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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Magic and Romance in Wisdom Path, Lantau Hongkong?

It was Dec. 6, 2014.  The day that I turned 29.  It was morning.  I was cold and tired after a long walk around the Giant Buddha, and even after that, I was still determined to power through to see the Wisdom Path.  My journey to the Wisdom path wasn't so enlightening.  It was just a very narrow path that's just formed by people waking on it for years. I'd say people lining up and walking along it, because that's how narrow it is, or at least that's how I perceived it too be.  My fear screwed up my reality that what I was seeing as a long, narrow brick road seemed to me like a scene in the Blair Witch project.

I'd second guessed myself a number of times if I was indeed walking on the right path.  I even went back as far as where the sign was and, even when there was a sign pointing on there implying that the path that I had been trudging is indeed the way,  I still asked some locals where the path is and with a reassuring nod I then head on once more.  It didn't took me long to have my doubts creep in again.  In my head I was thinking, what if there's some kind of puma hiding in the bushes, waiting for the perfect timing to pounce on me. What if there's some rapist around the corner seamlessly looking for a lone female travel a.k.a. me.  That freaked me out and turned away again.   

I'm not a psycho, but any woman with a sane mind would feel vulnerable walking down the path.  It was long and narrow and it's smack in the middle of a forest.  It would have been fine if I was with a crowd of people, but in this case, I was on it alone, and being a tourist spot I was expecting people if not going with me at least heading at the opposite direction, but while I was at it for what seemed like minutes, I didn't see anyone, which scared me.  So it could be a perfect place for a malicious person to drag me into the bushes without being seen by anyone.  And to remind you, I'm on this trip alone, so if I'll be missing, no one will notice.  So it was imperative to take extra, extra, caution.  So I had to dismissed it.

Listen, this Wisdom Path isn't worth my life!!! 

Good thing I saw an american family on their way to my supposed destination.  I asked the guy carrying a baby if I was in the right way to the Wisdom Path.  He confirmed what I already supposed to know, yet refused to accept.  Shamelessly I asked if I could go with them because I was too scared walking alone.

When we finally reached the site, he told me "See we're right all along.", in my mind he'd probably think I'm a weirdo.  And so you know how many times my mind had screwed up with me through my trip.  I said "Thank you." and walked my way up to the Wisdom Path, leaving them behind as they were sitting under a tree, resting.  

Images Source: ilovehongkong

There I saw another American travel talking to an asian traveler,  as the asian traveler left, we were the only ones there as I reached the middle part of the whole installation.  It wasn't long before we started a conversation.

His name was Frank, age 54.  Like how any conversation starts, we said our his and hellos, and then he pointed out that the writings etched on the wooden beams, explaining to me that those were Buddhist Sutras or prayers.  And like with any traveler meeting a new traveler, the "where are you from?" question was asked.  When I said Philippines, he then beamed and said

"Oh I've been to the Philippines before, I've volunteered at the peace corps...." hearing this I felt mesmerized and honored that he has been to my country, and felt deaf as I was thinking all these, and next thing I heard was...

"You know it's weird because the reason why I'm here is because of the Philippines."

We then looked at each other and had a second to contemplate EVERYTHING.

Ok we're smacked at the center of  Wisdom Path with us being there alone. Alone, while we were surrounded with so much mist and mystery.  And here this man, is talking about how the Philippines is the reason why he is in HK, and I am a Filipina.  

"What does this supposed to mean?"

This seemed like the perfect set up for a romantic love story, then violins and orchestra started pouring in.  

But wait what is this. No. Is this the universe playing tricks on us?  What's with this coincidence and with the ambiance.  Ok sir, but no.  And universe, stop it, this isn't funny.  And he probably thinks the same thing too.  And for a brief moment right there, we were back to traveler meeting traveler mode.  And bid our goodbyes soon after.

Funny how things sometimes seem right even momentarily and and then seemed entirely wrong at the blink of an eye.  Sometimes things aren't meant to be thought of deeply.  Sometimes things are just what they really are and nothing more.

I went on back again to the path I was freaking about not too long ago.  This time with the smirk on my face..."What the hell was that?"  Oh well. Moving on.


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