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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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15 Awesome Things You Could Enjoy in Hongkong for FREE

If you are planning to visit Hongkong, and you want to enjoy it the best way you for free, then you have come to the right place.

First things first

Go to Visitor's station.  It's a kiosk in the airport where there are a lot of tourist maps for the taking.  Get one for free and there will be tourism staff who could recommend you of some places for you to check out.  There you'll see all the things you could do during your stay.  Please don't miss out on this as it became very helpful for me. I believe that there are some Visitor's stations in major landmarks in Hongkong since I spotted one in Sky Peak although I got my copy at the airport.  You could book tours with them.  Some are free and some aren't.  You could find them at the airport in the address below:

Address:Buffer Halls A and B, Arrivals Level, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau Island
Opening hours: 8am-9pm daily

You need to book your tour in advance at Visitor's Station.  As far as I know, there are no tours given English (only Chinese), but if you don't mind that then good.
Chinese Museum

2.  Flag Raising Ceremony at the Golden Bauhinia Square

This happens from 7:50 to 8:05 am.  If you're curious to see anything of this sort.  You might want to check it.

3. Symphony of lights

You could find this in Kowloon along Harbour bay.  Scheduled to start at 8pm, try to look for a nice location since a flock of tourists will be there as well to enjoy it.

Symphony of Lights

4. Tai Chi class at Sculpture court in front of the Hong Kong Museum

Go there around 8am so you could experience everything from the start.  It's available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and it's said to last for 4 hours.

There are street performances in Mongkok area.  If you get lucky you could get to witness them for yourself.  Street performances could range from Kung fu and jazz performances.

street performers

6. Old and New HK walk tour

Before you do this you have to have a background on each landmark for you to appreciate it more.  I suggest you walk closest to the buildings than the street as people don't like you blocking their way.  They like to walk fast here, I don't know why.  What I did is copy the itinerary for walk tours and just did it myself.

7.  Sai Kung Beach 

I've heard a lot of housemates recommending me to go there.  As a solo female traveler, it seems an odd location to visit.  I don't know, it makes me feel sad thinking about me sitting in the sand and just staring at the sea.  It's such a melodramatic sight.  But if it's your thing then go right ahead.

Sai Kung Beach, Hongkong

8. Fishermen village

Going here costs a bit but when you're already there, you would get to see the other side of HK.  It's a totally different and low key environment.  
Tai O Fishermen Village at Lantau Island

9.  Witness the party area of HK at Lan Kwai Fong

See bottles everywhere, and people getting drunk.  It's exhilarating and interesting.  Best to enjoy it with new friends and party the night away.  As for my company, we just passed by there, took a selfie and drank some place where it's peaceful.

Party at Lan Kai Fong

10.  Flower, fish, ladies and bird market  

You can access all these in one walkin
g tour.  Start at King Edward MTR station, go through these markets and work your way out of Kowloon's shopping center.  You may check your guide here.

11. See the Jumbo Kingdom, the world's largest floating restaurant lit at night Aberdeen Harbour

It's the biggest in the world, so why don't you pay a visit, even when you don't plan to get inside.  Just outside would be fine.  Best to enjoy it at night when it's all lit up, smiling at you like a humongous firefly.

Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant
12.Visit Museums  
Here is a list of museums which are free every Wednesday. the Museum of Art, Museum of History, Heritage Museum, Science Museum, Space Museum, Museum of Coastal Defence and the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum. The Flagstaff Museum of Tea Ware, Hong Kong Railway Museum, Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum, and a handful of folk museums are free of charge on every day, as are the exhibitions at the Hong Kong Film Archive and the Hong Kong Arts Centre.  For more information do check here.

13. Go to art galleries  

Hongkong has a vast array of art galleries that you could check for free.  Do see the list here.  Each has different open hours so please be mindful of these if you wish to visit any of the galleries.

art gallery in Hongkong

14.Go up the Ritz Carlton and check the magnificent few of HK at night.  

You don't really have to spend a dime to enjoy the view.  But if you want to stay a bit more, then you might have to shell out some money for drinks and what not.  Go up to the 118th floor where the bar is.  Take note, it is the highest in the world. so feast your eyes on some world class scenery. 

Ozone Bar at Ritz Carlton

Hongkong has plenty of these spiritual places.  You could get inside, get a feel of the atmosphere and ambiance, or pray if you wish.  But please limit or refrain from taking selfies and photos of the place inside especially when people are praying.  

Man Mo temple


Lyssie said...

what great ideas for free things to do! i love this post and will definitely keep it in mind for when i visit hong kong. i really love the idea of the symphony of lights and tai chi class! and that beach looks glorious. the fisherman's village looks cool too!

Monica Lent said...

Wow there is a seriously diverse range of things to do in this city! Your photos are fantastic. That party scene also looks WILD! I think I'm a little too old to party like that anymore but I'd love to try :D

Laura said...

Wow! I can't believe the tai chi class goes for 4 hours!!!! I think on my next visit I would love to try to visit the fishermans village. Even though it is a bit expensive to visit, it looks like such a unique side of the city.

Ellen Matis said...

You know what I love more than travel? Travelling for free! Thanks for the tips.

Lusine Margaryan said...

Great article, will bookmark it to refer again when visit HK. Didn't know there would be so many free things to do there, always thought it's quite expensive place to visit. Thanks for sharing this!

Clarissa Santoso said...

Hong Kong is quite pricy nowadays, so it is nice if we can spend our money and do the free things as well. Thanks for sharing these tips! Love your pictures as well! xx

Deni said...

I would love to do one of the walking tours in Hong Kong! I'm definitely a fast walker, but it's always good to learn more about why certain spots are special to locals. I tend to revisit spots that I feel I haven't stayed for long enough. I would also love to visit the fishing village! The little boats look so cute!

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