Shy was at Baguio Village Inn

Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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4 Crucial Things to Consider when Planning Travel Itinteraries


Everyone has his or her own reasons why they travel.  Some people travel to experience another culture, some people travel to be alone for awhile, some people want to break free and experience the pleasure in life. No matter how grand or banal your reasons may be, sometimes we forget it when we start planning our trip.  Here are some pitfalls that people forget during their plans.

1.  Remember your reason for travel and align your plans around it. 
Some people stack their itineraries with activities when all they wanted is to find themselves.  Yes experiencing fun things are great but you miss out on the chance on some real deal introspection.  And just because you are trying to find yourself, you would lock yourself in your room.  It is a matter of balancing these activities and making sure you are able to find what you have wanted to find in the trip.

2. After finishing your plan, honestly ask yourself if you are willing to do what you have set out to do.
Sometimes you are not so serious about your plan that you didn't even plan out on how to succeed in it.  You just have a general idea on what you want to happen.  When you're not planning, don't expect to succeed much.  Commit, dedicate and accept what you have set yourself to do.

3.  Think if you are fit enough to do them.
Stop scheduling activities back to back or else you'll find yourself exhausted.  If you are determined to tick out on activities that you want to experience, you have to physically train your body for activities throughout the day.

4. Ask yourself on how to make it extra special.
You don't want to have the same experience like what other people in the blogosphere had.  There are ways and means to up the ante on making moments extra special.  One is by combining 2 things or 3 things that you are planning to do.  For example, if going around in Vietnam and experiencing it at the same time are the main activities you want to have, then why not join a food trip tour that goes around in bikes.  Or if you wish to see aurora borealis in Iceland and also to experience dipping in their white spa, why do them at the same time.


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