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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Bat Cave, Comics and Exes

Ok. Here's what happens when I get paranoid.  I get a bit creative.  Ok sometimes overly.  You see my ex Gopu, who is now a good friend of mine, suddenly stopped replying to my messages and I figured something bad happened.  So I came up with this. He found it funny, and I think it is in some degree, so I thought I'll share this with you guys.

Hope you like it too!

[PS:  I know the texts look so small to read.  Click on the first pic and you'll see a thumbnail of the other pics below it. ]

Enjoy! :)

Have a happy day guys!

Much love from

Shy on Foot
Publisher: Shy - Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Rushing Down Memory Lane

Have you experienced beats and rhythms of a song just suddenly hit your brain while you're doing something? You followed through, remembered 3, 4 words, remembered a line or two, sang it, then typed it on youtube's search box and then viola!  The song suddenly comes into your world once again.  The one which totally made you bob your head back in high school is now making you do the same thing again, even wilder this time, with more intensity and soul as if it was the first time you've heard of it.  

Well that just happened to  me, this thing crashed in while I was love phase with jazz music.  Wow, I had played this song on repeat, and somehow this made me feel strong, fierce, and oh so alive every single time I played it!

This also brought me back to my past and past self - the young awkward nerd, who was afraid to offend people. She was back.  Instinctively I checked on my previous photos on facebook and made me realized how much I've came out of the shell. I wouldn't dare say change, because this who I always was.  I'm just more out there and less caring of what others think.

And so I'll take you down to memory lane to let you see how I transitioned over the years.

Ok college years.  It was an awkward phase but totally better than highschool.  Just to let you know how awkward I was, try checking that old pic of me below.  I was wearing a white polo top with a red wrap around sweater for a friggin field trip. I mean, who does that?  Only an awkward college kid named Shy. HAHA

It is with these buddies of mine whom I spent 4 years with, did I allow myself to get drunk for the first time.  Yes.  First time getting drunk was in college. After drinking 4 or 5 glasses of some alcoholic concoction, I noticed I felt sleepier and out of balance when I walked, it was only then did I realize I was drunk.

And then come nursing years, oh what bitter sweet time that was. I was actually the youngest out of the bunch so my loving classmates took me everywhere.  They had me going to bars and got me into some adult conversations about children, hubbies and the likes; they took me to dining places and other places I have never been to. 

They're really protective of me at that time and I really felt that I could always count on them when needed.  They were my family for 3 years.

And oh my workmates. My sisters from another mother.  I never had so much fun with our sisterhood.  They all came from different backgrounds so they always bring something different on the table.  All different but we understood each other all the same --- we're all girls and we know what we needed from each other.  

 And there were the besties who pushed me out more of my shell

and taught me to become a lady... I'm not quite there yet but I'm kinda working on it.

Those were pictures of me years ago.  And here I am now.

Looking so photoshopped! HAHA

I'm really glad I've gotten to hear that song again. It threw me back in time and made me realized once again, that I was really loved.  I noticed that my dreams haven't really changed, it just gotten a lot clearer and it had more form and direction this time around.  I've learned a lot from the past years and it makes me feel really grateful.  Sure there were some sad moments here and there but in the end, I would like to believe that I've become wiser.  I somehow know now what kind of woman I want to be and what I want to leave and give to this world.  

I've never felt so complete.   

How did life change you?
Publisher: Shy - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

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Why you Shouldn't Tell Your Friends Everything about You.

It really pays to have trusted friends whom you could share all your deepest, darkest secrets to, someone whom you don't mind crying your inner soul to. However there are times that it will bite you in the ass for saying EVERYTHING  

Here's the truth.

Familiarity breeds contempt.  I know, I know, its your friend, they usually accept you for who you are
They are humans too and more likely than not, they could end up pretty judge y.  They've known your steamy past with some boys, and so they know your philandering nature. And when you say that, you'll take your time with a recent guy you're dating, they would almost not believe you because they have come to 'know you'.  And now you're suddenly feeling that this character which you have been feeding them way before, is now screwed to you like nuts and bolts and you will be forever known to be like that, to be the lazy one, the crazy one, the obsessed one, the weak one.  

And every time you are trying to say that you are otherwise, they would say 'I understand', but deep down you know that she's saying 'yeah right'.

You may have to really change in the inside, for other people's impression of you to change.  They would know a half bait attempt when they see one.  So save your words, because words could only bring you that far.  It's with consistent action that would really stamp the deal.  It may take awhile, but if you do things repeatedly, then you may have a good chance to be successful on changing yourself and other people's opinion of you.

Make that change.

Publisher: Shy - Monday, August 19, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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The Greatest Love of All.

I decided long ago,
never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity

Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me

I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

When I was a child, stripped from all the so called wisdom I've had gathered through the years, I've always thought that the song was selfish.  And surely it didn't convince me, no.  The greatest love of all couldn't possibly be loving yourself.  What about the love of Christ or the love of a parent to their child.  Surely, that should be the greatest love right?

As I age, and now I'm nearing my 30's, I've slowly came to understand why self love could be, and most likely be the greatest love of all.

In my younger years I've always seek validation from others and from things as to who I am and what defines me, when it's not supposed to be the case.  Defining yourself supposed to come from inside.  You define who you are base on the habits, values and principles you have acquired though time.  And these fundamental elements in your character gives you a sort of security that validation from others, or any material possession wouldn't be anymore needed.  You feel whole and complete, even when others are bringing you down, or even when you are in lack of luxury.

And that the only way for you to bring in that sort of security is for you to really actually have integrity and a sense of purpose in life.  Integrity in the way you live and how you treat others.  If you're full of honestly, humility and justice on tackling all life's circumstances.  All these, while moving forward in your life's mission.  If you got these in your basket, then you wouldn't falter quite easily.  

And even before going through all these, it is with conscious decision on choosing what's good for yourself is a manifestation of self love.  You start picking options that your future self would thank you for.  And you choose these because you have learned to love yourself better.  To be a bit kinder to yourself, to forgive yourself more often this time.  

You choose to decide to move more after being in weeks and weeks of sedentary lifestyle.  
You choose to do that activity that you've always wanted all along, even when you don't exactly know the reason why, but somehow life wouldn't seem to push forward without that thing over with - you choose to set a schedule to finally do it.  
You choose to pray more and be more still in spirit after you observe yourself easily feeling weak and worried when life is throwing in the punches.  
You choose to stand your ground on whatever standards you have set for your future partner, and not settle for a momentary fling with the wrong person because you just desire to feel wanted and love. 
You choose your dream life over a secured clean cut life your parents have planned for you.  
You choose good friends who lifts you up than the ones who brings you down with them, 
You choose to see the lessons than the drama, get the treasure and be done with the emotional side of it,  You have gone through a lot of BS, you don't want to get anymore of it.  
You choose a life that you can live for yourself and others than just a life with a work and sleep and play cycle. 
You choose to be you because there's no other way to be than choosing to be like someone you're not. You choose to love and let love than to hate.  
You choose you, because aren't you the greatest possession you can possibly have?

Publisher: Shy - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

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Yes You Can Have Fun Too!

In this age and time, people are just too sucked up with work that having fun for them is only exclusive on weekends or holidays when they can really, truly relax.  

But some people, even then, don't even think it's possible that they can have a trip somewhere even near them.  With all the expenses, being a bread winner and such, how can there be any dough for that?  The money is already spent long before you had a chance to withdraw it from the ATM.   Let me tell you that it is possible, that you can take that dream vacation, at least the one destination nearest you, or you can take that crazy outdoor activity you've always itching to do, but had never truly gone about it.


I truly believe that initially, people dismiss these as impossible, thinking of all the things they have to prioritize... but really now 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' and I hold that pretty true.  You can't be working without rewarding yourself from all the efforts you've been putting throughout the past few weeks.  You might do well in the first couple or first month but sooner or later, deprivation and depression set in.  You running around giving all your efforts for other people, forgetting the most important person you can ever have- yourself.  Stop this crazy cycle and get back to you.  It is possible.  With some planning and a bit of saving on the side, heck, everything IS POSSIBLE.

Every month allot P1000 or $20 for your dream activity for the month.  Most activities are priced around that (if you're living in Davao city, Philippines).  Try searching for possibilities around town, you'll be surprised to know that it doesn't really cost as much as you think it is... and if it's too pricey for you, look for cheaper options, or save monthly for it.  Bottom line here is, you can and you will get it if you open yourself to the possibility of it. 

Here are some suggestions to spark your fun thoughts:

1. Sign up for scuba diving lessons.
2. Take swimming lessons.
3. Buy painting materials, or buy materials for your DIY project.
4. Get that dream cut you've always been longing.
5.  Dye your hair different this time.  Choose Loreal/Revlon, these brands always end up coloring your hair equally unlike the cheaper brands where it only focuses on top and the rest of your hair, nothing happened.  Oh an instant halo!
6. Get ingredients to whip up your favorite red velvet cupcake, or
7. Remake that Indian/Persian food you've found to be heaven on a plate the first time you tasted it, research online on how to make that
8.  Take that bus to a province near you and eat their delicacy, and come back home in the afternoon or few days after,
9.  Hit the beach with family or friends, or both.
10. Watch IMAX to watch your fave movie and drown yourself with popcorn and soda.
11. Try that cuisine you haven't even tried before.
12. Go to that nature park and unwind.
13. Go sleep in that hotel for the heck of it.
14. Go sleep in a motel if you want too, for the heck and fun of it, even without a partner, even your best friend will do, again just for the heck and fun of it.
15.  Surprise your mom/dad with a gift, or take her/him to a place you know she/he wanted to go, or do things with them that you know they love doing.
16.  Buy gallons of milk and bathe in it.  Sprinkle petals of roses on it and have an indian/arabian music playing at the background.  You go in the bathroom feeling crazy bringing all these gallons or boxes of milk and a bouquet of roses, but I assure you, you get out of there like a royalty, like you've injected yourself the blood of gods,sort of royalty.
17. Do horseback riding.
18. Do a bit of underwear shopping.  Get that adorable lacy pair you've always checked on every time you go to the mall but you end up not buying.
19.  Buy a couple or 3 books you've always thought you needed to get your life going and finally find that passion you seem to have lost by the time you started working in that toxic activity you call work.
20.  Pamper yourself to a full on spa treatment.  That should get rid of your back aches and a bit of that heart ache.
21.  Have a day long road trip with friends and visit nearby provinces.
22. Sign up for a 5km, or if you feel gutsy and overly confident, a 10km marathon.  Don't think that you have to be fit to do that! They can let you walk halfway if you wish to, and when you're close to the finish line take that few meter sprint as if you had been running all the while. *wink wink
23.  Get an adorable puppy!  Because you need to feel like a mother/father!
24.  Buy tons of chips, ice cream and surprise your friends that you'll have a sleep over at their place.  Make sure they're totally find with that.
25.  Buy make up essentials and finally master how to put make up on. The kind of make up that would make you look prettier.
26.  Scout for that perfect scent which best describes you, and purchase the smallest bottle.  You might want to test it first and see if you really really like it long term.  If after a few years and you're still obsessed with it, then go ahead, buy the biggest bottle they have available! 
27.  Buy Spanish audiobooks and manuals, because you've been wanting to learn the language for the longest time.
28.  Buy your favorite cake, and eat it.  Eat it whole, because that's how much you love it.  Share it if you want, but eat it whole, if you can.  
29.  Make a reservation in a fine dining restaurant with your girlfriends, and dress ultra classy for it.
30.  Spend all day in the theme park or game area and be a kid again.

I could go on and on.  I have cited a few but the possibilities are endless.

We should omit our minds with defeated thoughts.  Just because you have better priorities doesn't mean you can't afford to get what you want.  I know, sacrifices.  But thing is, you can only do so much, in the long run you'll end up tired and beaten up. And if you think that your family is your first priority now good on you for being a good child and all, you might want to reevaluate your priorities again.  The only way you can sustain working in your optimum level, is for you to give something back to yourself.  Don't tell me you don't have time.  YES YOU DO! Don't tell me you can't afford it.  because honey, YOU CAN.  Set some time and money for yourself. You of all people, deserve a break for crying out loud. 

Now go do that damn thing for Pete's sake!  

And have the time of your life!  

(and don't forget to take some photos! :)  )

Publisher: Shy - Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Where Would I be Traveling Next?

Last year I have booked my tickets out of the spur.  And now I'm a bit anxious for letting myself get into this situation, at the same time emotionally preparing myself for it anyway.  Financially and emotionally.  Primarily I have already planned out how I can save up for it, problem now is the emotional part. Heck it would my first time once again, and I actually don't know how I would react to the newness of everything, unless I'm already there.  I'm actually on my toes just thinking about it, but I guess that's how really adventures do to you.  

For my first solo travel, I'll be kind to myself and have myself explore one of the safest cities in the world for solo travelers.  Not only is it safe, it is also pretty convenient.  When trains and other public transportation are always accessible, what could ever go wrong eh?  Downside though would be me having to navigate my way in a non english speaking town, but then again, I heard from my fellow traveler that many people speak English pretty well there so I'm feeling a bit relieved, but then I absolutely don't know anyone who would probably accompany me and it will be so cold to the bones by the time I get there.  It will be pretty much like winter, but not winter, you know?  Hmmm, it sounds like a recipe for disaster or another time-of-my life-I-swear-it's-one-of-the-best-moment.

We'll never know. 

But what I do know is we always have a choice as to which story we would like for us to have, yeah?

And I sure know which one I will be picking.

Cheers to freedom girlfriends!

So that will be happening in December.

sneak peak y'all

Publisher: Shy - Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Make your Own Bucket List.

1.  Because you want to be better than 90% of people living on earth.  Yes you've heard me right.  That's how many people who are living aimlessly, just walking along wondering when life would start happening for them, wondering when would they finally start living it.  Don't be one of them zombies, because you know you're better than that.

2.  These are great things to do while figuring out your life's purpose.  The search for your life's meaning would probably take you awhile, and before you beat yourself up for something you still DON'T KNOW YET, here's the bucket list.  A list of things which you DO KNOW you want to experience badly in your life.  Waiting for your life's purpose wouldn't be so boring after all yeah?

3.  There's just too many things to do in life, that we might miss out on had we not thought about it.  Making a list, would push your thoughts on what you really want inside, and open your eyes to the possibilities that are out there in the world for your taking.  Things that you never thought possible would now have a glimpse of hope of making into reality.  Which brings me to the next.

4. Making a list is like marking an aim on every items.  A list has a weird way of starting a fire on each pointers, and giving us an itch that wouldn't go away unless you have finally ticked on it.  Then you fantasize on doing these experiences you've longed for.  You start to plan, and you schedule when you are going to accomplish these things.  You have an aim and you have your eyes on it, and you can't wait to just release the arrow and slay the experience. 

5. Nothing is more fulfilling than a life full of memories and great stories.  One day you'll grow old and gray and the most valuable things wouldn't be the money, or the material things because these won't give you satisfaction anymore, not beauty for it will fade, and sometimes not even family and friends for they wouldn't be with you at all times.  It is but the memories and wisdom you've experienced in your younger years.  These things will forever be with you in your dreams, while you're on your rocking chair, on your grandchildren's bed, and in your deathbed.  

I beg of you to make the best memories any human being could ever possibly make.  And so in your silent time, in your alone time, it will be lullaby in your sleep, and a constant smile on your face.

Live life with no regrets.

Feeling clueless and lacking inspiration as to what to add on your list? Here is 10,000 suggestions to get you started.

Good luck!
Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

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Drowning in Etta James' Voice

What a beautiful morning this is!

Cool, cloudy morning with a cup of nice hot coffee, back it up with Etta James' soulful voice playing in the background... my my I can't stand how perfectly amazing this morning is!

Georgia on my Mind
Publisher: Shy - Sunday, August 04, 2013
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