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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Learning from the Dog Whisperer.

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Youtube has a weird way of leading you  from Oprah to life hacks down to Japanese blowing flour out of his butt hole.  I've had some good straight clean days and I've had some crazy ones too.  But at this particular day,  I unconsciously found myself sticking to one theme: Dogs.  It all started with a video of an English Bulldog insisting on sitting in a cardboard box that is way too small for him then spiraled my way down to watching Dog whisperer.

I've watched dozens of episodes of Dog whisperer, viewing one 45 minute- long video after another.  It was all too fascinating to see how these howling, misbehaved and out-of-control canines would just succumb to his command, even on the first day.   How could one person who these dogs have seen for a few minutes would have such power over them and would behave 10 times better than to their own family whom they've known practically all their life.  Now there's probably some hocus pocus going on here, or some behind-the-scene acting that we don't know.  But as I've had watched a number of videos, it occurred to me that this man is the real deal.   He just have these tricks in his sleeves that he got from years of experience around dogs, and in his shows he gets to apply these as we see it.  The tricks and principles have been repeated show after show that my fascination had pale on me the more I watch it. The concepts had bored me for hearing it countless times, but I am well aware how powerful these are when applied.

Here are the principles that I want to share with you all.

1.  Energy.  I've heard Cesar Millan, the Dog whisperer himself, drop this word plenty of times.  If you want to influence a dog, you need to give off a calm and assertive energy. These are the qualities of a pack leader.  When the pack leader does something, everyone in the pack follows.  That's how great the influence and power they have.  This also holds true for humans.  We follow a leader who is calm, confident and assertive.  Energy like that is powerful. People follow someone who exerts power, not someone who plays a victim.

2. Being in the now, I noticed gives you more energy and concentration that you don't have when you are stuck up in the past and anxious of the future.  It's sad that many people live like so, that's why they don't get anything done, and if so, the quality is not there. 

3.  The power of influence.  Training dogs for years had left Cesar unfazed on each growls, howls, bites that he's faced with.  Despite these threats he managed to keep the energy of superiority, calmness and strength.  But there are some cases which are exceptions.  These are the ones that, no matter how he hand bite,  and topple down stubborn dogs, his powers and tools wouldn't just work.  This is where "Daddy", his ever trusted pitbull, comes in and saves the day as well as his owner's face.  Such serene display of energy despite aggression of an opposing dog just falls into deaf ears with Daddy.  While the other dog relays excitement, he just displays boredom, irresponsive behavior,  In doing so, lowers the energy of the other.

To summarize the key concepts behind the trick is that it all boils down to Energy.  The focus, calm, assertive, positive energy always gets the job done.

Now if I could try to apply it to myself, it would probably sky rocket my quality of life.
Publisher: Shy - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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