.  However when there's no local food around, there's always Mcdonalds.  I can't count how many times Mcdonalds had save me from hunger.

-  When ordering at Mcdo or any restos, when the cashier ask 'Stay here' he/she really meant 'Dine in'.  Good thing I understood it immediately.


All in all, my HK/Macau was a success.  I didn't get scammed.  I got lost but found my way eventually by reading the map or asking locals.  I've bonded with a few locals and many foreign guests in the hostel.

Would I want to try it again?  Sure, but for 3 days only.

 If I would go as long as 8 days or more, I would have to have company.

What can I do?

I can't deny that it's really more fun to have a good company with you.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

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Videoke Nights

Here's my friend Bopeep 

and here's me.

Both  are friends for more than 10 years now, and both were about to experience our 

Here's how our conversation went before the Bridal Shower.

Me: Dili lang ko mujoin join anang kanta ha.  Dili baya ko singer. (Hey, don't let me sing, ok? I am no singer.)

Bopeep : Ako sad. Dili ko tig videoke. (Yep, same here.  I don't really sing and do videoke.)

During the Bridal Shower...

Guess who has the microphone, singing with all of her being?

And me?

I already sang Sex bomb, and rapped with my soul and innermost shaman to TLC's, Waterfalls, minutes before the video was taken.

I sang  like 80% of my life energy was transferred to the microphone.

No kidding.

And the weird stare from me in the vid?  

That was me after 3 bottles of strong beer... wink wink

Actually the others already had that and maybe drank more.  As you can see...

Yep, we're girls alright. ;)

Shoutouts to Donna, who made the peace out sign, Rain, who was as emotional in singing as Bopeep, and Katrina, then a bride-to-be, who was singing at the corner.
Publisher: Shy - Friday, November 29, 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013

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What a Traveler Should Already Have Done 3 Days Before a Trip Abroad.

3 Days left before my major trip to HongKong

3 measley days!  

Am I ready? 

Yes I am!  

Ask me this 2 months ago and I would feel like puking, that just means that I had a lot of work to do.  But I'm done with all of the major work, and I feel confident that I've already ironed out the majority of things, without going crazy on the details and preparations. I feel like I got this.  I may not be able to know where to eat and what to eat, but if I have a daily budget in mind and a general route, I think I'm good to go.  Besides the trip isn't planned for me to follow everything to a tee, but it is for me to have fun, and that I make sure I will.

So 3 days left? Here are the things that you should have gotten out of your way already.

1. Book all the hotels and print the vouchers
2. Buy the tickets and have them printed too.
3. Have an itinerary and determine the route and landmarks you will be checking.
4. Figure out the things you can and you must do, same with places.  When you're already tired of walking, scratch off the not so important ones and move straight to the MUST.
5. Replay the script that you're going to say to the immigration officer and prepare to present all evidences required.  Replay it with a smile- the more charming, the better.
6. Secure the money needed for the trip and have extra for emergency.  Don't forget to bring credit cards or debit card and have the latter activated for international use.
7. Plan out your outfits for everyday, and don't forget the toiletries and meds, and make up and the sunscreen, and the blower... (ok, I'm a girl, I get carried away.)
8. Leave contact numbers of hotels and outline of your trip to your loved ones at home.  They would feel at ease to have them.
9. Travel Insurance, and secure visa if required.
10. Find out how a public toilet looks like.  You'll need it.
11. Know basic tourist phrases (for non-english speaking countries) and know how to pronounce them.
12. Read about what is good and bad ethics for that country.  Show some respect bro!

That's all I can think of right now.

If I missed on any, do let me know.  Your creative ideas are very much welcome! :)
Publisher: Shy - Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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3 Major Reasons Why 20-something Women Don't Get out of their way to Date Men.

My girlfriends and I are all single and yet even with our age almost lapsing the calendar, we refused to actively get in the dating scene.

Here are just a few reasons why.  It may or may not hit home with you.  But this is what's true for us.

1. We needed to take time to heal our hearts.  I know, I know, there should be a limit to all these heart-healing, we all have varying capabilities on that.  Some people are blessed to be ok the following day after a break up.  I think we just suck on that area.

2. We'd rather focus more on pursuing our dreams and be the person whom we would like ourselves to be.  It's easier to get lost once you're in a relationship and you haven't decided on your path in life.  So right before getting in one, decide and live your dream.  

3.  The knowing that 'he' will come in the right time.  They say that love strikes when you least expect it, so we needed to focus on something else because it would be the time that we would least expect for love striking us.  Do you get the flow here? wink wink

We refused to wait for our men to get to us, instead we prepare by becoming our truest selves and living the way we want to live.  When the guy sees your authenticity and what you stand for, and if and when he sees that you are a match to his true self,  then that's when the magic happens

So gals, don't wait, but prepare and live your dreams. He'll come knocking eventually. 

PS: I don't own any of these pics shown above.
Publisher: Shy - Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

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My 39 day "Clean up my Unfinished Business" Project.

Yesterday I got my bags.  I got them shipped in from Thailand in August and 3 months after, here they are.  Something that could be done in less than a week was finished in months.


Well there's complacency.  The feeling of having a lot of time in your hands.  It does screw up momentum.  But Iyanla Vanzant say,  as long as you keep on moving forward, you will not fail.  And I guess I'm doing just that, but ideally, I should be moving faster to welcome in more projects that I'm also eager to embark on.

This calls for urgency.  I should have accomplished many things in that span of time.  But I opted to set things aside.  And even though I've tried to plan things ahead, I failed to follow through with these plans.  I failed to check on my planner, which is just stacked up with a book I haven't read, or that Spanish book I failed to study.

It's a pile of unfinished businesses.

I often remind myself that whenever I feel sadness, my body is calling out for me to ACT.

So that's what I should do then.

I will therefore embark on a "clean up on my unfinished business" Project before this year ends.

Here are the list of them:
- Get into a habit on studying Spanish
- Finish reading my friend's book "When Mars and Venus collide."
- Finish reading "Food Medicine"
- Launching of the Secret Project I've been working on for months
- Loose 5 kilos. (this has been forever in my to-do list)

When I should start something, I should also know which to stop; taking the time for productive things from time on doing useless things.

Here are the list of items I should stop doing:
- Facebooking (aren't you all surprised.)
- Youtube-ing
- Staring at the ceiling
- Spying on our neighbors

Kidding aside, the last 2 are just fillers, because the first 2 are really the only deadly things I spend my time on mostly.

I've got 39 days to do these things, I trust I could achieve it since my plan is specific, manageable, achievable/attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

I hereby commence my 39 day 

"Clean up my Unfinished Business" Project!

Oh gif, I shall love thee forever. 



Publisher: Shy - Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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My First Madhouse Bridal Shower.

Last night was a blast!

It was my friend Katrina's Bridal Shower

It was the first time I attended a shower party and many firsts happened that night which I don't wish to divulge.  But take clue from our smiley, happy, satisfied face. :)

Everything was last minute, but it just came out perfect!

Cheers to our long friendship!


Congratulations Ringgut!

It's always great to do things for the first time, especially when you're with great friends!
Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

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Finding that Rainbow after the Rain: A Tale of a Typhoon Haiyan Survivor.

Rainbow days after the massive typhoon.

Just an hour ago, I had spoken to *Marco, an old friend of mine, about his nightmare.  He is one of the survivors in Tacloban, the city completely devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.  And just an hour ago, I heard a story of despair, hope, blessedness, mercy and love.

The story started off with me welcoming him in the cafe with a hug and an eager question of, 'How are you?' .  He faintly answered  'floating', as he tried to make himself comfortable on the chair opposite to me.  Truly just 8 days after the incident, the memory and the wounds were still fresh.

Everyone in Tacloban were well aware of the incoming threat; people living alongside shorelines had been evacuated few days prior the incident; panic buying were rampant the night before the typhoon.  People tried to prepare themselves for the greatest typhoon known to modern history.  Little did they know that stored food and a roof on top didn't really cushion them for what was to come.  Houses were easily washed away like boxes made out of matchsticks, winds were howling blowing violently as ever, sea water was gushing in massive currents, everyone was trying to hold on to dear life.  Marco who then was checked in Grand Manor hotel, stayed outside his room just in case a flying object from outside would hit his room's huge wall glass;  he placed his luggage in the comfort room thinking to hide there just in case the building collapses; he wrapped fire hose around his body just in case he needed to jump out of the nearest window.  He was thinking of all possible ways to prepare himself for the worst.  The chaos lasted for hours, and had trickled down until the damage had revealed itself upon the survivors.  The once Tacloban city had turned into a remnants of war.

In his desire to get out of the ghost town, he decided to head on to Tacloban airport where he met a number of survivors along the way, and together they managed to make their way cautiously on top of the remains of dilapidated houses and buildings; they walked along the major streets where bloated bodies of drowned kababayans were lying randomly on both sides.   They've heard moaning somewhere beneath the rubbles; they've seen people walking aimlessly striving to find their lost love ones.  Hopelessness and weakness were seen everywhere. Surely, it was a war.  Once again mankind had fallen victim over the wrath of mother nature.

After almost 2 hours of walking towards the airport, 2 days of not eating and sleeping well, and having to nap on the ground, he finally was able to land in Cebu and was reunited with his sister.  And today, he's in Davao to tell me about his experience, to take me with him, as he went back to the nightmare he was telling me about over a chat in facebook - our first contact after the incident.  The images he showed me on his phone were no different as to the ones I've seen on tv, the only difference was that his face was in them.  As someone who didn't experience the tragedy, I empathize, I feel hurt, but I know fully well that I was just scratching the surface of what he had been through. His hurt was way deep.   And yet amongst all tragedy, the despair, pain, agony, hunger, and suffering, I saw mostly a renewed spirituality- an immense feeling of thankfulness of the mercy and protection that he feels came from above.

I see him now, stronger, better.  

I see so much the irony and polarity of life- that there's strength after suffering, that there's blessing after the pain, that there's joy after a tragedy.

I am glad that Marco lives to tell about it, because I know that he will never be the same again.  He is now more awakened and more appreciative of life and see things only a survivor from a life threatening event can see and understand.

For a diamond would have to undergo friction, shaping, molding, pressure, abrasion, cut, sliced, until, alas, it glitters and glows and becomes all that it was made out to be...

* - Not his real name
Publisher: Shy - Monday, November 18, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting into a Relationship.

I am no expert on love.  Almost nearing my 30's, I have had only 2 serious relationships to date, the first being my longest which lasted for 5 long years.  Having said that, I still feel that I have lot to learn.  And strange enough, it's only after 2 failed relationships did I start to really read about it in books and find out what went wrong.  Only then did I realize and did regret for not having educated myself beforehand.

 So to spare young ladies out there of the pain and confusion that a relationship sometimes bring, here is a post for you.  

1. Love is an investment.  Whether or not you got into a relationship half-assed or wholeheartedly, it will take a portion of your resources. It could take out more resources out of you more than you expected to, or more than you were willing to give out.  

2. Don't settle for an asshole. If that person had committed cheating before then he will do the same to you, unless of course they have matured, then yes, there might be a chance, but a slim chance at that.

3. Love takes work.   Boredom could spring out of routine.  At this point, something needs to be changed. It takes conscious effort to get things into stir again.

4. Never loose yourself in love.  When you're young and you haven't established who you are and who you aspire to be, it's easy to get lost in a relationship and life in general.  With the demands of a functional relationship, you get easily swayed by scenarios and choices, by opinions of people around you.  

5. Your happiness is your responsibility.  This is the area where I failed.  I don't know with you, but I'm a kind of person who can't function well knowing that an important part of my life is or, at least what I thought as to be dysfunctional.  It goes down.  I go down with it.  Sometimes we need to learn how to let go, to be numb, if need be, and hold on to an assurance that it will be better in time.  

6. Don't settle when it doesn't feel right.  Never give yourself out and commit to someone who hasn't proven his love to you in words AND in actions.  He needs to be deserving of your heart before you entrust it to him.  If you haven't made sure of that, then most likely you'll end up getting more pain than happiness.

7.  Don't get in a relationship just for the heck of it or because you're lonely. You don't get in a relationship so you can get a free shrink or a guidance counselor.  Get in a relationship with good and pure intentions which is to love and to be loved.

8. Don't feel forced to love someone just because they claimed that they would move mountains and split rivers for you.  No.  Take time to really get to know the person and sense his intentions.  When you see that words were just merely words,  then it's easy to pull out of it. Having said that, it's OK to say Thank you when I love you too isn't something that you truly feel like saying yet.  Don't worry, you're not being impolite for speaking the truth.

9.  Know yourself as an individual.  Know your principles, dreams and what you stand for.  Your partner would respect you more for it.  Plus, it would be easier for him to help you achieve whatever you want to achieve.

10.  Have a standard for men.  Know the qualities you want for a man as well as the red flags.  Get to know more the ones who have most checks on your list, and stay away from the red flag violators.  

Publisher: Shy - Thursday, November 14, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

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So Here's the BIG Reveal!

Image via visualphotos

If you happen to follow this blog in its early stages, you'll know that my blog had been in different directions, landing on different categories in the blog-o-sphere.

How did this blog come to be?

Back in November 2011, I've immersed myself in this world of travel bloggers.  Hitting on links that had the words travel, budget, fun,world in it, and discovered that there are a few very fortunate people who travel the world and get paid for it.  The thought of that elated me and gave me a surge of excitement and fantasy, thinking that I could be him too!  That lousy ass dude who has another selfie picture behind, him yet again, another UNESCO Heritage that I've been dying to go to.  That grin on his face, saying to me, "Haha, I bet you want to be here, and get paid!".  It was personal.  I was envious.  And what any other jealous person would do but to heed to the inner gut voice saying 'me too!'.  And there I gave birth to 'Shy on Foot'.  A blog bred out of envy of other people and my lust for life.

Not good right?

Two international trips and 6 local trips later

I soon realize that I don't have the patience to list down all the details.  It's tasky, and it rids me of some time to have fun.  Instead of me anticipating for the next destination or even chat with my friends or either my brothers and sister about what fun we had just experienced,  there I was, listing all the information in my handy-dandy notebook.  No bueno.  I also found myself in times where I wanted to defecate, for the lack of better words, the emotional shit I have had, and I happened to choose this blog as my toilet seat- a go-to place for my relief when my friends already had a truckload from me. Thus  this emotional constipation took its form in words, or what modern people call these days as journal writing

But too much emotional shit gave this blog different directions.  It was a hot mess.  

So the whole point of this post was to clean everything up, and give this blog a streamlined direction and format. It will still be a journal blog.  But this is not only dropping ideas and leave it floating there.  Ok I promise, enough of this shit reference).  I figured I would create something useful for everybody.  A lesson at the end of each post.

What I really was trying to say is that this blog would feature life lessons that I've picked along as I try to pursue my dreams.

Really, that really was it.

What started as something out of a negative emotion had lead to something positive.  Like in life, it doesn't matter what or who we were in the past, but who we made out of it in the present. The power of choice.
Publisher: Shy - Monday, November 11, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Why I think 'The Conjuring' is HOT?!

Even before going to the theater, I knew that this would be another exorcism movie.  I knew I would be scared, and I knew that it would be devilish.  The only thing that I didn't know then was if it will top The Exorcist?
Image via tvtropes
With a poster like that though, it might have a good chance.

So I went in the movie theater on a mission to find that out myself. 

Little did I know, I was in for a BIG surprise.  

By golly wow! Did The Conjuring bring in the unexpected.

First, I didn't expect this cutie to pop up on the screen!

Image via flickriver

Image via straightup

Meet Shannon Kook-Chun, a South African and an up and coming star, playing one of the lead roles in Degrassi and other Canadian tv shows.  I've been rooting for this fine fella for some time now, yet shame on me for not having watched even a single episode of him in any of his shows .  I only get to see him mostly on 10-15minute Youtube videos (#lifewithoutcablesucks).

So the moment I saw him on that big movie theater screen, I was FLABBERGASTED, ELATED, ECSTATIC, to say the least!  He brought in romance and sex in The Conjuring, even when romance and sex weren't part of the story line. Let me say that the timing couldn't have been any sweeter!  He came in the scene in just the best of time, when events got dark and devilish.  The scary scenes had left my breathing shallow and calculated, but every time I would see him, I get to breath freely and deeply again.  I get palpitations from all the screaming and from the floating witch, but every time he would try to help one of the girls, I still get palpitations added with flutters of butterflies in my stomach.  When I get... Ok, I think you get the point yeah?

Second, shocking revelation.  I tried helping in the exorcism.  One arm outstretched, saying 'In the name of Jesus' in the most preacher-sounding voice I've ever heard me say.  I don't know what was that about so don't ask.  Maybe that's the inner shaman that's in me who spoke then.  Yes? No?  The world would never know.

So that's it, I never expected I would fall in love and would get to be a co-exorcist.

Did it beat The Exorcist?  

No, not really.   I felt that the movie would have been better if they did not over play some scenes.  But I understand they needed to do that for the scare.

Imagine  if they used the original look of the Annabelle doll, verses the one that they really used in the set.
Right. The real Annabelle Doll, known to be possessed by the devil. Left. The Conjuring Doll.

My Verdict

I think The Conjuring is HOT!


Uh-oh there goes the lady from glee...
down goes the preacher lady too...
and this dude? Well, I could see he's totally blushing! 
even Snow White couldn't resist him! lol!
and this little goat?
 already went down 5 seconds earlier than the rest!

The Conjuring is simply the best!

Thanks to Shannon my love!

Publisher: Shy - Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

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5 Types of People who Easily Get Stuck in Life.

Ok, so here's the thing.  At some point in life, people do get stuck or reach a plateau for a year or even more, and they just cannot seem to have anything going for them.  And I happen to know this, because I've been to that god-forsaken pit for the longest time.  Don't even bother to ask me how long or I'll just have a momentary regret why it took me so long to finally take action.  That, my friend, is my main purpose of me writing this.  

So let's get on with it.

1. Mediocre

Image via redctvadvertisingagency

Why people remain stagnant is because they haven't realized that they are.  They go on with life, wake up at 7am-ish, eat breakfast, go to work, get back home at 6pm, hang around with the family, sleep. and the next day would practically be the same thing, all 5 days of the week and the situation would probably be the case for next week and all the weeks in their lifetime.  Good for you if you have climbed up the corporate ladder, or have successfully expanded your businesses two-folds or three-folds.  These people have thought of how to be bigger and better.  They have moved on and have tried to reached for higher grounds. But for the people who managed to stay on the same goddamn work, with the same goddamn salary, they are what I call the mediocre.  They get satisfied with what life has to offer, thinking that 'I'm good if I have a job, and I get a monthly salary, it may not be that enough but I'll work with it'.  They haven't realized what's out there, what's more, what's possible or if they have, they don't feel capable of achieving it.

2. Perfectionist

Image via kuramamagazine

Second, is when people are faced on life's crossroads, not knowing for sure, which road to take.  I know as you age, you are forced to decide on life changing or risky decisions, that would practically mold your future and the future of your future family.  Now isn't that overwhelming?  Too overwhelming that we tend to push it aside just so we could escape the tension, pressure, pain and discomfort we feel whenever faced with such problems.  We push it aside that we haven't noticed that 5 years had already passed and the same situation still stands, bearing with it a load of pain and discomfort, although this time it's worse than the previous time you had battled with it. What's taking them so long? People are too afraid of making a mistake, and would only move along when they are 100% sure of their decision.  The perfectionists.

3. The Lamb

Image via gracefilledliving
Third, is when they are busy fixing other people's problems, and lives that they have no more time and energy to fix their own.  They are having a crisis and their lives are now meant to serving others instead of serving themselves.  Most housewives are guilty of this, in that they allot 100% of themselves to their family thinking that it is the right thing to do.  Or the dedicated employee who cannot leave his job because he owes a lot to his employers, or that loyal girlfriend or boyfriend who thinks that grabbing better opportunities abroad would mean end of the relationship. These are what I call the lambs because they sacrifice their dreams in service or out of love for other people.

4. The Victim
Image via shrink4men

The victims.  These are the people who experienced tragedy and great downfall and are not able to pick themselves up again.  Life for them is a long dramatic tale of them being abused, harassed, thrown away and dragged down.  They are the underdogs, who get twisted satisfaction from sympathy of others, validating what they have led themselves to believe that they are 'helpless and that they need help.'  With a mindset like that, would you even think that applying for a managerial position would be part of their train of thoughts?

5. The young-at-heart

Image via bryanreesman
And lastly, we have the young-at-heart or the youngsters who feel that they have so much time in the world, that getting serious with life would have to be done when they are already in their 30's.  They don't have that sense of urgency because they are too caught up on being young, wild and free.

I was a little bit of these 5.  And maybe I still am.  I too, got satisfied with the flexibility and simplicity of my work, too scared to make mistakes that I would regret forever, too focused with my then-relationship, too heartbroken and victimized after the breakup, but I've always felt the urgency, especially when I turned 27.   

Here's what I've learned that I wished I had known earlier on.  

First is to always invest on identity value by acquiring skills and knowledge that would boost your morale and increase your perceived value of yourself.  And always, I mean always, keep moving towards your dreams.

Second, is one can never be too sure what lies ahead, but nothing really beats doing your research and knowing what's true for you and fighting for it.  If it feels good deep inside your guts, it must be right.  

Third, if they love you, they would set you free or that they would let you do your dreams and support you.  Love yourself first because that's how people would see your value and would learn to respect you more.  If your cup is full, then you have more energy and love to give to your loved ones.

Fourth, get on with it.  Sure tragedy kicked your ass countless times.  You were betrayed and lied on or even cheated.  Grieve if you have to, but for Christ sake, put a tab on it, dust yourself off and move ahead.  You can never move on by crying it out because I tell you, tears will always fall and it won't stop unless you stop repeating that dramatic story in your head.  Shut it off, and tune in to a brighter story which you deserve.

Fifth,  you can never be too young to dream.  When I was still at school, I didn't spend a lot of thought on myself and on what I wanted to do because my immediate goal then was just to finish school.  Fail. 

So for the mediocre in us, I say,  improve and never stop learning.  
For the perfectionist, let go and experiment.  
For the lamb, learn to love yourself first; indulge every now and then.  
For the victim, you don't exist, so shut up! 
For that playful child, dream early and be sure to make it a reality!
Publisher: Shy - Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

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Buzzfeed Yoga Fail!

Tomorrow I have already planned to do a bit of yoga to get into the "healthy lifestyle" I had been yearning to have.

So like any resourceful person would do, I headed online and beseeched Mr. Google to give me info about yoga for beginners.

Suddenly I saw a post and oh, it's from buzzfeed!

For those of you who don't know what it is, it's practically a website which enumerates points and perfectly delivers that in witty and occasionally funny pictures.  So I reckon I'll be in good hands.

Practicing a bit of yoga myself, I have come to see familiar poses, like some of these below:


Both I had already done previously, but not this bridge pose down here.  Now obviously there's a bit of difficulty and it could get a little tricky if you're not able to balance yourself well.  It seems like you can actually break bones, loins, tendons, and what nots if you're not able to do this properly.

and then reaching number 10.

Drum roll please...
Really now...

Image via
Are you making fun of my limitations?  I feel so incapable just by looking at it.  That one right there doesn't belong to the line up of poses.  I'm afraid this was mixed up with the easier ones and got separated from the circus poses that it belongs.

But wait, buzzfeed ain't finish yet.

What one great way to end this depressing post? 

Why end it with an even more depressing note, of course!

Yeah right!

Image via

It's more like...

Practice this, and you'll be heading your way to the ER in no time!

Buzzfeed, I love you, but this post doesn't sound right to me.

Post source via buzzfeed
Publisher: Shy - Monday, September 16, 2013
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