Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Friday, March 25, 2016

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Costa Marina Beach: It Was As If The Sea Was Playing Tricks On Us!

We arrived there at 10am.  We were excited to take a dip because the beach at Costa Marina was looking so promising and enticing.  By the time we settled down, the sea was gone.  It shied away from us.  You have to walk what seemed to be hundred meters away from the shore to get your knees wet.  You have to sit down or lie down to get your whole body wet.

The whole time we were at the beach, we were waiting for high tide to come back again.

We waited

and waited

and waited

and waited

and waited

and waited.

Then the clock hit 4pm-- the arrival time of the last boat to take us back to the city.  Time to pack up.  As we were leaving the whole sea came rushing in.  Back to its glory, its depth, its clarity, its wholeness.

He.he.he.  Funny.
Publisher: Shy - Friday, March 25, 2016

Tea Party with Friends: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When I said I'll set up a tea party, I meant it.  

My friends from Davao were going to celebrate their birthdays together and invited me over to attend.  I was in Manila that time so I can't possibly heed to the request.  Although I could, but since due to timing and all, I couldn't pull it through.  So to make it up to them, and to have my tea party dream come true.  I've put the 2 together and viola, I hit 2 birds at one time.

The good things are ethereal theme I had going; the silk, and pink satins, the pink rose, the petals of roses trailing towards the set up, the cookies, cakes and biscuits, all propped tastefully on top of a high table with a golden frame with my hand written definition of a goddess:

The bad are there's nothing really bad about it. Well perhaps the whole situation was not at par from my expectations but that's really how life is right?  I was planning more ethereal, but that was only what I could come up with, but hey at least I tried.

The ugly part is well the stories.  Our party started 5pm and ended at 9.  What was planned to be an ethereal goddess party, was meant to empower them to see the goddess that they are.  But I guess I didn't execute it that well.  Serving tea, sweets and posting goddess definition wouldn't really make them feel empowered yeah?  But it was a great setting for them to open up.  It was a therapy, a release.  Something that they needed.  Something that we all need.  And I was glad that we were all there as a group of sisterhood, supporting each other in times of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Publisher: Shy - Friday, March 25, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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10 Ways to Enjoy Boracay for Free

When you're doing Boracay alone, sometimes you find ways to enjoy it for free.  Most rides you need to be in a group which I obviously wasn't but Boracay offers plenty for solo travelers like you if you just take time to discover it for yourself.

1.  Sun bathing

Best time to do it in the morning, or late in the afternoon because the sun would be very much unforgiving from 10 am to 2pm.  Do it under a classy reclined beach chair with umbrella.  Those ones you can use for free if you are checked in in classy hotels.  I tried using one for a few minutes and was loving it, however a hotel staff started to ask me what my room number was.  Oops! Off I went away doing my walk of shame.

2.  Walking along the shore

I recommend doing this sunset from station 3 to 1.  You'll see the transition of the sand from white sand to white sand with algae, the transition of the horizon with the sun just a beaming orange to just sky swirling in orange, and violet hues, you'll feel the cooling of your toes as the temperature goes down, and everything around you darkens as the sun gives way to the moon.

3. Exploring less touristy beach

If you just want to have a spiritual moment with you, the wind, the sky, the waves and the sand, go to those beaches not littered by people.  One of which is Tambisaan Beach where I had a random conversation with a buko seller. Of what I thought to be a random buyer-seller conversation, turned into somewhat inspiring.  Check out the story here.

4. Practice your photography skills

There's a lot of possible pics you can take from Boracay other than selfies with your friends,  you with your skimpy bikini or trunk shorts featuring your hard-earned beach body, you and drinks, you getting wasted, you partying, you and this new guy, or new chick.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  However, there are a lot out there that's also picture-worthy other than yourself.  Like the sunset, the people, the other side of Boracay other than the parties and drinks.  You'll appreciate it even more that way.  I believe.

5.  Get into a rave party

If that's your thing, I'm sure you will have fun.  If it's not, I'm sure you'll find it interesting, like I did (check here for more of my story).  You may leave anytime you want at least you've experienced something interesting.  Interesting and free goes a long way sometimes.

6.  Talk to locals

I have never really stressed this enough.  Other than enjoying the sunset, talking with locals or with a new acquaintance would have to be top of my favorites.  There's something special when 2 strangers commune and became less of a stranger because both have now something in common which is having the opportunity to experience nature at the same moment and time.  It makes the whole experience amplified, and validated.

7.  Enjoying the sun rise and the sunset

Boracay is best known for the sunset for obvious reasons, however let's not forget also the sunrise.  Both events bring in different crowd.  The former brings in the booze, the reggae music, the groupies or lovers who are planning to enjoy the night away early,  while the latter brings in the health freaks jogging to and from the beach, the families who are bringing their kids for an early bath time, and the wanderers and curious bunch like me who are just eager to see what it's like to see the sunrise and what it has to offer.

8.  Exploring Boracay stations and understand varying demographics

For the knowledge of many, there's a distinction between stations: 3 being the less posh and 1 as the most expensive among the others.  There's also this area, before station 3, which I call station 4, where you could find foreign backpackers who are budget freaks, enjoying boracay minus all the poshiness of it.  They seem very well satisfied with their backs on the sand, hammock, or Indian scarves bought in their previous destinations or having friendly discussion with new acquaintance over beer or coffee.   Reaching station 3 you'll see a flock of korean tourists prepping for their turn on scuba diving or boat riding, station 2 you'll see more and more bars, at station 1 you'll see more and more 5 star beach resorts.

9. People watching

When you're in a paradise like Boracay, a place known for its luscious sunset, luscious what-happensin-bora-stays-in-bora stories, and luscious drinks, you'll come to see different people thirsting for some fun, redemption, or recreation.  I heard that it's a place for the broken-hearted seeking vegeance in many wrong forms such as one-night stands, drinking binge, party binge and the what nots; for the opportunistic maniacs who are in search for the latter crowd and that chance to get lucky for a night or two; for the lovers seeking for a honeymoon paradise; for the beach lovers and attention seekers, seeking most wanted attention after having toned up their body for months in the gym; for the corporate slaves who are just looking for a recluse and much needed R and R with a cold beer at hand, great sunset, and just being with nature after having a few tough weeks in the job. It's a place for everyone, and with varying people diverge, it's a feast for the eyes.

10.  Enjoying Boracay's sunset

This never gets old and I think this would have to be the most overrated feature of Boracay.  It is overrated for the right reasons.  Reasons that you should experience and understand yourself.  This one really never fails to impress.  I turn into a trigger happy photographer wannabe every sunset, much like anybody there.  I think.  Click here for my pics.

Publisher: Shy - Wednesday, March 09, 2016
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