Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever.

1.  Send freaky and naughty text messages.  They might need it.  They might be bored.  You'll just give them a dose of adrenalin to wake them up, either way you're doing them a whole lot of good.  Trust me I do it all the time.

2.  Tell your friend how beautiful they are everyday.  Mean it or you don't, truth be told that it's always fantastic to be a recipient of that compliment.  And hey, I'm sure they'll throw a compliment back at you too. 

3. Push them to do crazy things with you.  I've got tons of friends who are "conservative" and timid when it comes to having fun.  I accept them for being so, but seriously they do need that someone who would give them that extra push to just let loose and let go.  

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Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

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I think this is One Sign I am getting Older

Night time at Bora, what could an introvert like me could do but to just walk the 3 kilometers stretch of white sand.  I don't know what I was thinking, now that I'm thinking about it, but at that time it made a lot of sense to do so, and that it was a perfect way to "check out" the night life in bora.  My "check out" plan was just me walking from station 3 to 1.  Even after passing by 3 or 4 party scenes, the last party was the only one I walked into.  One because it doesn't seem to require me paying any entrance fees, although I think that all parties there don't ask you to pay for anything except for drinks or snacks... I guess.  And 2, it was the last party destination as I am nearing the opposite end, so if I don't get into this, then I won't get to experience the party scene in Bora.

Publisher: Shy - Friday, May 09, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Saved by an Unsung Hero

It was almost 8 in the morning, as I headed out of the hotel gate with the back beach being my destination in mind.  After few questions from the receptionists and the guard, I hopped on the motorcycle and took a ride towards Tambisaan beach.  

When I got there, I was pleased to see that there was no one around except for some maintenance staff raking off some woods, and roots, and anything that makes the beach look "dirty".   I immediately spread my mat and positioned myself near this surfboard with 20-something coconut fruits laying neatly on it.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, May 07, 2014
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Walk Along the Shore with Me.


I love mornings.  

The breeze is cool and fresh; people are friendlier,and happier; it's just a perfect environment to wake up to. So on the 2nd day, I figured to just walk around the beach and be in awe of the beauty of it.

I woke up to my alarm clock as it buzzed at 5:30am and started my journey.  A 10 minute-walk from hotel to shore, took me 15 minutes.  I just had to stop every now and then and take photos to solidify and immortalize what I saw so I can share them with you all.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, May 07, 2014
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Take it Off at Puka Beach!

On the first day, my sister invited me to go island hopping.  I wasn't too giddy because I felt that nothing will top El Nido and I would just end up unimpressed, which was actually what happened.  But then spending time with sis and her friend had made the trip at least worthwhile.

So as expected, there was the usual clear azure seas, white sand beaches, towering limestones, stuff that I've already seen.  The boat guide let us see the crocodile island, named one for its shape.

We did snorkeling for our first stop.  It was really difficult to take pictures underwater.  The current was strong enough for me to get drawn away if I would not hold on to a rope or to the boat's wings.   While wrapping my arms and holding on I sigh...  El Nido is better.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, May 07, 2014
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An Introvert's Experience in Boracay

A text from my papa reads, "Nakapunta ka na ba ng boracay?", "Have you been to boracay?"  After replying "No", next thing I know was that I am going to Boracay with my sister and her friends.  I was elated but eventually got bombed out.  Was I asked to go there and baby sit my sister? If so, how am I going to enjoy bora? When questions like these come, it's best left ignored because, seriously, you'll never know what will happen unless you're already there.  So I saved myself from anxiety, and packed my bag light. 

From all my travels this is the only one I didn't plan.  With all the options accessible to you, and with boracay being small as it is, who needs planning?  You go, choose, pay, enjoy, done!  

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, May 07, 2014
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