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Shy was at Baguio Village Inn
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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How to get Traffic the Fastest and Easiest way


After almost 5 years of blogging casually, and a few months of doing it seriously I have found 1 simple way to increase my traffic dramatically and no, it doesn't involve SEO.

You'll be surprised how simple it is and obvious yet only a few number of people are tapping into it.  You might want to ask what is it by now.  Well friends, it's just our good old Facebook groups.

That's it.

What I did a few days ago was I joined all if not most facebook groups that are related to my niche.  And damn was I surprised as to how engaging and helpful these groups are.

What are the Benefits on joining Facebook Groups:

  • affiliate opportunities
  • increase traffic
  • blogger collaborations
  • link exchanges
  • get followers on different social media
  • guest posting opportunities
  • wider network of bloggers around the world
  • assistance/support from bloggers who have 'done it'

How to JOIN Facebook Groups:

1. Type "keyword" in search box. The keywords I use are 'travel blogging', but to view more facebook groups, try varying keywords that are under your targeted niche, examples for me are 'female bloggers', 'travel blogging female',  'philippines travel blogging'.

2. Click 'See all results for "keyword" appearing at the bottom of the drop down box to view all groups.

3. Join as many groups as you want to.

Here are some facebook groups that I recommend:

For Filipino bloggers:
Philippine Blogger Support Group
The Bloggers Association of the Philippines
Global Filipino Bloggers
Pinoy Bloggers
Proudly Pinoy Bloggers
Blogapalooza Bloggers
Ask Pinoy Bloggers
Filipino Writers and Bloggers Community

Filipino Travel bloggers:
Travel Bloggers Philippines
Travel Bloggers Southeast Asia

For Travel bloggers:
Travelmate Bloggers
Travel Bloggers Network
Travel Bloggers United
Travel Blogger Link Swap
Female Travel bloggers

For Bloggers:
Blogging Paradise
Bloggers Worldwide
Bloggers corner
Blog + Biz BFF
Bloggers Community
The Bloggers Exchange

As I am trying to understand social media marketing more and more, I have come to realize the power of community and groups.

Now you'll notice by now, I don't really write long posts because I believe that time is precious.  I'd rather you use your time implementing my suggestions, than read on my rant regarding my 'story'.  I know what you want, I'll try to give it to you and that I think is the most practical way to go about things.

Here's a final take away:

It is always great to stay active on fb groups that have really engaging users, because as you all know, not all fb groups are created equal.  You'll see more results from those pages than on any pages you've joined.

I also suggest to schedule posting on these groups on a regular basis so you'll get continuous flow of traffic to your blog.

Happy blogging y'all! :)


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