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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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What People Need to know about Amusement and Recreation

Just few days back, I was able to finish John Maxwell's book entitled Desination Success: A map for living out your dreams.  Although I've read some of his books before and some points were like echoes from those previous ones I read, there were still some new treasures that popped out for me and I felt like sharing it to you.  One is about the difference between Amusement and Recreation.

The Difference Between

Amusement was defined as "the process of not thinking deeply, but rather superficially, about a subject.  Literally it means to shut off your mind an not think about things while you are being entertained.".   These are activities that we do and things we engage in which are merely to pass off time. We feel a temporary high, or feel whatever emotions that comes out of doing those.  After which it doesn't leave a lasting impression on us, thereby doesn't really contribute in making our lives richer.  And by richer means adding more lasting memories.

Falling for a Trap

Sadly majority of our activities are for our amusement.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we have let our time be consumed in some senseless activities, and in this age of technology, a lot of these had become easily available, accessible and are usually free so it is prone to exploit.  One good example is social media.  Try to notice more on activities you do with such sites.  With facebook most people are just scanning through feeds, which would lead them to all sorts of direction.  Either to a very interesting article, to an album of a friend or even a distant friend who recently went on vacation, a timeline of an acquaintance whom you are interested on checking out their status in life.   Have they gone married, where are they settled and so on.  You'll see yourself turn into a spy, and for what?  To satisfy your curiosity.  And for what? For nothing.  So you know that they have gone to far more places than you do, worked for more prestigious companies, married a more good looking partner, and pretty much seemed to have a better life than you do.  And then what? You fall into a pit of self pity.   All those hours and effort spent to make you feel bad.  Now was it time worth spending?  I don't think so.  After realizing this, I have limit my use of facebook.  Although my curiosity sometimes gets the better of me, at least, I have a voice at the back of my mind to remind me to just stop it.

Recreation on the other hand are more fruitful activities that leaves great memories behind and are usually best spent with someone.  Examples of which are traveling, doing sports, hiking, and so on.

Time is Gold

This mere awareness of the need to spend more time on recreation and less on amusement activities has given me a better understanding on spending time itself.  It reminds  me that time should be spent wisely.  This may not hit hard on you yet, and you may need to experience some situations that would let you learn this lesson but, I still I feel the need to remind everyone about this.  So yes, time is precious.  There are so many goals and productive things that you can do for an hour.  It's a resource that you need to give back to yourself and not to meaningless things.  Do something that would benefit your life.

Spending Time on Self

There was a depressing time in my life that I was lost.  I was merely existing.  And although I love my job, I knew it was not the job for me.  I was made for something more than it.  I had allowed myself to just ride through life.  I felt quite empty, and then I realized that's because I haven't really spent time on myself. I spent it on other people.  Checking on them through facebook, working for them, thinking about them.  No wonder I felt that way.  I haven't really done something with myself and for myself.  I haven't even checked my reflection on the mirror for a long time.  I think that's really how life goes.  What you focus on grows.  If you divert your energy on yourself, I believe you would feel more empowered because you are feeding yourself the attention, the time, the care and the love that you so deserve.  And I think that's how self love works.

I understand that people got responsibilities and they would easily dismiss the idea by arguing that "we've got no time for that."  There is time if we make time for it.  An hour can do wonders to hour soul and dreams.

Think about this, what if for every hour you spend doing an activity that gives you one step toward your dream?  Imagine how fast you can achieve your goals and how many dreams you can achieve?  

That's an idea I'd like to leave behind.

Publisher: Shy - Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

5 Reasons Why People Just don't do What they Need to do

Hear me out here.  There's probably a lot of people there who has this predicament.  They've listed down all they need to do for the day, even did this a week before only to not do it.  I know you are all too familiar with this   .But let me break it down to you anyway, just so you can have a bit of reflection yourself and maybe, just maybe, would learn to stop what you need to stop, and do what you have to do.

1.  Because you're lazy.  You are not inherently lazy.  I've read that no one is born lazy. It's just that you choose to be lazy.  Maybe it's your decision that this phase is your lazy season and you seem to be going along with it.  Nothing is out there to push you.  Nothing in you to push yourself.  So what happens is you talk your way out of doing your tasks and you effortlessly believe it.

2.  You failed to follow through.  You may have the initiative to plan ahead but you didn't have the wits to go back to the drawing board and see what's up for the day.  The moment you woke up, you completely forgot about your plan and went on with the day with whatever you thought you should do, or make a new to-do list.  You see the many ways you have wasted time?  You have wasted writing your pre plan because you have ignored it and forgot about it, and you are now "wasting" more time because you have to make a new one again, as if you haven't made one already.

3. Not motivated.  It's easy to loose track and loose sight of the goal when it is not at the top of your head.  One thing I learned is if you cannot see it, you cannot think of it. Well although it may not always be true in the matters of the heart, it is true when reaching your goal, that's why a dream board was invented.  It serves as a constant reminder of what you need to do, making it at the top of your head so you reorient yourself again and get back to business.

4.  You are distracted.  When you're too caught up with fun things, it's hard to stick to things you need to be doing.  Choosing between watching the ballgame and doing your task is like choosing to eat crispy fried chicken verses a soggy asparagus.  This is where maturity comes in.  The ideal way to tackle this problem is prioritization.  Do your task first and then do whatever the hell you want to do after.  The tale of the delayed gratification.  To make this sound not so much like a pain in the arse, why not just record the game, and so you can watch it later, or just reheat or refry the chicken so it will be crispier when you eat it.  Make the prize yummier the more you delay on feasting on it.   Just try and see what happens.

5.  Not in the mood.  You know the time that you are drowned in a pile of shit, and you are constantly thrown by problems one on top of the other as if you are being punished by God for something that you may have done before and you are lamenting saying "why me?, why not other people?".   While all this is happening, you are suddenly faced with a to-do list that looks to you like another bill you have to pay.  It makes you want to throw it and makes you want to cower because you are not done with your emotions yet.  Your gas tank is at the red level.  You feel like you have nothing to give.  Your cup is overflowing, alright. It's overflowing with shit.  So you just take your time and heal your own wounds first.  Take your moment to question the meaning of your life.  And once you have found that light in the end of the tunnel, you finally find that energy to cross the first one on the list, which is to greet the morning, and then you realize that it's already 7:34pm.  You feel sad, but took comfort in the fact that there is still tomorrow. 

Do you have any thoughts to add on the list?

Do share.  I would love to hear it. :)

Publisher: Shy - Sunday, October 26, 2014
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