Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Friday, December 26, 2014

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Going Around Baguio for a Solo Female Traveler

My friend ditched me.

So a supposed to be trip with me and my friend had turned out to be a solo trip.  She didn't make it for some reason.  What can a girl like me to do but to just head on to Baguio alone, for my first time trip there.

No friends, and company, and no prior thorough research.

I guess I kind of like it like this.  Spontaneity had become a stranger I am forced to embrace.  And with that, I have come to know what I am willing to miss out and focus on what I just want to experience.  It had become simpler, with less stress and that's just how I prefer to travel these days.

Traveling for me had stopped becoming a rat race, marking out all the tourist spots, with every tourist spot requires a mandatory selfie, and every night is a short time for a much needed rejuvenation.  No.  I've come to see that what's most important really for me is to just get in the culture of the place.  With that being said, there isn't a need for me to go to Buddhist temples or shrines if I'm a Baptist.  I could now skip on parks if there isn't really much to see there and there isn't another tourist spot within the 1km radius.

If it isn't worth it, skip it.

Yes. It takes some getting used to.  I've now seen conversing with the locals about their daily lives as more pleasing than taking selfies and taking a couple of photos on the same landscape than 20 shots in different angles.

If I haven't made thorough research, my resort would be going to DOT (Department of Tourism), get a tourist map and start from there.  I'd plan my strategy over breakfast, or lunch, and head on to it.

All in all, my trip was a success.  Here are the reasons why I think it was so:

1. I've paid the cheapest price I paid for a night's stay.  

A whopping P350/night in Baguio Village Inn, with a room all for myself.  It was meant to be for 2, but since I'm the only one staying, the other bed was bare, no linens no pillows.  The bathroom was shared, which I really don't mind as long as there's a separate toilet or bathrooms for male and female.

2. I was able to go to most of the tourist spots half day on my first day.  

Since DOT would only be open at 9am, I've thought of hanging around Burnham Park. I did try cycling around for an hour (P40).  Not bad for a morning exercise. From DOT(Department of Tourism) I rode a jeepney going  to Mines Park, which was further up, just around it, is a Souvenir shop where I bought a whole lot of sweets and delicacies.  From there I rode a jeepney going down and dropped off at the Horse Farm.  You'll know when you reach it when it starts to smell like horse poo inside the jeepney.  I then explored The Mansion, and Botanical Garden, all by foot.

3. Befriended a couple of backpackers. 

One from Holland another from Israel.  This is an advantage if you're staying in an inn: I get to meet different people from different places and I get to have a chance to share on how awesome of a place Davao is. hehehe

4.  Ate a lot of strawberries.  

I am not ashamed to admit that one of my sole purpose there is to just eat as many strawberries as I can and eat chocolates with it too.  Me finishing the ebook would have to be ideal, but who am I kidding?  That goal was quite unrealistic so I just had to let it slide.

My two cents on Traveling Solo

This is the year that I've traveled solo the most.  And I can't argue that it's a love-hate relationship.  I love that I have much say on where to go, when to leave and how to get from one place to another.  Yes it is empowering, but I can't also deny the fact that loneliness would sometimes creep in at times when I get lost.  Like when I was trying to find the bus station, and I was asking direction from a staff working in SM.  He gave me direction and when I asked if I can make it there by foot and how long will it take for me to do so.  Before he could answer me, he asked if I was alone, and I noticed that he took pity at the fact that I was looking desperate.  Maybe because I really was.  I was cold, lost and tired and it was also getting dark.  I've been walking up and down the session road for almost half an hour trying to find the bus terminal for victory liner.  All I wanted to do then was to find a taxi to get me to the terminal, but since it was peak hours, getting taxi  near session road was quite impossible.

The lows of solo travel will not stop me from experiencing the highs.  If I have company, then great, if none, then so be it.  Once the travel bug bites me, I'll just find myself in front of the laptop searching for another destination that interests me and that's worth my money. And I hope the next time, I'll have company... a good one.

Have you had any experience traveling solo?  I'd love to hear them.  Do share in the comment box below. :)

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

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I Missed my Flight!

They say that you haven't traveled that much, if you haven't missed out your flight.  

You may ask where I got that, well I made it up myself.  Sure some people haven't experienced missing out their flight despite of traveling to a lot of destinations.  That's well and good.  But I just happened to be among the people who have missed their flight.   

There are a number of reasons why it happens.  One major reason is because of tardiness.  They got to the airport few minutes after the airport personal closes the gate.  Second could be that they are already in the airport but just had slept the whole time until alas the plane left them, or they may be too caught up with eating or chitchatting or just going around the airport that they didn't notice the time and alas, the plane left them.  In my case though, for some reason I have read the time on my boarding pass wrongly.  For some reason, I was seeing 2:15PM there.  For some reason, I was believing that I'll be leaving at 2:15PM.  Now can someone tell me how the hell did I come up with that? Was it some kind of a brain glitch?  That my eyes and brain didn't coordinate well that I was seeing a 2 there instead of a 6?  Now I may be a nurse but I can't seem to come up with a possible scientific diagnosis for this kind of symptom.  But I know the layman's term for this alright... CUTE.

Publisher: Shy - Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Backpacking in Boljoon, Cebu

Less than 30 minutes away from Oslob, Boljoon is one destination every tourist going out to watch the whale shouldn't just pass by on.   Not when it's just near and not when it's as beautiful and enigmatic as Boljoon.

I was attracted to this place as I've personally seen it being featured on tv.  There happened to be some archaeological artifacts discovered there that were dated way back then and some archaeology students were digging and studying it.   So our curiosity to check the place ourselves and see the developments on the study made us to decide to stay there for the night.  After bathing with the whales and in the falls nearby we had our lunch in the resort and took a bus going to Cebu, to be dropped at Boljoon.  We got down fronting the church and walked our way down the street and checked in the first room for rent we saw.  We took it for just P850, all complete with a bathroom, a veranda outside overlooking the sea and free coffee.  A great deal indeed!

Only when we checked out and took a second look at the trampoline did we realize that the room was supposed to be only P599.  But we let it slip since Lola probably haven't had many customers coming in.  Heck we could probably be the first by the looks of the tiled flooring in the toilet.  Nevertheless, lola took care of us while we were there so that had made up for that.

By the time we had our rest and had settled down, we shortly headed straight to the church which was just 2 minutes away!  I was particularly more interested on the archaeological works said to be happening in that place, but since that news was something I've heard years back, we didn't found any.  They've probably wrapped things up years ago.  I've asked some locals about this and had to translate it in bisaya which was a pain.  How can you explain archaeological studies in bisaya?  I gave up on that, and just make the most of what this quaint town has to offer.  So although my judgement fail me, I was glad that this place didn't.  It gave me a feeling reminiscent of Vigan.  The old school vibe, not-so much touched by development.  The air was just raw and rustic, that I can't help myself but to breath it in as much as I can.  I haven't really taken much photos than usual because I wanted to take everything in.  I knew this place is special.

And I can't seem to feel a bit sad as I watched buses after buses just passing by this town.  Not seeing a tourist going down to check it.   There were only 2 tourists I've seen, checking out the church.  I just feel like while the church is grand, there's still a lot in Boljoon to be offered.  And we were lucky to have stayed there for the night to experienced just that.

The morning after we went straight to Church to participate in the early morning mass, and what struck me as I entered the church was there were a number of birds/bats flying to and fro underneath the wooden arched ceiling of the church; The ceiling being old and punched with holes at random places have really great murals.  All of it was just breathtaking for me.  Where in the world can you see a sight like this?  Seated at the beaches near the altar were old women wearing a white linen cloth, which is a practice of women attending church back then.  Looking at them, I wonder how many years have they've been doing this?  Attending church this early and praying with their white linen cloth atop their heads.  Maybe they've been doing this since they were small, and until now the habit of putting on that linen cloth still didn't leave them in this modern age.   It was some practice that I doubt would be pass on to the next generation, so it was truly a feat for the eyes.  I felt transported back in their time.  Their stubbornness of letting go of this practice and continuing on doing it until now, made whoever seeing them transport back to their era.  I got transported back to their time.  And overwhelmed I just kept silent witnessing this age old practice taking place.  I decided to settle at the bench at the back so as not to disturb the mass that was already going on. When the mass ended I silently made my way near the altar so I can be nearer the church women.  Gave a smile as I walk passed some of them.  I also really wanted to be under the swarm of birds or bats that were flying frantically above.  It felt surreal and legit to me.  Now this is what I call a well preserved church .  An old church that had stood tall and strong amidst the forces of time and nature.   I was there and I was happy to be so.

After the mass was over, the priest started to turn off the lights and closed the doors, which signaled for us to move out already.  We walked our way to a big door at the side, but truly if they're not going to close down so early, we would've stayed there all morning.   I guess that's how they are able to preserve it, opening their doors only when there's mass, and closing in when there's none.  The door at the side led us to a small cemetery, which was bordered at the front with a brick wall with an arched entrance that has skeletons carved in, which really made it look spooky so I didn't get to take a picture of that.

So with nothing much to do, I sat down on a cement bench at a park fronting the church and watch buses pass by.  It's a shame that they don't get to see something special like this.  I felt like it has been ignored by many, hopefully it won't stay like this for long.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

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HIP: Day 1: The Peak

Just when I thought that I was fashionably on point for HK,  I wasn't.

Hmmm, beautiful woman at the right.  She looks so exotic, I'm so jealous of her.  Plus she has a company.  Ouch!

 So this is HongKong, I hope I'm ready for it.... I hope they're ready for me.

Ohhh poinsettias, it feels more Christmas here than back home already.

One thing I noticed as soon as I stepped outside the airport was that the coolness of the air condition inside never left me, and it would just get a lot cooler especially at night.

I just got out of the building seconds ago, so I was thinking:  My God, cold. so this is what it feels to have a cold weather.  I don't' want to imagine winter.  Oh yeah, where is A11... Must find A11 bus.

Sweet!  Doulble decked bus.  FAN-SEY!!!

Oh Shit! What are these things? What is that?  What am I supposed to do?

Wow, nice bridge... but I still don't know how to go down this bus.  I have a feeling that I'll just have to press this red button when we're on Wan Chai Fire Station.

Which was the case, and was even confirmed when I asked an Indian expat seated a few seats behind me.

 Yey we're in the Tramp, and it's fully packed with tourists.

Woooowwww, what a nice contrast that is.  Skyscrapers hugged by a forest.  Only in HK!

Oh hi Bruce Lee, wish you were real..

The scenery here is spectacular.  I wish I have a nice camera to give justice to what I'm seeing.

These boots look good, but aren't made for walking. #sufferinginside

Finally a bench! Time for some people watching.

You don't really need a tourist guide to give you info.  You just need a headset, an audio and you're good to go.  Everything you want to learn about HK is in here.  Cool right?

Publisher: Shy - Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Visiting Rizal in Calamba

The clock is 15minutes past 12noon, and I'm still in the bus going to Los Banos, my destination for the day.  It took me some time to get myself out of the house and go on my way.  Blame it on my indecisiveness.  Let's just say I had already decided to go and present, there was this part of me which preferred to just stay at home.  I wasn't all in the idea.   It was just a bonus anyway, and I had already passed the presentation the night before.  So I took my time changing up my top, putting on another layer of powder. and left 30 minutes before the time that I should have been there.  So what happened? I didn't make it.  The presentation was from 10:30am to 12noon.

No point on going all the way to Los Banos then, so I figured to just go down at Calamba and drop off SM Calamba.  A number of passengers went down the bus already, I figured I should too.  The bus door closes and was moving far away from it.  I should go down then and walk my way back to SM.  Then it was already blocks away.  So I told myself, I'd go down the next mall.  I saw Puregold at the left side of the National Highway, but it looked so small, there wasn't much to see there, then thankfully at the right, I saw Figaro. Perfect! I got down just few meters away from the guy who intended to go down at Puregold.

New plan was read a book and drink coffee. Double perfect.  Explore the place when it's not so hot.  So I did.  I took pleasure sipping in some "cold" latte with few cubes of ice floating almost fading away fast, and doubly disappears as I stir the drink with my straw.  For 140 bucks I expected more from this drink.  It seemed that they were running out of ice because apparently there wasn't any electricity so I had to make do with a place with no air condition.  The only consolation amongst all these is that the tiles in the store was deliciously beautiful, more like the one I saw in Marikina's church, with Mediterranean patterns painted in green and yellow, finished off with a Matte layer.  It was simply art on the floor.  I was reading, at the same time taking glimpse at the floor and reveled in the magnificence of it, thinking to myself again and again that that's definitely going to be the tiles on my dream house, the same thoughts I had the first time I saw it at the church.

With my cellphone shutting down because I failed to charge it last night, I resort to going at the nearest computer shop to call off another meeting I have planned to go to at 3pm in Ortigas.  It was some maum meditation discussion offered free by an enthusiast at meet  I left a private message hoping she had read it even before going out of her place to meet me.  When that was done, I then opened google and typed in the search box: places to go in calamba.  It didn't take me long to find out that Rizal's place and the church where he was baptized were nearby.  Ok so I had my destinations, now what to eat? Surprisingly there wasn't anything that was presented to me that's authentically from Calamba.  In fact, I was disappointed that the first entry was but a famous Chinese resto,  Few entries after that are vietnamese and thai.  What is happening?  So I forgot about the food and logged out and started my way to the Jose Rizal Shrine.

Image Source: lakadpilipinas

Image Source: Wikipedia

When I got there, I was of course excited.  The floor inside was the same ones you'll find at old museums.  Red, square this one has apparently encaved more than the other ones I saw. This one feels authentic. Promising. I smiled and silently congratulated myself for turning a disaster to another adventure.  Good job shy!  There were coins with his face on it.  There were some medals of some sorts.  Some writings of his on the wall.  Not original but blown up ones.

Image Source: Marili
 When I went upstairs, I saw some ropes limiting people to get a more intimate distance to the chairs, and beds displayed.  Even from afar, I knew that those weren't really old relics.  They may have some vintage flair into it, but I doubt that these belongs to the original house of the National hero.  I frowned, but at the same time found it funny that other people were excited about it, taking selfies here and there. I felt wise enough not to.  Why would I? These aren't even original, I hurriedly walk past from room to room, every room just confirms my suspicion. Then I went down and finally out of the house.  Well that was a disappointment, I hope the church isn't.

Image Source: nicerioadventures

So just across the street, I got in the church.  Before that I saw this guy, with broken wrist, his right hand seemed to be hyperflexed in a strange way, it looks definitely twisted oddly.  He was limping his way towards a faucet found at one of the 2 candle ponds.  The one you find where there was 3 row of circular metal bwire which holds in candle stands.  Immediately below it is a pond  with melted wax in different colors, taking shapes in some kaleidescopic array.  The guy gave me an eerie feel, like some kind of the hunchback of notre dame.  I swore I might have stopped on my gait on the sight of him.  I hope he didn't see the shock on my face.

I tried to compensate my shockness with me continuing my pace inside the church and ignoring him as if he was normal.  I should have done better.

It's the same feel that any old churches has.  Same elements with a bell tower and same old architecture. It just seemed more dark near the altar.  I wanted to go near but the benches aligned in a straight row barricaded the pathway.  Looking afar, I saw a janitor mopping the floor near the altar.  It was probably general cleaning day.  So I prayed along with 2 other locals praying 4 , 10 bleachers behind me.

This day wasn't disastrous over all.  It does pay to be kind to self ad open to other possibilities.  I should continue this.  I took a deep breath, smiled and look once more at the Jose Rizal Shrine and left.

But I wish I wasn't so judgemental and critical about everything.  I would have stayed in their a little while longer because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be back in that place anymore.

This teaches me to just enjoy and appreciate the things as they are. 


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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Posting Funny Postcards

I've really had a good laugh with this.  This personalized e cards had totally improved.  I used to have this as gifs but now, they have it in full blown vids!

I used jibjab and even though they only have 1 free entry, it's fine.  That free one seemed to be in great quality and very much entertaining.

Sorry if I can't be able to show to you the videos because I have to pay for me to be able to Download.

But this challenge is done.
Publisher: Shy - Thursday, November 06, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Journey to 30

I've exactly a month before I'll turn 30 and looking back I think I did pretty well.  Not perfect but ok, just well enough to start what I've always wanted to start but isn't really quite there yet.  So here is a post to finally make it count.

As they say we all get into the doing when we're under pressure and am I so under that now.  I've got 1 month left to scratch off as much as I can, a number of things I've always wanted to happen before I turn 30 and I try as best as I can, in all of my ability to scratch one item a day.  So from here on end until my birthday on the 6th of December, I'll be posting 1 entry a day to talk about just that.


And good luck to me.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, November 05, 2014
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The Awkwardness of Being Saved.

Do you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?

With thumping heart, and rattling nerves,  I said yes, almost sounding like a shriek.  I was breathless.  I didn't have a choice.  I had vowed to make Christ as my personal Savior and live his way, 3 miles up n the air, 5 years ago while I was en route to Cebu.

The woman beside me was a missionary.  Seconds after we have settled on our chair, all buckled up and trying to make ourselves comfortable, she started a conversation.  She was at her 50's, short hair and stubby.  I even forgot how we started talking but somehow we had slithered our way to an interesting topic about her trip to Hongkong and Singapore and how she lived off the life as a missionary there.  I knew it wasn't just any conversation you get with anyone.  You know the one where you drop a line or two and both of you knew that the conversation should die down by giving subtle signals like closing the eyes, pretending to fall asleep or even succeeding at that, checking the phone or just looking away towards the window.


 This one continued on.

And I knew it was pretty something because she was sharing many details to me. Heck she was even showing me some pictures of her son, which I thought for a second, she was trying to hook me up with because she found me pretty, but of course it wasn't the case.  Unfortunately it wasn't the case lol.

Her words have pretty much fallen on deaf ears by then because for me the conversation should have ended minutes ago and the whole thing just didn't make me feel comfortable.  I was partly scared.  In my mind, I was thinking, what if it was some modus operandi, or some scam, but that would have been unlikely because she doesn't look like a scammer.  Whatever it is the mere fact that she was sharing more details of herself felt like she wants something from me and that made me uneasy.  And next thing I knew she dropped the age old question...

"So shiela, do you accept Jesus as your personal savior?"

For me it sounded like "So Shiela, did you kill that guy?"

On a natural setting, I would probably contemplate, take it to heart and of course would naturally say yes.  But in this setting, when she dropped the bomb...  her voice sounded so loud for me that it seems like she was using a megaphone.  As far as I know, we were the only ones talking in the plane.  Actually she did 90% of the talking, and you know how that is when you are in an enclosed space and when you hear a couple talking and they are the only ones talking, even when they're just whispering they could be heard 3 or 5 seats back to front, actually to all periphery.  It felt like all those people were all ears, eager to hear my response.  I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and helpless because I really have no choice.  Of course I said yes.  Imagine the reaction of those people had I said no.  They would be aghast.  Judgments here, there every where, the thought of that caused me extreme pain.  So right away I said yes.

But I would have appreciate it more if it had been in a garden with only the two of us talking and we were surrounded with trees and bees and flowers, and fresh air.   Actually anywhere where we are the only two people and no one would hear us because truth be told things like that are really personal and is just fitting to be shared privately.   I would have said a more straight from the heart answer, and it would have been a more meaningful and a positive experience that way.
Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

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The Wonders of Turning 30.

There is some magic voodoo when you're turning 30.  

It's like a sprinkle of fairy dust that turns a frog into a prince, the wand that the fairy god mother touched ever so gently on Cinderellas head for her to turn into glamorous, elegant woman.  You become better.   Not exactly physical but mentally.  Your standards would go a level higher, up to the level that says no more bullshit kiddo, it's time to get your act together.  Because truthfully there's this stigma for people in their 20's.  They are in a phase where they are trying to find themselves.   So you have an excused to "get lost".  You can choose to be selfish, and squander your hard earned money in casinos, or take expensive travels to somewhere far or even near, to buy yourself that bulgari watch just because you want to be a hot shot.   Yes you're 20-something, you're still trying to find yourself and so we understand that you jump from one work to another, sometimes it has something to do with the degree you got in college sometimes it's completely unrelated.  Who cares you're still in our 20's. It's ok.

But come the time that you're 30.  There's really no excuse for that anymore, either from the society or yourself.

The pressure is on.

Some things that you have allowed yourself to do will no longer be acceptable.  And you see no wonder many millionaires now have gotten their breakthroughs in their 30's.  Gone are the days spent living in the I-don't-know-and-it's-ok phase.  People by this age are into the I-don't-know-so-go-try-figure-it-out-quickly-or else-you're-screwed phase.  And if they are still not, then they should be.  They are forced to think seriously in all facets in life, all the way from health, financial down to relationships.  

So as I am nearing this age, I  am at contemplating if I am going to spend the remaining months doing some hipster bohemian lifestyle.  Live somewhere far and do some artsy fartsy activities.  Write a book.  A sort of culmination of the careless 20's that was and a celebration of the serious 30's that is ahead.  

Don't you think it's a fun idea?  How did you spend your remaining months of being a dude in her/his 20's?

Publisher: Shy - Sunday, November 02, 2014

How do we Face our Demons?

I'm not sure if you're a believer of heavens, and God, and spirits.  But I am.  Having been raised by a legalistic hard core missionary mother, of course I know well about that.  I grew up studying in a Jesuit school and every month or so we hold mass, every year we do recollections.  So I pretty much seem to have an upbringing of a good old spiritual kid.  Yes I was pretty spiritual kid, if being spiritual for you is having a regular prayer life.  

My Golden Week 

However I must tell you that my golden years of my spirituality did not happen in the Jesuit school I attended to, nor in the church my family kept going to ever since I was 8 years old.  It had emerged in the most unlikely place. It's in a national state college, known for inculcating critical mindedness, encouraging you to question if whatever that's taught to you is indeed factual or just another bluff, if a standard belief is indeed true or not, and that involves religion.  It teaches rebellious education and in that sense, upholds freedom.  It was liberating and daunting at the same time.  I was scared at first.  I knew I had to protect my belief from all of these and so I joined a Christian group which did not only protect me from ideas presented out there but also enhanced, and even flourished what I know.  And it worked.

For a good whole week I've had this prayer time that had gotten better and better everyday. Everyday for that momentous week, I wake up at exactly 5am and spend 5 mins to pray.  I would wake up even way before that time and every day my prayer time gets longer and longer and I would feel more and more into the whole session, more and more diving into the moment, more and more finding myself swaying from front to back, because that's the most natural thing to do.  As natural as when you bob your head when hearing your fave reggae songs.  This movement fits the energy well enough to a tee.   So I swayed, and prayed and it felt damn good after.  You know what they say that when you start your morning right, your day would also magically be right too?  Well imagine having that rush of endorphins, the same one that you might have if you'll win a million dollar.  I was feeling like I was floating on air.  And this came in the most perfect time--- during my exams week.  Mahn I would get 90 plus scores over a hundred.  But like in any hobbies, it stopped by submitting to sleep and I kept doing it one after another until I never have gotten to do it again.

Acknowledging our Dark Side

Almost 15 years had passed and I've never again had that level of intimacy again.  I remembered me praying years ago that before I get back to this clean, spiritual living, let me take a detour.  Let me try licking the earth and see what's on sale at the Vanity Fair.  And for years I did.  I've done some things here and there and I'd pretty much brought in some demons along with me.  Not to sound possessed or something, let's say I'd pretty much had a dark side like almost all of us.  I've probably entertained it more than I should.  Sometimes it surfaces and other times it's in my closet, hiding, and waiting for it to be summoned or unleashed.  And I think it manifests itself as that voice in me that wishes bad for the other person, that one which longed for vengeance, tempting me to retaliate, pushing me to flush out all my anger.  It's that lazy feeling that I get seconds after looking at my to-dos for the day.  It's that self defeating story that leaves me cowering in my room; that judgmental cuss that makes me feel ugly when I stare at my reflection on the mirror.  We all have that.  

Exploring the How

For some,  they don't call it demons but just a part of our subconscious.  Whatever it is, it's a bad thing and I'd like to just group all that which is bad as the dark, or demons.  So how do you face it when things like these arises?  Do we need to go all out and schedule some exorcism or is it as easy as looking at the bright side and thinking positive?  Is this what they call spiritual battle?  Do we have to see it that way?  See something that occurs often in us that we don't usually give a fuss about it, and just deal with it the way we deal with anything banal in life.

Do we face it with a crucifix and a bible in hand?  Or just a prayer verse because as I heard that the word of God is our armour, and we could slash the hell out of them in one whip of our tongue.  

Do we give them the middle finger and just remember what Oprah or any self help gurus you've followed through the years, says about the law of attraction.  That whatever you focus grows so we learn how to shut down the voices and create a more positive story, and doing that alone made you feel good already.

Do we just ignore them, stay silent and decide what you would do on the moment that you'll do it.

Do we acknowledge them and fight?  or do we ignore it and accept it as part of us?  Do we work with it?

What do you think?

Publisher: Shy - Sunday, November 02, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Tarot Card Reading from that guy named Hugo

Image Source: tarot

His name was Hugo.

It may not be his real name, but that's what he introduced himself anyway.  He's a guy I met in the Urban Pub Hostel where I booked for 4 nights while staying in Kowloon.  He's hispanic, probably from Chile or Argentina. I forgot. But what I do remember was that he worked for an Advertising company in New York and was staying in Hongkong for a break from his Martial arts training in some province in China.  Yes, he was trying to master tiger style martial arts, just so he "can master something".   Surely with this background, he's nothing short of fascinating.  He has that personality that almost every one in the guest house, for the ones staying there for awhile that is, treated him as family even after only spending 11 days there.

So as I got in the hostel, I saw him and another guy squatting on the floor, and I immediately noticed a stack of  tarot cards in Hugo's hand.  He carefully laid each card with front part kissing the floor.  By then, both of them were already engrossed in the art of fate reading.  We said our his and hellos as I passed by them and went on inside my room.  After awhile, I got out, had more chats and naturally agreed to have my fortune read as soon as he offered.  I couldn't help myself.

I had to put these cards and Hugo's reading skills to the test.

We were sitting on the floor opposite each other with stacks of cards in between us.  Moments after he was flipping the cards I chose, and took a pause.

There was one card he was giving more attention to.  It has a woman with some trinkets at her feet.  He then said that I was in a middle of the transition and what that card symbolizes was everything I needed were all at my feet, all I had to do was just go for it.

It was somehow right.  The Hongkong trip was a trip not only for leisure but to test my bravery.  Bravery to turn my back on nursing and finally pursue whatever dreams I had in life.  I knew deep within that I have all that it takes to make it inn life, and I guess I was just afraid to take the plunge.  It was reassuring that the cards were in line with what I was going through.

Without giving much details, I told him he was right and explained to him as briefly as I can without getting too emotional.  He continually expressed how privileged he was having to witness someone undergoing this momentous life transition, and how he saw it as inspiring and beautiful when people head forth to the unknown.

The whole thing was a confirmation that what I'm doing was right and it felt good, and at the same time weird, because I was taking all of these feels from tarot cards, but then again, any form of reassurance is most welcome especially when I'm in a very vulnerable and empowering life transition such as this.  

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Call Me Maybe at Giant Buddha, Lantau Island Hongkong

Sorry for the delay.  This trip happened last year December on my birthday and yet here I am telling you about it 9 months after.

Now if it isn't comparable to rotten rice, is it?

But I figured that it's worth sharing.  I'll follow the rest of the HK stories hereafter.

Image Source: 2travel4

So on my birthday Dec. 6, the itinerary was Lantau Island - go around Po Lin Monastery in the morning and Disney land in the afternoon.  For any tourists, one would have set a day for each destination, but no, not me.  I had the audacity to fit in 2 big destinations in a day.

So there I was climbing hundreds of steps on my way to the Giant Buddha.  Of course, I was in this alone.  And as I finally reached the top, I was mesmerized on how big the Buddha really was up close.  Fascinating.  There were tourists taking pics, and I was doing the same, but just can't get a full body pic of myself.  I felt the pressure to take one, hearing my friend in my mind saying how pathetic it is to have no decent picture in a magnificent place such as the place I was in.  Looking left and right for a kind soul to save me from that insult, I finally saw a Chinese guy holding a donation box with a picture of Chinese students covering the front of it.  So I dropped $10 HKG in the box and said "Can you take a picture of me please?", while pointing at the Giant Buddha.  He replied in Chinese.  So I asked again, using body gestures this time.  He obliged.  As expected he had a hard time looking at the screen since it was dark (anyone who has a Samsung Galaxy XY can surely relate) but thankfully he managed.

He let me check my phone to see if his shot was ok.  I replied with a thumbs up.  He then maneuvered me by grabbing me by the shoulders, moving me closer beside him. In my mind I was thinking "what the hell is happening?".  Next thing I know, he was getting something from his pocket and saw that it was a big ass screened phone --- 3 times bigger than my puny Samsung Galaxy.  I was tempted to get my $10 HKG  back from him.  Damn this guy seems more rich than I am.  And before I was able to react, it gradually occurred to me that he was trying to get a selfie of us.  Feeling like a celebrity, I let it happen anyway and gave a beauty pageant smile.

This guy probably hasn't seen a goddess all his life.  Well boy, now is your lucky day. LOL

Shortly after, I asked him to tag me on facebook. I felt stupidity rushed over me, realizing that there was no facebook in this part of the world.

Then I saw him doing this.

Yeah right, so you can call me and we can talk yeah?

Uhmm that makes a lot of sense.

I just smiled at him, shook my head and went down the stairs.

This day couldn't get any more interesting, and it was just the morning.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Learning the Art of Moving on : 5 Proven Tips to Help you Get back on Track

Image Source: favim

I am no love guru.  

I haven't been deeply, romantically in love before.  In fact, you would probably have more experience in love than I do. But I've had my fair share of love stories turned drama/tragic anthologies, that I felt I've come full circle in this arena.   This makes me want to just share to you what I know in moving on in the hopes to bring healing to those whose hearts are still bleeding.

And this, my friend,  is what I know.

1.  Listening to Adele won't make you feel any better.  Sure she spills out what your heart and guts want to spill out.  You cry, because you think that crying would unload you of the burden you feel inside, until to the point that you can't cry anymore.  Let me break it to you, at the point that you can't cry anymore is when you're dehydrated and all shriveled up.  Unless you stop drinking water and have yourself sunbathe for 10 hours a day whilst crying can you only expect to have no tears flowing.  When you hit that play button, you will still cry because you're hurt, and tears will still flow because you happened to be majorly composed of water.  Adele has already moved on, and I bet a dollar that she wants you to move on too.  So don't rape the replay button and move on to a jollier playlist... seriously.

2.  Acceptance takes time.  Don't force yourself to feel ok.  It will take time to accept that you will not take a role in delivering justice to all the injustice that you felt was done to you.  Unless of course you want to, but that would be wrong, right?  Just accept that unacceptable things were committed, and take delight in the fact that it's over and it's done with.  You don't have to deal with the one who did it.  Let karma take it's course.  Just believe in it.  The more you do, the stronger, faster, and more lethal it will be.  Kidding.  Just be thankful on what you've learned, and stay focus on the future is really the key to it.

3.  The power is in your hands.  I've once had a chat with my friend and asked her how she was able to move on quickly.  She said she just decided on it, and that was pretty much it.  And I was taken aback how it was so easy for her.  It sounded like she was just delivering a letter in the mail, while for me, it felt like I was strangling some hippopotamus or a devil Goliath, or both at the same time.  Clearly I wasn't still able to accept things, and it's ok.  Take your time.

4. Say it like it is.  Don't dramaticized it because drama kills you.  I'll give you example.

Fact:  Things didn't work out. He didn't deliver and wasn't able to treat me right, and I wasn't mature enough to understand so we had to stop it.

Dramaticized: I gave up everything for him but he still made me feel like I was nothing but a rag, a worthless piece of crap and he broke my trust when I thought he wouldn't. Of all the people, he would be the least person to do that to me, but he did... he did... buhuhu (this is the part where Adele's song "Someone Like You" is playing in your head and you are tempted to go to your cupboard and gulp in several of your grandmother's antibiotics and anti hypertensive drugs).

5. Shift your focus to the future.  After a break up you'll end up with a clean slate which is exciting if you'll come to realize it.  You are free now.  Free to take in the world and shift it whichever way you want.  No more partner to consider.  The wheel is yours... Now give Adele a break and switch in to Diana Ross' 'I'm Coming out.'

So go out girlfriend.  

Image Source:

Let's meet out for coffee at 3!  :)

Publisher: Shy - Tuesday, September 09, 2014
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