Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Monday, January 12, 2015

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Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad Benguet: Strawberry is my New Kind of Drug


Strawberry Field Forever

Getting there

Just 15 mins. from Baguio Village Inn, I have finally reached my destination, and the highlight of my trip.  The defining moment.  The place where I could accomplish what I have came here to do:  Eat as many strawberries as I can.  Ok so this may not be a difficult goal yet  this doesn't take away the fact that it is a special moment.  

The Price of Stawberry

Upon reaching the farm, I was feeling a bit lost since, at first, all I saw were buildings.  When I asked for directions, I was pointed to go to the hut where I can find the main entrance of the farm and where there are strawberries sold in baskets, small plastic containers and in boxes, each with varying price of course.  I read from a blog that strawberries are sold for P150/kg.  So I was hoping to buy 2 kilograms of strawberries sold for P150/kg, a price that's very tempting for a strawberry-hungry woman like me.  Two kilos for P300, that sound like a bargain.  But I was let down upon seeing the prices when I reached the hut.  They were selling it for P220/kg for small strawberries  contained in cardboard boxes, there were some in half a kilo of strawberries in baskets sold for P120 each.  And P65 for 1/4 in plastic containers.  The price just stopped me from consuming as many strawberries as I hoped I had.  But I think that's how the universe way of telling me that I shouldn't be greedy.  So I ended up getting the 1/4 kilo for myself and 2 1/2 kilos strawberries as souvenir.  

Strawberry ice cream sold for P35 (if I'm not mistaken). It doesn't taste like any other ice creams I've tasted before.  It's less creamy for sure, it is starchy yet really delicious!

I never thought that there will be flowers here in the Strawberry Farm.  Since I traveled solo, all you can see now are a pair of my beautiful, hardworking feet along with these equally beautiful blooms.  There was a couple who volunteered to take a picture of me but I shied away from the idea.  And so I think by now you'll know why this blog is named as such.

So that caps my trip to the Strawberry farm.  I had a great time exploring the area.  Although it was quite anti climatic because I was kinda reprimanded by one farmer there.  He asked if I had a guide.  And I said no.  He mentioned that everyone should have one because I might pick and eat a fruit or vegetables that might have chemicals on it.  He sounding upset about that, it didn't make me feel comfortable.  I felt like I was some illegal trespasser, so I slowly made my exit after that.  Thinking about it though, why had he mentioned about the use of chemicals when I thought, as explained to me by another farmer, that everything is treated organically.  

Well maybe it isn't quite so... Hmmm

Do you like strawberries too?  Let me know at the comment box below. :)

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