Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Palawan Here we Come!

What's been pushed back off the calendar plenty of times, doesn't always means that it will never going to happen.  

Yes. Palawan plan is finally going to be materialize next month.  And as always, I would be the coordinator, events planner who would have to plan for it all.  At first, it bugged me because, as much as I would want to make it easier for them, I realized that planning isn't that easy after all.  I felt like I needed help from them.  It was almost always treacherous.

Thanks to travel bloggers like Josiah from Lakas ng Trip, itinerary planning wouldn't be of a pain this time.  He had practically laid down as much usable info as he could, making this trip headache-free for me.  What did you know? He had a 4D/3N itinerary, which was quite same as ours, with ours having an additional lovely night to bask under the lovely moon of Palawan.

Thanks pal, I owe you. :)

For those who doesn't know what Palawan is, it's a long stretch of island found at the western part of the Philippines.  It's where you could find the most breathtaking beaches my country has to offer.

What you think an ideal beach would be? It's Palawan baby!!!

Now doesn't she reminds you of Survivor. Credits
But generally speaking, facility-wise, is a far cry from those in Indonesia or Thailand.  Something that the local government should work on more. However there are a number of resorts though, which are at par with other world class resorts. One of which is Amanpulo.  This one is not only equal but it may seem like it's better than any leading resorts out there.  Not that I've been there, oh how I wish to.  However judging from the reviews over at tripadvisor it does sound like one hell of a dream destination.  Bookmarked!  Hmmm, I sure would need to do a lot of savings for me to stay there, I heard a night would cost a whopping $1000.  With a price like that, you could just imagine what is in store for you.

You could be the "keeper of one of the most perfect places on Earth "as how neiltaylor2233 puts it in his tripadvisor review.

Hmmm yeah, paradise!

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

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30 Enchanted Points about my Surigao Trip

1. getting almost stranded in the island during a bloody strong rainfall 
2. had to push our stuck up boat to sea
3. 90% of the trip we were either on the road or wet in the rain, river or beach, 10%? why spent eating of course. nevertheless, 100% fun & adventure!♥ 
4. it takes skill to take jump shot pics. most likely tour guides don't have that. not in this case. pait kaayo if ambak sa enchanted river, purting laluma 
5. all first timers, we didn't get lost. wooohhhooo! 
6.leave your belongings behind, and nothing will get stolen - Impressive 
7. discovered swimming in place 
8. had a full waterfall massage 
9. she who finished all the crabs
10. she who got naked in naked island 
11. she whose photo was taken with her pants off
12. she who was afraid of loosing her contacts, after witnessing the other lost her pair.
13. we can't live without our life jackets. 
14. we all appreciate answered prayers and gentlemen. 
15. learned that withdrawing money from atm could cost you missing your bus. we almost did. 
16. love will guide your way... hahaha... thanks kuya sa bus 
17. it's the chinese guys who love to immerse in a culture, thus get all the real fun stuff 
18. we are all SUCKER on getting a good shot done, even if it means risking our lives. I know. We are crazy like that. hehehe 
19. it pays to have lovely, friendly land lady. FREE chocolate. FREE internet. AYOS! 
20. himatuan hymn. very awe inspiring. very attractive to hungry fishes. especially the big ones, like us. hehehe... himatuaaAAANNNN 
21. businesswomen, really mean business, maski vacay business calls ay wagas! ikaw na nga! ang tinadhana. hahaha 
22. pwede nang mag flight stewardess! 
23. if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. Note to Underwater Camera 
24. nothing beats 2 cool tour guides. sila pa taga hatid sundo, taga bit bit, taga picture, taga guide, taga consult, taga supply ug ID, taga turo pag swim, taga protect, taga hatag ug kambyo sa boat driver, if wala mi kambyo tanan. kuya drivers. You guys are the BEST! ♥ 
25. Paula/shiela: Connie, mamaya nlang yan.; connie: ah oh, tama noh, para mamaya. taud taud. [connie, taking pics sa britannia islands], paula/shiela: Connie mamaya na yan, Connie: Hindi ko man kasi matiis hindi mag take ng pics. hehehhe... nice man jud kuhaun ug pics con, breathtaking jud ang views murag Krabi lang sad. :) 
26. We all now are believers why Enchanted River, is TRULY Enchanted, pics palang. Ebidensya na! Imong spiritu mugawas. ahhaa 
27. We believe we've seen a ninja turtle, in person. Sorry guys, I didn't take a pic, out of courtesy.
28. Unlucky means to be in a 6-hour ride and be seated beside a guy who always finds his way just to flirt with you
29. Every time a snake moves its head more frequently than before, means its hungry.
30.  always worthwhile to go on a trip with your besties! kamu na mga miga! sa uulitin. :)

Publisher: Shy - Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

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From Highways to Waterways: Davao to Britania Islands

My friends and I set out to start our trip by taking the 2am Bachelor bus to Hinatuan, where Enchanted Riverspecifically situated 35minutes away from the City proper, could be found, .  That is the only shift for buses that we know, that is, after contacting Bachelor Express regarding their schedule.  

Now this could get a tad confusing.  Originally we planned to take the Dvo-Hinatuan (Enchanted River)-Bislig (Tinuy an Falls)-San Agustin (Britannia Is.) route.  However, we changed our minds and decided to do the Dvo-San Agustin(Britannia Is.)-Hinatuan(Enchanted River)-Bislig (Tinuy an Falls) route, figuring that this option is more time efficient, plus we do not want to go home traveling for 8hours after doing a 4-5hour island hopping excursion at the magnificent Britania.  Farthest first and then work our way towards nearer destinations so our trip going home won't be such a drain.

I know it could get confusing, so I've posted in a map where important points are highlighted by a bigger red mark.  Since San Agustin is nowhere to be found on this map.  I've added on a heart to signify where it's at.
Publisher: Shy - Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

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I've Got Mail!

Afte spending hours on hours online, planning and reassessing what I really want in my life, I'm pretty much convinced now that I got it. And for that I'm feeling happy and contented with what I've set out for myself.  It was already 2pm and just when I thought that this would just be another day.

Something happened...

My lola knocked on the door of my room and gave me this.

It's a letter from my 10-year old son Erwin from World Vision.

My life is purposeful after all, even when I'm think It's going in all directions.  This somehow made it all seem ok.  Made me feel that I actually did something right.

Publisher: Shy - Monday, February 04, 2013
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