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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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6 Filipino Food Foreigners Need To Try

Now if you're ever new to the country, one goal of every traveler is to look into the culture and one good way to do that is through food.  So any traveler would want to try out local delicacies that one cannot find in other places.

If you're new in the Philippines, here are some few local delicacies which you might want to try.  And just like some other delicacies, require acquired taste, but some might just suit your palate.  So here is the list of some filipino dishes I would recommend any foreigner to try.

6 Must-try Filipino Food

1. Adobo

This is the quintessential filipino home dish.  This is the pad thai to Thais, the hotdogs in America, the nabe in Japan.  Now I might not be accurate but I hope you got the point.  Why it won the top spot is that it's not only delicious it is also really easy to make.  This adobo recipe has been around long time ago, and this is the type of filipino food that always almost going to get finished first.

2.  Bulad

This is the meal counterpart of durian.  When you prepare it, it smells awful, to some, but for filipinos it's a pleasant smell.  You can never go wrong with bulad and suka, vinegar with lots of garlic and rice.

3.  Kare kare

Pork, peanut butter, naming some of the ingredients, it is not a surprised that this is easily a hearty-meal for those who want to indulge in something delightful and sinful at the same time.  Unlike the 2 items above, this one is served in a more special occasion.  So whenever there's kare-kare served, I'm sure many filipinos would take the chance of tasting something they don't get to eat everyday.
Kare kare

4. Kakanin

Kakanin is a collective term for desserts that's base in rice flour.  It's sticky colorful and it is great to eat especially for merienda or snack.

5.  Balot

This is not for the faint-hearted.  Not all filipinos love this but this has become a very popular late night snack especially for drinkers.  What it is is, it's a duck egg several weeks before it reaches maturation.  There are options which you can choose.  For me, I usually go for the eggs with no fetus inside, but for the weird few they'd go for the bigger fetus.  Taste-wise it's not really bad, but what freaks people out is the texture.  Go figure.

6. Tapsilog

Short for tapa, sinangag at itlog which means, fried marinated beef, fried rice and fried sunny side up egg.  And you by now,  filipinos love our fried food which goes to show that filipinos aren't the healthiest eaters out there.


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