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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

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19 Extremely Helpful Things to Know before going to Hongkong


1.  Don't bring a lot of clothes  
Buy it there instead.  There are plenty of great deals out that you might not be able to resist.  Go to Mongkok and you'll understand why.

2.  Know what you want to experience and focus on those instead of ticking all items and squeezing everything in the itinerary  
What will happen is you'll the end up not following it.  You'll miss out on the better stuff and got the ones you never really truly enjoyed.

3. When in the escalator, stay on the right side when you are not in a hurry, the left side is for those who are. 
This is not the thing in the Philippines so when I was there I was scolded by a local because I was blocking her way as she was wanting to pass through.  There's a sign on there, but I never get to notice it much before the incident.  As a fast learner, I was able to comply thereafter.

4. Boots are great, but it's better to have a shoe wear that are comfortable.  
Looking good is important but you'll realize in the end that it'll not going to be fun after awhile of walking on it.  Do try to choose slippers or shoes which have cushion at the bottom.  Comfort reigns supreme.  And when wearing some type of shoes, don't forget to wear socks.

5. You'll not be figuring out the train system at first, and maybe even on the 2nd day.  
You'll get by soon enough, don't worry.  What makes it confusing is that there are too many people passing in different directions and there are too many signage to follow that it's easy to get confused.

6. There are things you could enjoy for free, but make sure you've got yourself covered on the miscellaneous expenses. 
In my other posts I have enumerated things that you could do for free.  I didn't even bother putting everything on there as I may just overwhelm you (as if 19 things is not enough).  A smart traveler always bring extra money, just in case.

7. In fastfood chains, throw your trash at the garbage and place it neatly on top of the stacked trays.
It was just on my second trip to McDonalds that I was able to catch up on this.  I was with a fellow filipina on my first one.  Since I was too preoccupied chatting with her, I wasn't able to dispose my leftovers and left it behind on the table.  On my second trip though, I was alone so I became observant and noticed locals, some expats and tourists cleaning up their trays and stacking it up with the rest.

8.  Know your eating etiquette.  
You might be traveling alone, eating with locals or just eating with a friend, it doesn't matter, you have to do what the Romans do.  You have to adjust accordingly so as not to offend anybody around you. Here are some tips here.

9. Just because Hongkong is a safe place it doesn't mean that you throw all the cautions out of the window.  
I've read that there are still some crimes happening. So precautionary ways should still be followed like not going to seedy places at night especially when alone.

10. Hongkong is small, but it doesn't mean you can already go around everywhere in one day. 
It's too diverse to be only enjoyed for 1 day.  There are the beaches and the hills, the fishermen village and the skyscrapers, the buzz during daytime and the craziness and awesomeness at night time.  It has plenty of experiences to offer.  Surely you can't fit it in a day.

11. It's easy to find your way around the streets as they are labeled properly.  
But if for some reason you get lost, you can always ask someone, preferably hotel staff, store staff etc.

12.Be aware of the scams happening.  
There are currency exchange staff and taxi drivers who could rip you off.  Just be wary.

13. Gentle hand shakes when meeting someone new.  
Remember gentle.  In business, a firm handshake is advised as it means confidence, but we should set that aside for other days, that and patting, hugging, pointing with fingers or mouth.  When pointing, point with your hand instead.  Check here for more info.

14. Don't forget to bring the essentials.  
During the colder season, don't forget to bring chapstick or else your lips would be cracking from the cold, if it's summer season, bring sunscreen.

15. Purchase your octopus card.  
It's pretty much essential to have one.  So don't be surprised that another travel blogger is preaching about this again.

16.  Hongkong is slowly becoming the Dubai of Asia. 
It has the tallest hotel (Ritz Carlton) and the biggest floating restaurant (Jumbo Kingdom) in the WORLD.  It also has the world's largest permanent Light and Sound show , the world's biggest clock and watch fair, and is now building the World's biggest Gold vault and trading hub.

17. There are free walking tours that you can choose from.
This was something I wasn't able to take advantage of.  Here are the options available: hk free walk , freetour and the hongkong free tours.

18. You might be approached by people randomly and may try to be friends with you. 
Be careful, they may be up to no good.  I was approached too many times by Indian nationals in many places I've went to.  Best to be friends with people in your guesthouse instead.

19.  Public toilets are open 24 hours.
These are cleaned every two days.


Subhradeep Chatterjee said...

Really helpful.

A really nice addition to travel-tips lists.


Franc said...

I agree on not bringing a lot of clothes in HK as it's always my problem how to pack my bags when I go back. I also do have my very own octopus card since its more convenient.

Raine Pal said...

I am a bit curious with the "Octopus Card", it seems this is only good for travelers. Or other than that they can avail it.

Laiariel Samangka said...

I can really relate to this cause I have just visited Hong Kong last week. What truly amazed me was their culture of staying on the right side when you're on the escalator. I love Hong Kong and would truly love to go back when I get a chance again.

RUSS said...

This was such a good read. It's a comprehensive & helpful list that you've put together. I don't bring a lot of clothes when I go there because I like to shop, lol. There are silent escalator rules in most countries and that's one thing that I always appreciate.

Mommy Roxi said...

My husband and I haven't gone to HK together, so this is something I'd love to do with him soon. Agree with the bring less clothes and just shop!

Stargazer said...

This is a very helpful list. Most of them are applicable not only in Hong Kong, but in other places as well.

RainbowDiaries Singapore said...

Whoa! Nice compilation of things to remember. I will keep in mind when I plan to go to HK.

Claire Algarme said...

Hong Kong is one of my favorite destinations. I just feel so at home there. The Octopus Card is definitely a big help. I'm more comfortable taking the subway and I prefer to roam HK independently than taking a tour package. I love to hang out at Victoria's Peak and at the Avenue of the Stars.

Kylie wenn said...

I wish I could utilized these tips.. And plan for a trip to hong kong.. hehehehehe~

Fernando Lachica said...

I visited Hongkong before and I was amazed with the environment because of its similarity in other Southeast Asian countries. Your points are great for travelers indeed!

Mumsand Babies said...

These are wonderful tips and thanks for listing all together as it is very useful.

Fred Hawson said...

Yes, the trains may be intimidating at first but you will get used to them. Also, good to remember that taxis usually only accept four passengers max. So if there are five of you, prepare to take two cabs.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I think if it's not winter, rubber shoes or sneakers are best to wear especially when you're walking the whole day on a tour. Boots are okay but they're only great for fashion shoots. :P The octopus card is a must!

lee rosales said...

I like Hong Kong during winter. Octupus card is a must and better to install hoogle translator on your phone vec most stores staff dont speak english.

Tiffany Yong W.T. said...

Some of your tips are pretty interesting. But I guess living in a different country is the reason why. Living in Singapore is somewhat similar and it made me wonder why are there some pointers like #13, #18 and #19. I agree with your point on purchasing Octopus Card though :)

Elizabeth O said...

Oh, this is exactly what I needed. We are planning to go to HK by next year.

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