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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Tarot Card Reading from that guy named Hugo

Image Source: tarot

His name was Hugo.

It may not be his real name, but that's what he introduced himself anyway.  He's a guy I met in the Urban Pub Hostel where I booked for 4 nights while staying in Kowloon.  He's hispanic, probably from Chile or Argentina. I forgot. But what I do remember was that he worked for an Advertising company in New York and was staying in Hongkong for a break from his Martial arts training in some province in China.  Yes, he was trying to master tiger style martial arts, just so he "can master something".   Surely with this background, he's nothing short of fascinating.  He has that personality that almost every one in the guest house, for the ones staying there for awhile that is, treated him as family even after only spending 11 days there.

So as I got in the hostel, I saw him and another guy squatting on the floor, and I immediately noticed a stack of  tarot cards in Hugo's hand.  He carefully laid each card with front part kissing the floor.  By then, both of them were already engrossed in the art of fate reading.  We said our his and hellos as I passed by them and went on inside my room.  After awhile, I got out, had more chats and naturally agreed to have my fortune read as soon as he offered.  I couldn't help myself.

I had to put these cards and Hugo's reading skills to the test.

We were sitting on the floor opposite each other with stacks of cards in between us.  Moments after he was flipping the cards I chose, and took a pause.

There was one card he was giving more attention to.  It has a woman with some trinkets at her feet.  He then said that I was in a middle of the transition and what that card symbolizes was everything I needed were all at my feet, all I had to do was just go for it.

It was somehow right.  The Hongkong trip was a trip not only for leisure but to test my bravery.  Bravery to turn my back on nursing and finally pursue whatever dreams I had in life.  I knew deep within that I have all that it takes to make it inn life, and I guess I was just afraid to take the plunge.  It was reassuring that the cards were in line with what I was going through.

Without giving much details, I told him he was right and explained to him as briefly as I can without getting too emotional.  He continually expressed how privileged he was having to witness someone undergoing this momentous life transition, and how he saw it as inspiring and beautiful when people head forth to the unknown.

The whole thing was a confirmation that what I'm doing was right and it felt good, and at the same time weird, because I was taking all of these feels from tarot cards, but then again, any form of reassurance is most welcome especially when I'm in a very vulnerable and empowering life transition such as this.  

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Call Me Maybe at Giant Buddha, Lantau Island Hongkong

Sorry for the delay.  This trip happened last year December on my birthday and yet here I am telling you about it 9 months after.

Now if it isn't comparable to rotten rice, is it?

But I figured that it's worth sharing.  I'll follow the rest of the HK stories hereafter.

Image Source: 2travel4

So on my birthday Dec. 6, the itinerary was Lantau Island - go around Po Lin Monastery in the morning and Disney land in the afternoon.  For any tourists, one would have set a day for each destination, but no, not me.  I had the audacity to fit in 2 big destinations in a day.

So there I was climbing hundreds of steps on my way to the Giant Buddha.  Of course, I was in this alone.  And as I finally reached the top, I was mesmerized on how big the Buddha really was up close.  Fascinating.  There were tourists taking pics, and I was doing the same, but just can't get a full body pic of myself.  I felt the pressure to take one, hearing my friend in my mind saying how pathetic it is to have no decent picture in a magnificent place such as the place I was in.  Looking left and right for a kind soul to save me from that insult, I finally saw a Chinese guy holding a donation box with a picture of Chinese students covering the front of it.  So I dropped $10 HKG in the box and said "Can you take a picture of me please?", while pointing at the Giant Buddha.  He replied in Chinese.  So I asked again, using body gestures this time.  He obliged.  As expected he had a hard time looking at the screen since it was dark (anyone who has a Samsung Galaxy XY can surely relate) but thankfully he managed.

He let me check my phone to see if his shot was ok.  I replied with a thumbs up.  He then maneuvered me by grabbing me by the shoulders, moving me closer beside him. In my mind I was thinking "what the hell is happening?".  Next thing I know, he was getting something from his pocket and saw that it was a big ass screened phone --- 3 times bigger than my puny Samsung Galaxy.  I was tempted to get my $10 HKG  back from him.  Damn this guy seems more rich than I am.  And before I was able to react, it gradually occurred to me that he was trying to get a selfie of us.  Feeling like a celebrity, I let it happen anyway and gave a beauty pageant smile.

This guy probably hasn't seen a goddess all his life.  Well boy, now is your lucky day. LOL

Shortly after, I asked him to tag me on facebook. I felt stupidity rushed over me, realizing that there was no facebook in this part of the world.

Then I saw him doing this.

Yeah right, so you can call me and we can talk yeah?

Uhmm that makes a lot of sense.

I just smiled at him, shook my head and went down the stairs.

This day couldn't get any more interesting, and it was just the morning.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Learning the Art of Moving on : 5 Proven Tips to Help you Get back on Track

Image Source: favim

I am no love guru.  

I haven't been deeply, romantically in love before.  In fact, you would probably have more experience in love than I do. But I've had my fair share of love stories turned drama/tragic anthologies, that I felt I've come full circle in this arena.   This makes me want to just share to you what I know in moving on in the hopes to bring healing to those whose hearts are still bleeding.

And this, my friend,  is what I know.

1.  Listening to Adele won't make you feel any better.  Sure she spills out what your heart and guts want to spill out.  You cry, because you think that crying would unload you of the burden you feel inside, until to the point that you can't cry anymore.  Let me break it to you, at the point that you can't cry anymore is when you're dehydrated and all shriveled up.  Unless you stop drinking water and have yourself sunbathe for 10 hours a day whilst crying can you only expect to have no tears flowing.  When you hit that play button, you will still cry because you're hurt, and tears will still flow because you happened to be majorly composed of water.  Adele has already moved on, and I bet a dollar that she wants you to move on too.  So don't rape the replay button and move on to a jollier playlist... seriously.

2.  Acceptance takes time.  Don't force yourself to feel ok.  It will take time to accept that you will not take a role in delivering justice to all the injustice that you felt was done to you.  Unless of course you want to, but that would be wrong, right?  Just accept that unacceptable things were committed, and take delight in the fact that it's over and it's done with.  You don't have to deal with the one who did it.  Let karma take it's course.  Just believe in it.  The more you do, the stronger, faster, and more lethal it will be.  Kidding.  Just be thankful on what you've learned, and stay focus on the future is really the key to it.

3.  The power is in your hands.  I've once had a chat with my friend and asked her how she was able to move on quickly.  She said she just decided on it, and that was pretty much it.  And I was taken aback how it was so easy for her.  It sounded like she was just delivering a letter in the mail, while for me, it felt like I was strangling some hippopotamus or a devil Goliath, or both at the same time.  Clearly I wasn't still able to accept things, and it's ok.  Take your time.

4. Say it like it is.  Don't dramaticized it because drama kills you.  I'll give you example.

Fact:  Things didn't work out. He didn't deliver and wasn't able to treat me right, and I wasn't mature enough to understand so we had to stop it.

Dramaticized: I gave up everything for him but he still made me feel like I was nothing but a rag, a worthless piece of crap and he broke my trust when I thought he wouldn't. Of all the people, he would be the least person to do that to me, but he did... he did... buhuhu (this is the part where Adele's song "Someone Like You" is playing in your head and you are tempted to go to your cupboard and gulp in several of your grandmother's antibiotics and anti hypertensive drugs).

5. Shift your focus to the future.  After a break up you'll end up with a clean slate which is exciting if you'll come to realize it.  You are free now.  Free to take in the world and shift it whichever way you want.  No more partner to consider.  The wheel is yours... Now give Adele a break and switch in to Diana Ross' 'I'm Coming out.'

So go out girlfriend.  

Image Source:

Let's meet out for coffee at 3!  :)

Publisher: Shy - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

10 Things I Would Tell my 20 Year-old Self

Image source: favim

Have you ever had this gut-wrenching feeling? That feeling you often get when you see your college pic on your facebook feed just because a classmate of yours commented on how innocent everyone looked in it?  that feeling when a college friend of yours told you that her notable memory of you is when you missed out on a Zoology field trip and a Physics exam, just because you were not aware of them?

And that's what she remembered you for --- clueless.

Yes.  That's the feeling of self disownment.  A part of you hated what you hear or see that it is just willing to dismiss it as somebody else'.  You hated that group picture of you with your classmates.
The one with you in your big eyeglasses, not willing to crack up a smile because you were too afraid that your braces would show up and would appear as glare on photo; or that time when you were walking at the hallway of the right wing of the building, because know that your super duper crush is at the left wing and you just wanted to be far, far away because when the demigod is just 3 meters away from you you know, from experience, that you would make a complete donkey out of yourself.

Let's face it.  We all had our times, and clearly enough, I had mine too.  Too plenty to count even.

 But if I were to turn back the hands of time, here are the things that I wish I could tell my 20 year old self.

At 20, 2004 it was, a 3rd year college girl having a full load and almost a bulk of my majors.  This time, my bestfriend who constantly reminds me of the exams already transferred school, so this was my 'alone phase'.

1.  People may come and go.  Those close ones may have done things for you that you've never noticed much until they're gone.  Cover the bases that they've covered for you.  You've learned when they were around, and you'll also learn when they are not.

2.  Treasure college friends.  They'll be as close to you like family in the future.

3.  Open up.  Loosen up.  College is more forgiving than highschool.

4.  Smile.  You're 10 times prettier when you do.

5. Don't fail that subject because you've hated your trigonometric professor ever since she'd written down cosigns and epsilons on the board on the very first day of class.  You would be spending a summer at school when you were supposed to be at the beach chilling and sipping mango shake.

6.  Take your mind off dieting.  You'll be surprised that pounds will gradually shed off when you're not constantly pounding yourself to diet.  It doesn't make sense but it works.

7.  You made the right choice to quit the dance group.  You very well know that the only way for you to enjoy dancing is not on stage but in the comforts of your room, all locked up and you dance like there's no tomorrow; like there was no one to please but yourself, with your only sole purpose is for you to fulfill your desire for self expression; no one to judge you for making one step too fast, too wide or too narrow, for every step, if when in the room, is just perfect and always on timing.

8.  You are beautiful.  Let it not get in your mind that you are not just because in their standards you're fat.  You are beautiful.  Even when no guy has told you that, even when the only girl who did was your prayer mate who complimented you when in a field trip, when you took extra effort combing your hair and you wore that red collared shirt which always makes you feel pretty even when it's already faded and raggedy.

9.  Stop worrying too much about the future.  Don't let it rob you off the joy of being a student.  You wouldn't really figure it out.  I haven't exactly figured it out yet.  But maybe we'll really never going to figure out, and maybe doing what you love would be next to figuring it out, so might as well do just that.

10. Get in the habit of praying.  When times are tough and roads rough, you'll just find yourself incapable of doing things. Just pray.  There'll be mountains not too far ahead which would break you down, and tear you up.  It's this time, my dear, for you to strengthen yourself in prayer.  
Publisher: Shy - Monday, September 08, 2014
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