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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Monday, September 16, 2013

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Buzzfeed Yoga Fail!

Tomorrow I have already planned to do a bit of yoga to get into the "healthy lifestyle" I had been yearning to have.

So like any resourceful person would do, I headed online and beseeched Mr. Google to give me info about yoga for beginners.

Suddenly I saw a post and oh, it's from buzzfeed!

For those of you who don't know what it is, it's practically a website which enumerates points and perfectly delivers that in witty and occasionally funny pictures.  So I reckon I'll be in good hands.

Practicing a bit of yoga myself, I have come to see familiar poses, like some of these below:


Both I had already done previously, but not this bridge pose down here.  Now obviously there's a bit of difficulty and it could get a little tricky if you're not able to balance yourself well.  It seems like you can actually break bones, loins, tendons, and what nots if you're not able to do this properly.

and then reaching number 10.

Drum roll please...
Really now...

Image via
Are you making fun of my limitations?  I feel so incapable just by looking at it.  That one right there doesn't belong to the line up of poses.  I'm afraid this was mixed up with the easier ones and got separated from the circus poses that it belongs.

But wait, buzzfeed ain't finish yet.

What one great way to end this depressing post? 

Why end it with an even more depressing note, of course!

Yeah right!

Image via

It's more like...

Practice this, and you'll be heading your way to the ER in no time!

Buzzfeed, I love you, but this post doesn't sound right to me.

Post source via buzzfeed
Publisher: Shy - Monday, September 16, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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It's my Mama's Birthday!

It's Mama Bing's birthday.

She's the most important person in my life.
Her courage and strength is just unbelievable.  
She had been through a lot and
 I just can't imagine how she managed to get over her challenges in life.  
I would've falter, heck, I would've been dead, 
or be somewhere in rehab, if I were in her shoes.  
But she strives and she gives and she moves on forward stronger than ever,
everyday with great passion.

And I feel blessed being her daughter because
 I feel that I have, half of what she's made up of.  
If she's capable of doing all these, of withstanding tragedies and heartaches, 
I too have that capacity. 
She's a hero in my eyes, my brothers and sister's eyes,
 and for every person she touches. 
And knowing that makes me feel real blessed. 
I rightfully claim that I was born in a breed of heroes, 
and for that I, along with my siblings, are confident to face the future head on.  
No challenges are insurmountable. 
No problems are going to cripple us.
We are strong, we are blessed and we will continue 
to move on strong and with great passion.  

Thanks to mother.

Niece and nephew celebrating with us.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, September 11, 2013
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Sarcastic Souvenir

If you're Filipino then you should know that it's almost always mandatory to bring souvenirs for our loved ones. So while in Hongkong, my brother started to ask us through Skype what we wanted to get, and as usual, shy and humble as we are, we just told him the safest response so as not to sound overly demanding.  

'Kahit ano lang.'  [Whatever will do.]

In the sudden realization that the answer doesn't really help him, we quickly added 'anything as long as it's something that you can't find here.' (here being Philippines). Saying that made us feel satisfied, having this false sense that we gave him some sort direction with his shopping for us.

Few days after, my brother got home and handed to us the souvenirs.  He bought some teas and some key chain, which was cool.

My ever adorbs niece.

The baby got fascinated.

What just bugged me though was this particular thing. I don't even know what it is.  But my guess is that it has something to do with religion.  Not sure which kind, but my bet is Buddhism or if not, Taoism.  

Why would he even think we want something like this? I'm not so close minded and yes I might be interested on learning about other religions, but, none of us knows how to read Chinese characters.  However, come to think of it, it was still within the bounds of what we asked for, 'something that's not found in the Philippines.'

My brother is one funny dude yeah?

I just wished it was written in English so I could at least read about it..

Can anyone though tell me what this is?

Lesson learned: be more specific next time.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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7 Important Tips for Solo Female Travelers.

Days are fast approaching until the big Trip.  Well actually there'll be a couple of months to go before that, and I know it's still a bit far if you think of it, but I can't help myself.  I feel like it's just right at the corner peeping at me and it's scaring the heck out of me; and I won't deny, I'm scared, and excited.  

So I  converted the fear into something productive and threw myself into making the itinerary and all the works for the trip.  Right now, I have a rough idea as to where I'll go and how long I'll stay and so and so.  But I guess I'll have to fill in the cracks because sometimes those small details are the most important ones. 

Make no room for mistakes, because mistakes mean loosing precious money and in a place like Hongkong where things are expected to be more expensive than in my own country, you can't help but give out money.  If you commit more mistakes, you can't help but shell out even more.  On this note, I would like to disagree with 'more money, more problems' because I really would need more moolah to get me going.  If I'll have no money there, I die, people, I die.

With that being said here are the tips I've collected after much research on this feat that I'll be doing for the first time in my life - travelling alone in a foreign land.

1. Make sure you have enough money.  For some people, they save and then travel, for some they have plenty of savings that they can travel whenever they want.  For the younger crowd like me, I'm sadly the former one.  With only a limited budget, I needed to calculate everything, and I mean everything!  down to the last detail, set up a generous budget and work on it as I go.  It rids you off the anxiety of running out of cash.  There's just so much to be anxious about, you don't need to add more cause for anxiety, thank you.  Now there are laws as to how much cash you should be bringing in the country, although immigration officers don't usually check it but you'll never know right?  The rest of the cash should either be withdrawn over atm using your debit card which you've already activated to make international withdrawals prior the trip;  or you can have a travel check.  I haven't seen one before but I'd rather have my money stored in my atm.  To each his own I guess.

2. Safety is your top priority.  Be vigilant. Trust your instincts.  Be very choosy of the people you meet along the way, and even if you've been with them for days, never leave your personal belongings to them.  Don't walk alone at night in a not well lit streets with few people walking in it.  Be mysterious to other people, but let your landlord know about you, your contact numbers and let them be aware that you're traveling alone.  They would serve as a guardian.  Never go home drunk or be with someone in such a vulnerable state.  Ladies you will be traveling alone so never ever keep your guards down.  Stay smart no matter what.

3.  Know the culture.  As a visitor we should be respectful enough to adjust to the culture.  In Asian countries whereby most women are conservative, it's best to dress appropriately and to be well covered.   Women from the west might find Asian countries really hot and humid, so I suggest to stick to cotton but try to remain as discreet as possible if you don't want to be stared on by people. Besides the clothes, it's also advised to know the rules and policies that we should follow so as not to offend anyone and/or so no laws would be broken.

4.  Be prepared, do your research.  You're a vulnerable target for any opportunists out there.  So as much as possible try to arm yourself with knowledge.  That's the only way for you to feel confident, knowing where to go and when to go.  If not, then ask from any reliable and decent looking person you could find.   Best to ask are hotel staff, policemen, and the likes.  What I find useful to know are the train lines and how tourist landmarks are placed strategically along these, not to miss landmarks and opening hours, places where these landmarks are concentrated, top 10 food must tries, top things to do, events to attend to, and helpful phrases especially if you're going to a country where few people speak English.  Trust me, it might come in handy.  Also don't forget to bring your map.  It would be your official boyfriend, and would be a steady companion all throughout the trip. There are tons of free maps out there found in the airport, and hostels that you'll be staying, make sure to exploit it, like a boyfriend.

5. Bring the essentials.  You'll know if you're a seasoned traveler by the size of your travel bag.  I once traveled with friend of mine who haven't experienced traveling before.  When I met up with her at the airport, I saw her carrying 3 massive bags full of clothes. I was even wondering why she didn't bother bringing her actual closet with her.

However, I helped her cut down her load to 1 big bag, leaving the rest of her stuff in my sister's boardinghouse.

What really is important?

1. Clothes
- underwear
- shorts/pants
- top
- dress
- nighties

Note: You don't have to have different nighties every night.  Use one kind twice in your trip.  Also the key to packing clothes is to plan out your outfit for each day so all the clothes you would bring will be put to use.  You can also allot a day for shopping so you can leave some days with clothes unplanned so you can have an excuse to shop for more for those days.  So girlfriends I'm giving you reason to shop here.

So you're welcome!

Let's go! :)

2. Toiletries 
- shaver
- toothphase/toothbrush
- tissue paper
- pantyliner/napkin

Note: Soap, towel and shampoo are usually available in your hostel or hotels so when it comes to it, you'll just be needing the few items above.

3. First Aid:
- alcohol
- medicine for diarrhea

Note: Check if you need to get vaccinations (injections) or prophylaxis (medications) to help you be immune to the dangerous diseases in that country.  Be wary of malaria and the likes and come protected.  It also helps to know how a person with tuberculosis looks like so you'll stay away from them.  They're usually frail looking, big tired eyes, and are coughing incessantly.  I've spotted one taking orders while wearing face mask.  I mean... really?  Try to be choosy with street food.  See if it's done cleanly and check the kitchen if it's visible from the street.  You don't want to get Hepa A. Finally, as much as possible, don't drink tap water, always get the bottled water.

Make up:
- sunscreen
- bb cream (it packs on your skin lightly and it gives you just enough coverage for the day)
- eye liner
- 1 lipstick/lip balm
- blotting paper
- powder

Note: Just because you're on a trip doesn't mean you have an excuse to be looking like a hobo.  Explore looking fabulous woman!  Don't be like Dora but be Angelina girl!  Make sure to bring the essentials and don't bring a huge make up case whilst using  only 2% of it.

Notice how I've included more make up than first aid and toiletries?  I'm a girl. Don't judge me! :P

6.  Receptionists are your heroes.  They are the ones who would guide you, give you free maps and suggest nice places.  Also I strongly recommend you to get their numbers and call them whenever you get lost.  Let them talk to locals for you if you can't speak their language.  Trust me, it happened to me before. Having a local friend got pretty handy when we felt scammed in Bangkok.  When all things were said and done, give them chocolates before leaving.  A humble yet delicious reward for being a great host.

7.  To lie.  People will get curious and will ask things about you.  Tend to limit the information you give them, and when asked if you're travelling alone, let them know that you are with someone,

he's just invincible... 


Just tell them your boyfriend is out buying souvenir or somewhere else nearby.  Make up a different name.  Even guys lie about their names, and so I'm sure they've lied on other details of what they tell you about them too.  You know how I'd discover that? I've met this Korean guy when I went on scuba diving on my own.  Consequently, he was also by himself and introduced himself to me and to the rest of the crew as 'Duncan'.  Really? I was expecting something like Lee Min Ho, Siwon, or any name to that effect.  Or this Thai guy I met in Bangkok named Agger.  I've heard Thai names and it's usually way longer than that, I mean waaayyy longer.  Ok I understand that women are generally more honest, you might be truthful on other details but within your own discretion especially when talking to men.

Did I miss something? 

Please feel free to share, we would love to hear it. :)

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, September 04, 2013
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