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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

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5 Helpful Tips for a Stress-free Photoshoot in Intramuros

Photoshoot Intramuros

So you are already set for a photoshoot in Intramuros.    It's not enough to bring yourself and your camera with you.  There are some things on the side that you have to do so everything would go smoothly as planned.  Like we all know, preparation is the key to success.  So let's make this photo trip a successful one by not forgetting these 5 essential things.

1. A checklist.  

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to be OCD once in a while if it means having a great shoot.  List down all the essentials, from the extra lenses, permit, down to the blush on and lipstick.  And please bring tissues, and oil blotters because the oil and sweat glands would start kicking in as the day gets hotter.

2. Assign a time checker.  

Yes, time flies by so fast that you wouldn't notice that an hour has already passed and you haven't gotten your perfect shot yet.  Someone in the group should be assigned to budget the time accordingly to each 3 places, included in the allotment is the time it takes to move from point A to B, as some places are located far from each other.  He or she is also in charge of reminding the couple and the photographer that it's already 30 minutes, 15 minutes before the time that they have to go and move to the next location.

3.  Know your direction.  

There will be a map of Intramuros provided along with the permit.  Some people are great with directions, but some are not.  Don't waste time getting lost, but instead figure out which way to go or ask for direction.  Time is not our friend here.  In our case, we almost walked past the Casa Manila Patio.  You wouldn't really see it as it is located inside a building.  Good thing we read the sign board outside, pointing us to a pathway towards the patio.

4.  Snacks, umbrella and water.  

Like I said in my other post, food and water are a bit expensive so better bring some with you.  Avoid buying from small stores or sari sari stores because the price is just too high, go to 7 eleven instead.  Don't forget to bring flip flops for the couples, unless they're wearing shoes that are extra comfy to walk on for longer period of time.  If you have a car, then no need for this.  The main idea here is to make it as comfortable as possible for the couples because if they'll feel hungry, thirsty or just in pain, then stress levels would easily go up, which means that it'll take time for them to ease in the shoot. 

5.  Have fun.  

Okay I know it's obvious, but when many odds are against you, then it's easy to make the whole experience a stressful one.  Have a playful and positive mindset.  Have a great music playing in the background if you have to.The more fun it is for everybody, the better the whole experience would be, thus better shots.  

Do you have anything to add on here?  Do share in the comment box. :)

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