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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

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5 Bisaya Phrases You Might Want To Learn When Traveling to the South


I feel that it's important to just share to you some Bisaya phrases that could be useful for any travelers who want to travel a Bisaya-speaking destination.  This need, I noticed when my Tagalog-speaking brother-in-law had a business trip in Cebu.  He coyly mentioned that he was able to go around the city, thanks to my sister who taught her a few bisaya lines.

''Dili para", he said.

Me my sister and brother bursted out laughing.  The 3 of us knew that it means the opposite of what he was trying to say, since ''dili' in Bisaya is no or don't.

For Tagalog-speaking individuals, don't fret because Bisaya people can understand Tagalog, of course.  It's just that maybe sometimes you would like to speak their language out of the fun of it.

So here are 5 phrases that for me, a Davao-bred and raised filipino, think are important.

1. Lugar lang.  For tagalog, it translates to 'Para lang'
 It means that you want to be dropped off.  It's very useful when riding a jeepney.

2.  Pila ni means how much is this
I think it's very important when you're doing souvenir shopping.

3.  Day/Miga (younger lady), Dong/Migo (younger boy), Nang (older lady), Nong (older man), La (elderly lady), Tay/Lo (elderly man)
In the Tagalog region, people address each other by ate/kuya  for younger or maám/sir for older female and male, Nay (elderly lady), Tay (elderly man).   You might feel the need to use these references especially when talking to locals.  Like I said, it's not needed.  But at least you know just in case you feel like using them.

4. Asa ang ---? which means where is ----?  
If you're lost or you want direction you can use the phrase.

5. Maayong buntag (good morning), Maayong udto (good afternoon), maayong gabii (good evening)
These phrases are important if you want to greet a local, or your hotel's receptionist or anyone and start a friendly conversation with them or even just drop them this greeting is enough to make them smile and make you feel good.


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