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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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The Feet Experience: HongKong/Macau

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, December 18, 2013
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9 Realizations I Had From my First Solo Trip in Hongkong/Macau

Ok so I'm back home although it has been a few days since my return, still I am not so keen on posting about the happenings in HongKong/Macau. I don't know maybe because it's a finished chapter and I am so ready to move forward. But my friend fish is so eager to know about EVERYTHING that had happened there so here I am writing the highlights.

I hope you enjoy!
So over Disneyland
- Got in Disneyland and saw people crowding alongside the streets to see the parade.  Children and strollers were everywhere.  I went past them and didn't bother to see more of that umpa lumpa dressed women who suspended themselves in  humongous colorful gizmo toy.  All I cared about then was that my feet were dying and I was minutes away from having  a brain coma due to exhaustion.  So all my being was just focused on finding a good comfy seat where I could rest, which I did... for an hour, together with middle aged Chinese and tourists.  I guess I belong.  Give me a break, I just came from 3 hours of walking around Ngong Ping village.

- I realized that I am so over Disneyland.  They say that it brings back the child in you.  But you see, my inner child hasn't gone away.  She was probably expecting mascots of Minnie mouse and  Daffy duck mingling around with kids but didn't find any.  Ok, I guess I have really moved on from those things. I wasn't really amused.  But the fireworks display at Sleeping Beauty's castle was amazing though.  So bravo to that!

- Riding the Space Mountain in DisneyLand is an out of body experience.  I felt my soul was left behind.  And I wouldn't even bother buying that HK$160 picture of me, I think I know how my face looks like.  A body with no soul.  A body -  with an ugly and twisted face - and no soul.

On Invitations
- Invited out to go on a bar by 5 lovely women from Argentina, who happened to be my roommates.  Turned them down because I was 'tired'.  Ever since then I regretted that chance and promised myself that I wouldn't refused any invitation again.  So I went out with 2 Vietnamese bunkmates to join their friends and we got in the heart of Hongkong's party scene.  I was completely fascinated and overwhelmed.  Broken bottles, pretty girls, pretty girls in sexy dresses, pretty drunk girls in sexy dresses, drunk guys, happy drunk guys. We ended up in a decent bar and chatted the night away.  Next invitation was from my Singaporean roommate, Ling, who got me to hang out with the rest of the boys.  At first I refused, but immediately obliged after she stared at me blankly for few seconds.  I don't know how she did it.  But I was glad I agreed since we headed on to an upbeat and lively jazz bar with saxophones and all the works.  We ended up hitting HK streetfood and called it a night.  And so you see, I would never refused an invitation again.  Like ever, no matter how died tired I am.

How HongKong Locals Do It
- I'm impressed on how people from HK value personal space.  You would hear in the audio record in train stations "Please mind the gap." People do follow that.  They crowd around the escalator but you'll be amazed that you wouldn't even feel the people around you.  You'll also notice that they're organized.  On an escalator ride, people who aren't in a hurry stay at the right, while those who are, are walking upstairs at the left.  Simply impressive.

- HK's subway system gets to be overwhelming for tourists, but after a day, you'll figure it out.  On my first day, a group of HK locals helped me how to get from Causeway Bay to The Lower Peak Tram Terminus.  Another Indian in business suit who wanted to help me as well was giving me a different direction.  My gut told me to just follow the locals which I did.

- Their Watsons contain more beauty products than necessities. Imagine, rows and rows of products for the eyes and skin occupied the cabinets, and only a few for the toothpaste and basic toiletries.  Crazy!

-  HK locals are sucker for high end brands.  You would see them queuing for a bag of Hermes or LV.  And you could see cars like BMW, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen as often as you could see Honda, Ford and Kia here in the Philippines.

-  There are plenty of beautiful people there, very well dressed, nice skin, and chic looking.  It's easy to feel under dressed  that's why you would be obliged to upgrade your wardrobe.  Bring in the boots and thick furs mama!

Pinoys in HK
- A Filipina whom I met in HK told me about how HK locals are discriminating against filipinos.  But I never really felt that way.  If you hold yourself high by dressing properly and presenting yourself well, you wouldn't be treated badly and that's true everywhere.

Tips on Travelling
- There are FREE/CHEAP stuff for visitors in Hongkong.  For the love of the living god, take advantage!  Go to visitors centers and they'll let you know how to make the most of your stay.   Because of that I get to have an orientation of Cantonese Opera plus get to watch it in the balcony with an american and a middle eastern looking lady.  Yes 3 visitors and a Chinese tour guide.  VIP treatment anyone?  

- When travelling alone, don't afraid to ask whenever you're lost.  Sometimes you would have to step aside, stepping away from the human traffic to check on maps. Save yourself the time and effort, please.  You have better use for that.

- Don't believe people when they say that Macau is small.  It's not.  Some tourist attractions are far from each other and you would need a bus to get from point A to B.  Here's the tip: find a line of people queuing up for Galaxy, Venetian Hotel buses and they would take you where you need to go. For FREE! It's that easy! Difficult part is, find the line.

-  Having a new-found friend would be a good break for all the selfies and feet shots you got from travelling.  Finally some full body shots!

Why Hostels are the BEST
-  Hero, this cool South American guy I met in a hostel, tried reading a bit of my current life through his tarot cards.  The revelation was really interesting and quite accurate.  Fun time!

- Hanging out with people in guesthouse is better than hanging out alone in Disneyland.   No brainer.

- In the hostel where I stayed, men and women share 2 shower rooms, and so when you're trying to put make up or do other girly stuff, you'll see men on boxers or towels crossing behind you every now and then. Nuff said!  :)

Getting Hitched by Indian men
-  I've been approached by more or less 5 Indian men, asking me about my name and wanting to be friends.  Gut told me not to entertain them. Listened to gut. Glad I did.  Indian target anyone?

Sleeping with Strangers
- When sleeping with strangers in a dorm, don't be so generous on showcasing your body scents.  Put away stinky shoes and socks, and apply deodorant.  And so you see, having an extra pair of socks, alcohols, powders, perfumes really do come in handy.  I mean, really.

McDonalds = My Hero
- We love our own food.  Sure chinese food is good but nothing would really replace Filipino food.  I've had 2 filipino men asked me where Jollibee is.  However when there's no local food around, there's always Mcdonalds.  I can't count how many times Mcdonalds had save me from hunger.

-  When ordering at Mcdo or any restos, when the cashier ask 'Stay here' he/she really meant 'Dine in'.  Good thing I understood it immediately.


All in all, my HK/Macau was a success.  I didn't get scammed.  I got lost but found my way eventually by reading the map or asking locals.  I've bonded with a few locals and many foreign guests in the hostel.

Would I want to try it again?  Sure, but for 3 days only.

 If I would go as long as 8 days or more, I would have to have company.

What can I do?

I can't deny that it's really more fun to have a good company with you.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, December 18, 2013
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