Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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3 Smart Ways to Pack for Travel


I always pack light and I pack what's needed.  

On the other hand, my friend doesn't.  One time, she brought 3 big bags full of clothes with her for our trip to Bangkok.  I was surprised she didn't bring her closet. Good thing I've taught her a thing or 2 on packing.  This post is what I told her and more.  These are my smart tips on how I I pack for my travels.

First is the obvious and that is I take notice on the culture and the climate of the place.  If you'll be visiting during winter season, throw in some gloves, jackets, cover ups and what not.  But if during summer, use cotton tops, or any clothes that's made of light materials.  I don't really bring jeans with me when I travel. It's just too bulky to pack.  That's just my preference though.

1. I plan per day base on the itinerary 

So if the first day would involve touring around an open field or just visiting museums, I would bring a tank top and shorts (if it's allowed), or any cotton top and leggings or a full dress.  If it involves going to the beach, of course bring in the extra towels, the mats, etc.  Aside from clothes, I plan the toiletries, documents, food, snacks, tools, essentials that's needed for the day.  Once day 1 is done, I move on to the next day.  This is what I do so that I don't get to miss out on anything.

- when planning I make sure I don't wear the same style of clothes on consecutive days.  Let's say I packed a top and shorts for the 2nd day, the next day I'll wear a floral dress.  Also I plan it depending on where I'll go.  When I went to visit historical museums and heritage houses with my family, I wore a vintage style dress to be ''one" with the place.  I'm dramatic like that.

- I also bring an extra smaller sling bag with me that I could use everyday to carry my passport, cp, make up, and wallet.

-Here's my rule of thumb.  I use sleepwear twice.  So if I have to spend 4 nights.  I'll bring 2 sleepwears.  I prefer to bring slip ons or dress so it's just 1 piece.  Also I bring 2 extra tops especially if I'll be doing an activity that I may sweat.  The sleepwear1 would be placed under set of clothes1, sleepwear 2, would be under set of clothes2.  I don't like wearing the same sleepwears on 2 consecutive nights.  Again this is just my preference.

- when wearing a closed shoes, don't forget to bring 3 pairs of socks.

2. When I'm set to pack, Í strategically group together pieces so its easier to get.

I fold a clothes for the day with underwear in it already.  I put things in compartments and organizers.

 3.  Strategically place the clothes in order of usage.

I place the set of clothes that I'll be wearing for the last day, at the bottom of the bag, and the last, which would be on top will be for the clothes on the second/first day.  If you're using a luggage, you could arrange it from right to left, or left to right.  The towels, extra clothes, and sash right beside the set of clothes for the itinerary. The slippers,  toiletries are placed on the sides, with its own compartments or bag. Chargers and documents I placed in compartments with zippers outside the bag for easy access. Snacks, cp charger, make up bag, glasses, wallet, candy, moisturizer, alcohol, tissue, sash I'll bring with me in carry on bag.


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