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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Sexual Harassment on the Road: Here's What You Need To Know and To Do

Sexual Harassment in  Public transportation

I've heard the DJ talk about this over the radio and I agree with what she said, although I'd sure want to elaborate more.

Not that I've experienced extreme harassment before.  The ones I've had though are those that made me feel a bit uncomfortable, examples are malicious stares at the legs and chest area, maximizing unnecessary body contacts when guy opens his legs wider so as to touch mine, or he rests his elbow on the window bars so his hand touches my back or side.  Thankfully I haven't experienced groping and I wish that wouldn't happen to me or to anyone.

This is really unfortunate.  It doesn't matter whether they're girls, women, guys, men, gays, some of us have experienced such thing.  I am just more aware and confident on dealing with it now that I am older.

Here are some reminders to people on what to do:

1.  Avoid being a victim.  Some victims become one because they're showing a bit more skin.  If you happen to be wearing short shorts, try to cover your legs anyway you can: Put your bag on your lap, spread out your bandana on your legs.

2.  Budge.  The one mistake victims do is that they are too scared to react.  This paralysis is a treat for the maniac.  They enjoy it.  For them, it is a go signal that they can advance on whatever malicious moves they're planning to do on you.  When you budge, it is a sign that you are aware and are irritated of the situation.  This makes the maniac second guess if he's going to continue.

3.  Stare at them.  This works every time. When you feel like they're looking at you maliciously, look at their face and stare at them.  The longer the better.  This could get awkward but it's a powerful move that says that you sense what they're doing and you are not having any of it.  This will eventually put them to shame.

4.  Speak up. When all of the above don't work, it's time to release the kraken and snap back at the maniac.  This ought to get attention of the other passengers and will put him on the spot.


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